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Being flexible in the sanitary, heating and ventilation engineering with mobile devices

Temporary solutions for the restoration of heating and cooling systems

Many sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers use the mobile devices from the Trotec Group. Here sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers find everything they regularly need for their daily business to bridge the downtimes of stationary installations – all from a single source: mobile heating devices and central heating units, mobile air handling units or cooling systems right down to climate measuring devices for monitoring the mobile climate solution.

Ever since the energy turnaround, energetic redevelopments of both residential buildings and commercial property are experiencing a boom. People everywhere are busy insulating and renovating. Most energy saving potential is to be found in the heating and hot water generation: Many outdated heating systems are currently being exchanged for environmentally sound systems and technologies such as solar panels, heat pumps or pellet heating systems. The trend towards more efficient and sustainable building equipment (HVAC) affords sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers full order books.

Mobile heating appliances for all room sizes – ranging from the fan heater to the central heating unit

When replacing a heating system, the restoration work often brings along several days of heating failure. Depending on if and how the building is used, mobile heating devices may be required. In the product segment "heating" sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers find mobile heaters of different performance classes: mobile electric heating units of the TEH series and small fan heaters of the TDS series for living and office spaces. Should more capacity be required, the mobile heating units of the TEH series thoroughly heat up large offices or storage facilities. If the heating in production halls or warehouses fails, mobile central oil heating units of the ID series ensure happy faces and warm hands.

Mobile air handling units when the stationary cooling system fails

The energy-oriented modernisation of building equipment not only means a new heating system. If you are using recent technology, cooling systems in restaurants and catering businesses, computer centres and storage facilities also consume less power. Which means that central refrigerating plants are used with increasing frequency to supply several cooling systems in an energy-saving way. If the cooling system fails during renovation and reconstruction measures, mobile air handling units of the PortaTemp series do a good job. They are designed for commercial use.

Climate measuring devices monitor the mobile solution

For heating or cooling: In order for the mobile solution to work as well as needed, climate measuring devices and data loggers from the product segment of measuring technology complete the temporary equipment pool. The professional measuring device thermohygrometer T210 for instance captures the temperature and humidity in the temperature range between -20 and +50 °C. Entirely sufficient for living or office spaces and coldstores.

In case of water damage: mobile dehumidifiers for drying

One of the core competencies of sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers is the restoration of water damage or the elimination of the cause. Provided, these are to be found in the pipes and HVAC hardware. For the first drying measures mobile dehumidifiers or construction dryers and infrared heating panels are used. They do a good job until the painter or renovation expert takes over the further water damage restoration.

Interested in purchasing mobile devices? Our experts help you to select the right equipment

When restoration work represents a large portion of the sanitary, heating and ventilation engineer's orders, it is advisable to establish one's own small equipment pool of mobile heaters, construction dryers and air handling units. Our consultants will gladly assist sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers in the capacity calculation for the most common applications.

Interested in renting mobile heating devices and air handling units? Ask TKL

For smaller companies in the sanitary, heating and ventilation engineering sector or as object-related addition it may be more reasonable to rent mobile heaters, construction dryers or air handling units. This way, the sanitary, heating and ventilation engineer can deploy precisely the needed capacities – temporarily and straight to the point, hence economical. With all questions regarding mobile rental appliances sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers are in good hands with our rental partner TKL.

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