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Digital measuring devices for a quick and uncomplicated tyre pressure check.

Tyre pressure measurements made easy! Trotec's pressure gauges ensure the ideal tyre pressure – be it for your personal vehicle, mountain bike or a child's bicycle. They can also be applied in the commercial sector. The pressure gauges can be combined with all valve types and – thanks to an integrated lamp – provide valuable services even in the dark.

Measurements for bright minds

Regularly measuring the tyre pressure on your car is certainly a clever idea. For ensuring the right tyre pressure will be rewarded with a reduced fuel consumption. The tyre wear will be reduced as well. And even more importantly: Safety hazards such as longer stopping distances or unstable cornering will be minimized.

Always at hand

The digital measuring device BY10 is practical in every way. In a single step a tyre pressure measurement is performed quickly and precisely. The device fits on all valve types. The values can easily be read from the large LC display. Naturally, the tyre pressure gauge fits into any tool bag.

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