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For a continuous protection: dehumidification of appliance rooms

Dehumidifiers dry operating equipment and appliances and provide optimum protection during storage.

Proper protective equipment and perfectly functioning devices are indispensable for operations by the fire brigade and the THW. Protective suits, hoses and tubes must be absolutely leakproof. Tools such as spreader forceps and bolt cutters have to be in an immaculate condition, just like technical devices such as high-performance fans, cutting torches and headlights. In order to store the whole equipment safely after an operation, it has to be dried out professionally. This task is fulfilled by the high-performance dehumidifiers from Trotec. Quick and absolutely reliable.

During an operation, the firemen and THW staff have to work in rough conditions. Their uniforms, jackets and boots are soaked by extinguishing water, foam or, in case of a flood, by mud. Hoses, tubes and the entire technical equipment are affected as well. After an operation, the damp equipment is returned to the crew quarters and the appliance rooms. If the equipment is not dried professionally before storage, this may lead to the formation of mould and corrosion. Wearing the damp clothes for the next operation would constitute a considerable health risk for the crew. And: if the equipment material suffers from corrosion, it may, in the worst case, be unusable by the time the next emergency occurs.

Trotec dehumidifiers: after an operation is before an operation

It should be remembered that the equipment and devices are not so much affected during the operations themselves. The consequences of an improper storage, particularly the storage of damp objects, are far worse. Besides health risks and material break, this may result in high maintenance expenses. This is because the material affected by humidity has to be cleaned regularly and maintained in a particularly complex way.

The most reliable and most easy solution is the use of high-performance dehumidifiers both in the crew quarters and in the appliance room. Following the slogan "After an operation is before an operation", the high-performance dehumidifiers from Trotec ensure the health of the forces and the protection of their equipment. The condenser dryers of the DH series are particularly suited for such scenarios.

DH series: stationary solutions for all fields of application

In order to guarantee a permanent and professional material protection, dehumidifiers should be used both in the crew quarters and in the appliance rooms of the fire brigade and the THW. This way, not only suits and protective equipment but also technical devices and emergency vehicles are dried reliably and are ideally prepared for the next emergency. The condensation dehumidifiers of the DH series are suited for the use in all areas. With this series Trotec offers clever stationary solutions – including a choice of different performance classes. A stationary drying unit of the DH series, for example the model DH 60, can serve as a permanent additional auxiliary in the appliance room. This high-performance dehumidification unit guarantees a reliable operation even in large, unheated rooms. It operates on the condensation principle – like all devices of the DH series. Thanks to their corrosion-protected construction and their fully automatic low-maintenance operation, they are a perfect example of quick and economic drying. These power packs in the area of drying can be installed without difficulty in various environments and work perfectly both in crew quarters and in appliance rooms and garages.

Sophisticated drying systems thanks to the Trotec consultants

In order to be prepared for every operation in the best possible way, we recommend the installation of an optimal drying system around the operations centre. The employees of the Trotec industrial service lend their support in planning the necessary capacities and selecting the models.