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Making the invisible visible: Inspection of engines and car bodies

Videoscopes from Trotec provide a detailed overview of the state of a car engine and the sealing in hidden corners of the body.

There are numerous locations on a vehicle where humidity may settle and cause great damage. Particularly the hidden corners and angles of the car body and of the engine present a serious problem. After all, the vehicle owner has no insight into these areas. When inspecting individual components such as the engine, the naked eye won't get very far either. If a component is suspected of being damaged, the entire engine would have to be disassembled. And this is not only time-consuming but also cost-intensive. For more precision in the location of damages and identification of damp spots threatened by corrosion, professionals in car workshops make use of the latest technology. The videoscopes from Trotec offer a perfect insight into car body parts and engines.

The body of a car mainly consists of one material: steel. This has several advantages. Steel is less expensive than aluminium, it is – of course – particularly stable and does not burst. However, there is also one great disadvantage: steel rusts. For this reason, the car body must be sealed as far as possible to prevent humidity from causing damage in combination with air. But the paint and coating on the underbody do not always cover the most remote corner of the car. Therefore, every owner of a vehicle must put up with the fact that sooner or later the car will start to rust at different spots. To detect such defects in due time and locate spots where the sealing is not applied perfectly, experts in vehicle workshops often use modern instruments allowing them to get an insight into every hidden location. Using a videoscope from Trotec, the auto mechanic won't miss a detail. For in a matter of seconds he or she will gain optimally illuminated inspection images displayed on a high-quality colour LCD.

Don't miss a detail

The flexible gooseneck probes of Trotec's videoscopes allow to take a close look into every corner of the car body – and even more! If a technical component of the vehicle's engine is suspected of not functioning properly, the specialist no longer has to disassemble the entire engine to find the fault. Using a videoscope, he will be able to examine the interior of the engine in a contact-free manner without difficulty. This procedure is particularly useful for documentation purposes in order to visualize the defects on the vehicle and the repairs required and present them to the customer. For the images – as well as, if required, video sequences recorded with the videoscope – can be transferred to an external screen or PC and stored there.

Perfect visual control

A fast and precise optical inspection can be carried out using for instance the videoscope BO21 from Trotec. Thanks to the bendable gooseneck probe integrated into a water-proof colour camera, the expert will be able to reach all hollow spaces and corners of the car body and the car's engine compartment. The BO21 comes with a powerful quad LED illumination and thus provides optimally illuminated inspection images displayed on a high-quality colour LCD. To guarantee that not a single detail is lost, auto mechanics can make use of the 180 degrees image rotation function to look into poorly accessible areas – while standing in an almost upright position.

The benefits of the videoscope BO21

Prompt, precise, problem-free: This is how a vehicle inspection with the videoscope BO21 from Trotec can be characterized. The device is

  • equipped with a robust videoscope probe with water-proof camera head
  • operated with a bendable, dimensionally stable gooseneck probe and a bright quad LED illumination with dimmer
  • ready for use at the push of a button

Furthermore, the BO21 impresses with an optimum value-for-money ratio and a wide range of accessories for an individual application.

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  • Measuring & control vehicle test stands

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