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Uncovering leaks: Inspection of swimming pools

Thermal images reveal the location of leaks on the supply or return lines of a swimming pool – in a non-destructive and reliable manner.

If water leaks from a swimming pool, this will result in great financial losses. Operators of swimming pools, for instance in hotels, must have extensive repair work carried out. This means that their guests will not be able to use the swimming pool over a longer period of time and might have to be reimbursed. To locate the leak quickly and precisely, professionals make use of thermal imaging cameras. With the help of infrared technology, water leakages on pipes can be visualized. The high-quality thermal imaging cameras from Trotec guarantee a non-destructive detection of the damaged spots.

Particularly in hotels and holiday resorts in warm climates, a swimming pool is an important criterion for guests to book their stay. But often after a winter break or longer rest period, at the very time when you want to start using the pool again, technical defects occur, which were not visible to the naked eye before. For instance, a leak in the pool. If a swimming pool loses water, great damage is imminent. Hundreds of litres of water may leak before the damaged spot is located. Generally, the damage can be found in the supply or return pipe of the swimming pool. Of course, every operator hesitates to turn the area around the pool into a construction site in order to lift off the bottom plates and enable taking a look at the pipes. To avoid such a time-consuming and cost-intensive inspection, which is extremely unpleasant for the guests, professionals make use of thermal imaging cameras. The thermal imaging cameras from Trotec are perfectly suited for detecting such hidden leaks in swimming pool pipes. Their principle is quite simple – and their application is quick and and non-destructive.

Inspecting a pool? No problem at all!

In case of a defect, an initial inspection of the swimming pool usually helps to find out which piping system is affected: the water supply or the return pipe leading to the cleaning system. In both cases, the water pressure in the pipe to be checked must be increased by adding water while the end of the pipe is closed or blocked. An increased amount of water will now leak from the hidden damaged spot and cool down the bottom plates heated by the sun. Within a short time, the thermal images reveal which bottom plates are cooler, and thus where the defect on the water pipe is located.

Great technology – small price

For such inspections on swimming pools, the infrared cameras of the IC series from Trotec provide detailed and razor-sharp thermal images – for a precise determination of the leak in the pipe. For here, the emitted warmth is detected and the situation around the pipes is visualized by means of detailed images. Thanks to their precise technology, thermal imaging cameras such as the IC080LV are the ideal partners for swimming pool inspections.

Reliable and precise

Versatile in use and a reliable partner when it comes to inspecting pipes of swimming pools: this is what characterizes the thermal imaging camera IC080LV. The device captures even the smallest temperature changes – in real-time, needless to say. For a particularly revealing visualization of the damaged spots on the pipes, infrared and real images can be superimposed by use of the DuoVision function. These DuoVision images can of course be saved for a complete documentation.

Robust and flexible in use

You can always rely on the infrared camera IC080LV, even if the ambient conditions are far from ideal. The extremely resilient protective rubber cover protects the device in case of drops and shocks. And a high ambient humidity level or dust cannot harm the camera either.

The benefits of the IC080LV at one glance

  • very high geometric resolution
  • powerful image sensor
  • EU production for top quality
  • integrated digital camera for real images
  • high-performance battery
  • optional Bluetooth connection for wireless recording of voice notes via headset
  • integrated removable storage slot for high memory capacity

The best models for rent

The best models for rent

Trotec’s infrared cameras are also available in the TKL rental portal. Here you will find all you need if you are looking for a camera to be used for thermal imaging inspections of your swimming pool on a seasonal basis.