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Precise measuring instruments for moisture measurements of various materials, surfaces and the environment

A quick and reliable moisture determination can prevent greater damage of the building or its interior. Humidity measurements can also be of service for domestic use – e.g. to determine the residual moisture in firewood. Trotec has several models on the market: robust CM devices for use on construction sites and convenient hand-held measuring devices for domestic use.

CM devices in action

Trotec's CM devices can provide information on the residual moisture level in a construction material like floor bedding. There will be no additional aids or tools required if you use a complete CM set. The actual residual moisture level will soon be displayed in per cent.

Manual moisture measurements

Two electrodes – on precise value: This the basic functional principle of Trotec's handy moisture measuring devices. The resistance meters are particularly useful when applied at home. With them, any private individual working with construction materials like gypsum, plaster, screed or wood at home can be sure that the humidity level is in the green range. Even the residual moisture in firewood can be determined without difficulty with these moisture measuring devices.