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Detecting weak spots: Inspections in power supply companies

For a reliable maintenance of the power grid energy providers use Trotec thermal imaging cameras.

Energy suppliers bear a great deal of responsibility. The performance and satisfaction of many companies and private customers depend on their work. This is particularly true for the energy supply. Therefore, customers must be able to count on an uninterrupted supply. To guarantee an operational distribution network at all times, the energy supplier must ensure that the technology is in perfect condition. Regular inspections give suppliers the opportunity to reliably maintain the power grid and and to repair damages in good time. The thermal imaging cameras from Trotec accurately point out which components are in need of repair. Replacing decrepit or defective components before any failures can occur is one of the vital tasks maintenance employees of power supply companies have to perform. This is the top priority especially with respect to the power supply, for the firm stakes its good name on an uninterrupted supply. The fact that the current flow brings along heat is a huge advantage for the detection of error sources. Because electrical components and devices in a power supply system become hot just before a failure. And these spots can be located using infrared cameras of high quality. Due to the latest technology and exact measured values even slight thermal differences can be located by means of a thermal imaging camera from Trotec. What this means in practice is that the maintenance employees spot a temperature rise at a power supply component at an early stage. That way, maintenance work can be scheduled accurately and in good time.

Precise measuring technology at work

Generally, power supply companies have detailed flow charts to keep track of which components require maintenance at which intervals. The work assignments are coordinated in line with the significance of the operational state of a certain position for the overall grid. Especially building components and power supply units near busy streets or industrial facilities have to be examined on a regular basis. After all, erosion and dirt give the system a pretty hard time. Professionals schedule inspections – Trotec supplies the optimal measurement technology. The thermal images produced by Trotec's thermal imaging cameras of the IC series – accurate in every detail – allow for an outstanding documentation of thermographic measurements at the power grid. The infrared cameras are characterized by their manifold measurement and analysis functions and produce reliable results.

Infrared measuring technology in tablet format

Minor irregularities in the power supply system are also detected by the thermal imaging camera AC80V. Here the user makes the best of the advantages resulting from the combination of tablet and thermal imaging camera. The large and neatly arranged 5-inch touchscreen depicts defects at power lines and components in their entirety and in an accurate manner. The thermography tablet impresses with 19,200 temperature measuring spots indicating even slight temperature differences – naturally in real time! The images have a remarkable resolution of 8 megapixels. Recording infrared videos is also an option, these can be transferred to a PC via WiFi in next to no time or else uploaded to the internet. Moreover, numerous measuring functions are integrated directly in the device, guaranteeing a detailed evaluation and analysis.

Your benefits at one glance

  • razor-sharp thermal images thanks to 8-megapixel digital camera and real-time measurements
  • precise temperature measurement in the entire image owing to more than 19,200 fully radiometric measuring spots
  • high thermal sensitivity
  • brilliant 5-inch touchscreen
  • robust, shock-protected design
  • wireless data transmission via Wifi or else data transfer via USB or Bluetooth
  • high-quality analysis software included in the scope of delivery

Tip: Renting rather than buying

The thermal imaging cameras of the IC series and the thermal imaging camera tablet AC080V are also available via the TKL rental portal at a reasonable rental charge. For a test run or temporary application: sooner rent than buy!

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