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Wind machines for running events

Strong, stronger, StrongmanRun: The TTW 400000 creates a headwind

Trotec's colossal wind machine TTW 400000 causes quite a stir at the Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run!

Why keep things easy if a complicated solution is at hand − this or something similar must be the stated goal which the organizers of the Fisherman's Friend StrongmanRun aim for every year. Since its start, the mother of all obstacle courses has enjoyed increasing popularity and the technology used is becoming more and more innovative and more spectacular.

In use recently: the axial fan TTW 400000 from Trotec with a height of 3 m and a weight of 2,800 kg, which created a strong headwind in the course. In addition to the popular climbing obstacle of straw bales, tyres and overseas containers, classics like mud and water pools, the ultimate obstacle course also includes the largest and most powerful wind machine from Trotec. For thousands of contestants it must feel like the legendary "tilting at windmills" when they are suddenly surprised by the gigantic fan power of the TTW 400000 on the obstacle course.

Much-a-wind about nothing? No way!

On the Beaufort wind scale ranging from 0 to 12, the fan reaches level 10, which corresponds to a wind speed of 100 km/h or 28 m/s and which is referred to as a severe storm from a meteorological point of view. A wind force which suffices to uproot grown trees, literally also blows away one athlete or the other. This is not least due to the fact that the gigantic axial fan blows out an air volume of 432,000 m³/h on a large area.

Strong(man)Power for the StrongmanRun

It actually was a bit of a logistic tour de force to transport the TTW 400000 to its place of destination and to professionally set it up there. In addition to the competent manpower of our rental portal TKL − the experts from the hiring centre of the Trotec Group − this process involved a heavy-duty transport vehicle, a robust transport frame design and a crane. Furthermore, an individual generating set was required to be able to actuate such a gigantic wind machine. Which, by the way, conveniently was already also brought along by the TKL experts.

A special obstacle for the runners: running against and also trying to avoid the power of the massive air flow of the axial fan TTW 400000 from Trotec

Wind machines and fans from Trotec convince by their practical benefits

Whether you need a portable fan or a professional high-performance blower: a professional event requires first-class equipment. For you as the organizer this is the only way to ensure that the event proceeds in a smooth and trouble-free fashion. All wind machines and fans from Trotec convince by their robustness, reliability and durability – even under the hardest conditions and hiring applications.

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