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Measuring and logging air quality with Trotec measuring instruments
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Measuring and recording the air quality by means of Trotec measuring instruments

Rely on Trotec's professional hand-held measuring devices and climate data loggers for the measurement and long-term detection of various measurement parameters.

BZ30 CO₂ Air Quality Data Logger
Ozone meter OZ-ONE
Particle measuring device BQ21

When it comes to measuring the air quality and keeping the measured results on record on a long-term basis, Trotec supplies the required emission measuring instruments and data loggers.

Using the mobile particle counter PC200 you can reliably detect hazardous pollutant concentrations (aerosols, fine particulates, soot and bacteria) in the air as well as their sources. Moreover, the particle counter PC220 comes equipped with an HCHO detector to track down harmful concentrations of formaldehyde in the room air. Furthermore, all of Trotec's particle counters determine environmental climate parameters such as the humidity level, air temperature, dew point temperature and wet-bulb temperature. The data logger integrated in the hand-held measuring devices has a sufficient memory capacity for up to 5,000 measured values and can optionally be expanded by means of a microSD card.

Trotec offers a great number of climate data loggers for the long-term recording of climate data – both mobile and stationary solutions. For a long-term monitoring of air temperature and humidity level, the handy data logger BL30 is fitted with a memory for 32,000 measured values. The air quality data loggers BZ25 and BZ30 additionally determine the CO2 concentration in the room air and can save up to 50,000 measured values. The stationary DL200 air quality data loggers of the MultiMeasure Professional series are true all-rounders permitting a simultaneous recording of up to 20 measurement channels making use of various sensor signals. With a memory capacity for up to 3,200,000 measured values, real-time data logging in a network and the analysis software MultiMeasure Studio Professional developed by Trotec, the DL200 data loggers provide you with manifold possibilities for tamper-proof long-term measurements and their evaluation.