Equipment for film sets / shooting locations

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Equipment for film sets / shooting locations

Trotec technology ensures decent wind and relaxed actors

Remote unheated locations. Models presenting beach fashion in the wintertime. A storm scene which has to be shot under a glorious blue sky: At film and photo sets one often has to come up with a little trick to end up with exactly those takes envisaged in the shooting or film production schedule. Trotec provides professional equipment for special effects as well as warm and cosy set conditions.

TTW100000 "wind wall"

Whether they are used subtly in the background or in front of the camera: Film sets and shooting locations can hardly be imagined without wind machines. When wind, storm and severe weather need to be simulated, a vehicle's dynamics visualized, or the flowing hair of a singer is to swirl around her in the music video: Wind effects often play a major part in films, videos and TV commercials. Trotec provides professional wind machines simulating everything from a gentle breeze over gale to even hurricanes.

There can be pretty harsh conditions when shooting at unheated outdoor locations. For performers and crew to be able to sit in the warm, Trotec offers heating solutions for indoor and outdoor areas. E.g. compact electric heaters for camper vans and interior spaces, or robust oil heating units such as the heating devices of the ID series, which can be used at temperatures to -20 °C and reliably heat even large halls.

TTW45000 "wind wall"

Buy or rent as needed

When wind machines and heating devices are used on a regular basis, it is well worth buying professional equipment. Who only wants to use them temporarily is also free to rent them from TKL at favourable rates – all over Europe. 

Equipment for photo sets / shooting locations

Whether photo artists, catalogue shoots or fashion photos: What looks good on the pictures, is not necessarily pleasant for models and crew. For instance, summer collections and beach fashion are shot in the wintertime, designer furniture has a higher-quality appearance when presented in the industrial chic of a rough depot and hair gently blowing in the wind can't be effected in front of a windless blue screen unless there is a trick to it.

To remedy the models' goose bumps and to ensure stylists and set designers a steady hand not shaking from the cold, Trotec provides mobile heating solutions which reliably heat all environments from the smallest of rooms to vast halls. Wind machines see to beautiful effects and in combination with water can also evoke showers and storms.

Location shooting

Proper power for rent – the wind machine TTW 400000

A decent storm for your shoots on photo and movie sets can be conjured up by our wind machine TTW 400000. With a blade diameter of just under three metres, maximum air pressure of 500 Pa and an unbelievable air flow rate of almost half a million m³/h it is absolutely unique in the world. Rent this mobile "storm machine" for sensational effects and pictures in our TKL rental portal. Not yet convinced? Then watch this to see how much power there really is coming from the TTW 400000.

Wind machine TTW 400000