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Visual inspection
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Videoscopes, inspection cameras and pipe cameras for optical inspection

Visual inspection in poorly accessible areas with pipe cameras and videoscopes from Trotec

Videoscopes of the BO series

Seeing is safer than believing

When it comes to reliably analysing and documenting possible damage in industrial facilities, machinery components, piping, motors or hollows, craftsmen, do-it-yourselfers and professionals do not trust their gut feeling and rely on easy-to-use Trotec professional systems for visual inspection.

The Trotec range of professional inspection and pipe cameras covers the entire price spectrum and range of products and services for indirect visual inspection of almost all test objects.

Optimum value-for-money ratio: Videoscopes of the BO series

Quick and uncomplicated endoscopic visual inspection of poorly accessible that are difficult to access is made possible by the attractively priced videoscopes BO21, BO22 and BO26 of the BO series. The devices are characterized by their easiest operability and ideal equipment. Just switch it on, all done! A bendable, inherently stable gooseneck probe for use with the side-view mirror, hook and magnet attachment is already included in the scope of delivery. Additional exchangeable probes to extend the videoscope's range of applications are optionally available as accessories.

Providing universal application possibilities:

  • Inspecting covered machine parts
  • Visual inspection of poorly accessible hollows
  • Leak detection
  • Inspecting drainage or sanitary works
  • Car inspection (engine, exhaust system, hollows)
  • Pest control
BO21 BO22 BO26
Waterproof colour camera (IP67)
Side-view mirror, hook & magnet attachment
2.4 inch LC display (480 x 234 pixels)
3.0 inch LC display (640 x 480 pixels)
3.5 inch LC display (320 x 240 pixels)
Battery operation (internal) -
Battery operation (internal) - -
Power adapter (external) - -
USB power supply -

Visual inspection in perfection: Industrial videoscopes of the VSC series

Visual inspection in perfection: Industrial videoscopes of the VSC series

Extremely portable, robust and visually impressive, the videoscopes VSC206 and VSC3008 are highly recommended for tough everyday industrial applications and provide all the functions and system advantages required for quick and significant test results.

For all industrial areas:

The hardwearing construction with robust workmanship of the VSC videoscopes and the extreme flexibility of the oil-resistant IP67 probes, rotatable by 360°, enable applications in all industry sectors ranging from routine inspections or quality-assurance reviews to the investigation of the causes of unexpected failures.

VSC106 VSC206 VSC3008
1 m IP67 probe (ø 6 mm) - -
2 m IP67 probe (ø 6 mm) - -
3 m IP67 probe (ø 8 mm) - -
3.5 inch display (640 x 480 pixels) -
3.5 inch display (960 x 720 pixels) -
4.3 inch display (800 x 480 pixels) -
Joystick control unit
SD card

Modular inspection system: VSP inspection system

Modular inspection system: VSP

Make your life easier as a maintenance engineer and service technician and rely on just one single device for a wide range of visual inspections instead of having to deal with many different optical aids. The modular VSP inspection system is an enormously versatile solution for flexible technical video endoscopy applications.

One system – countless options:

Simply piece together the ideal configuration for your application purpose and expand the system with additional components if required.

For all types of visual inspections:

  • Visual inspections of sewer or ventilation ducts
  • Inspections of chimneys,
  • Internal inspection of poorly accessible hollow spaces
  • Visual inspections of machinery and plants

SeeSnake inspection systems: Detecting malfunctions in piping or hollows

SeeSnake inspection systems: Detecting malfunctions in piping or hollows

With the SeeSnake inspection systems causes of malfunctions can be identified in industrial facilities, machinery components, piping networks or hollows without the need to close down entire building infrastructures for extended periods of time by means of labour-intensive measures causing dirt. The combination of flexible and yet stable, fibreglass-reinforced push cable with an operating length of up to 30 metres and ultra-compact camera head enables inspections even in locations only poorly or entirely inaccessible for other cameras. The SeeSnake inspection systems can cope with several 90° arcs from 30 mm upwards without difficulty even over long distances.

Full-featured hand-held inspection camera as a display unit

Instead of housing a permanently integrated monitor, all SeeSnake inspection systems are designed as display units that can be used in combination with a micro CA digital inspection camera CA-350 or micro CA-350x. This way, the range of applications of the pipe camera can be cleverly expanded, because the inspection cameras are full-fledged digital inspection cameras that can also be used autonomously for video or photo documentation.

For industrial maintenance services or applications in the installation or house connection sector:

Whether using microDrain, microReel or nanoReel – due to their light weight, the robust push cable drum, the battery-supplied operation and the ability to inspect pipes with a small diameter, the systems are ideally suited for industrial maintenance services or applications in the installation or house connection sector.