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Camping site: Are you owner or tenant?

Appealing application solutions and income opportunities.

We have attractive products available for you as campsite owner or tenant and for your guests:

Securing quality on the camping site, saving costs

Especially in the peak season there's a continual coming and going in your sanitary installations. Showers and washing rooms are so much frequented, they have hardly any chance to dry. The possible consequence: mould growth, damages to plaster and tiles.

This can not only lead to costly maintenance work, but also to your guests' discontent.

The solution: Mobile dehumidifiers for professional usage. Our commercial models are efficient, robust and reasonably priced. They automatically switch on or off – and are protected against unauthorized access.

Discover new means of income with Trotec!

As owner or tenant of a campsite you are your guests' prime contact person for all topics related to camping. A position you can use in your own interest:

Offer your guests high-quality Trotec products for rent or purchase. In doing so, you contribute to the service and build up an additional source of income.

Especially hiring out useful devices will pay off, because you'll already have earned the original price of a product after only a few days of hiring it out. Henceforth your profit curve rises steeply.