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Portable condenser dryers of the TTK pro series

The natural enemy of moisture

The portable condenser dryers of the TTK pro series impress by their reliable technique and large drying capacities – even at low temperatures. For detailed information just click directly on the construction dryer of your choice.

Or read on and find out what makes the TTK series to perhaps the most successful series of condenser dryers in Europe …

TTK – standing for technology, tempo and capacity:

In the past 20 years the TTK professional series has proved what qualities one of the best construction dryers has to feature:

  • Durability
  • Robustness
  • Reliability
  • Extreme dehumidification performance
  • High value retention


Our current model range of the TTK pro series pursues this approach more scrupulously than ever before!

"Form follows function" is a principle of commendable industrial design to which the new TTK pro series is likewise committed:

TTK 200, TTK 400 and TTK 800 have everything a pro's heart desires – and nothing you don't really need!

No superfluous "bells and whistles" to increase costs, reduce reliability or complicate maintenance or cleaning.

Instead we focus on the substance: robust technology characterized by a high degree of reliability and extremely high dehumidification capacity!

A virtually indestructible steel sheet construction for rough everyday usage with service-optimized screwed connections and maintenance flaps, which even after a number of years are supposed to make it possible for the user to quickly and easily minimize idle time and perform cleaning or maintenance intervals.

An ideal system of high-quality components designed to work in harmony, the combined performance of which was precisely calculated by experts, so that a very high dehumidification performance is available during operation in all temperature ranges – even below 15 °C.

What good comes from promising dehumidification values at high temperatures and utopian humidity in brochures when they are hardly ever achieved in real life?

Rely on our know-how comprising the experience from thousands and thousands of dehumidifiers tried and tested in rough professional applications.

Since 1994, tens of thousands of machine rental companies, craftsmen, renovators and industrial customers all over Europe have been banking on this grand brand – it is for a reason that the TTK pro series has ranked among the construction dryers with the most stable value retention in Europe for two decades already!

The TTK series' water discharge concept

When developing the new TTK series, we placed great value on compactness and flexibility for various fields of application. Since the high dehumidification performance of the dryers of the TTK series enables them to condense their full volume in moisture in a relatively short period of time, depending on the surrounding conditions, our engineers were presented with three alternatives for the larger models of the TTK series in terms of design and construction of the water discharge:

The TTK series' water discharge concept

Alternative 1 – consistent, but unrealistic

To account for high dehumidification performance, mighty large collection containers would have had to be integrated, which would basically double the device's dimensions.

We deemed this an utterly non-professional solution, for A) mobility and easy transport could no longer be ensured and B) even those large containers would have to be drained by hand every now and again.

Alternative 2 – neat, but non-professional

In order to be able to use the selling point "integrated water tank" in competition and simultaneously still keep the device's dimensions as small as possible, the designers agreed that the only feasible option would have been the installation of a container dimensioned insufficiently for professional operation (e.g. 15 litres).

Which pros would probably have waved aside quite rightly, because such a "token container" would quickly fill up and soon trigger the devices' automatic switch-off.

Alternative 3 – the Trotec solution

Lots of technology in a small space, hence ensuring a high degree of mobility for everyday use – that's the solution our designers went for.

The fact is: Different fields of application each call for different solutions in terms of water discharge.

Our rule of thumb: Technology inside, water discharge outside.

Possibilities of water discharge and drying control

Depending on model and type of application, there are various drying possibilities, e.g. via an external collection container with/without submerged pump or permanent drying by means of an automatic condensate pump.

Detailed description of possible applications:

1. external collection container

The most-practiced technique includes a sufficiently dimensioned water collection container (90 litres) positioned next to the construction dryer and filled via the water discharge hose. This method most vividly demonstrates the efficiency of construction drying to your customers: "You can see what comes out of it."

2. external collection container with submerged pump

For operational environments, allowing the installation of collection containers, but where the draining intervals exceed the dehumidification performance, we recommend a combined application of a collection container and a customary submerged pump, which leads the water to a drain.

3. permanent drying

For all fields of application usually requiring continuous operation, Trotec offers you an optional automatic condensate pump to the devices TTK 200, TTK 400 and TTK 800.

Depending on the model, this powerful unit comes with a pump capacity covering a distance of up to 50 m with a difference in altitude of up to 4 m! This can be used to permanently drain water from whole storeys of buildings! Naturally, it is also possible with this solution to alternatively change over to non-permanent drying with the external collection container with very little effort.

4. hygrostat-controlled drying

In order to prevent "over-drying" in critical areas such as with certain furniture, antiques or types of wood, the material structure of which might be damaged by too low a room humidity, all devices of the TTK series can optionally be delivered with an integrated hygrostat which enables a fine-tuning of the drying rate.

An alternative provides the application of the external room hygrostat HG 130, interposed between dryer and power supply. Since the HG 130 fits onto all TTK devices, you remain flexible in every situation.

Your advantage: TTK pro dryers TTK 200, TTK 400 and TTK 800 are delivered already ex works with an appropriate upgrade option for condensate pump and hygrostat. This way, not only new devices can be upgraded, but used dryers too, if subsequently required. We deliberately decided against the standard installation, so we can offer you an optimum value-for-money ratio for every purpose.

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