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Hand-held measuring head XRS H21

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Hand-held Measuring Head XRS H 21

For hydrogen leak detection using the XRS 9012

Hand-held measuring head XRS H21

The hand-held measuring head XRS H 21 belongs to the standard accessories of the hydrogen leak detector XRS 9012. The actual sensor is located at the tip of the hand-held measuring head, which is connected to the leak detector via a cable. The measuring device responds as soon as trace gas reaches the hand-held measuring head.

The XRS H 21 is perfectly suited for pinpoint leak detection and can also be used in combination with the standard carry handle XRS P 12.


Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number XRS000H21
H2gas [ppm]
  Min. measuring range | H2 gas [ppm] 0.7
  Response sensitivity | H2 gas [ppm] 0.7
  Response time < 1
  Warm-up time 6 s
Pump kit
  Standard pump capacity [L/min]
  Max. pump capacity (l/min) [l/min]
  Standard pump capacity (mbar) [mbar]
  Max. pump capacity (mbar) [mbar]
  Pump type
  Power supply
  Power input [kW]
  Approx. power input [mA]
  Standard battery capacity ( > 0 °C) [h]
  Battery capacity at maximum pump performance ( > 0°C) [h]
Material of sensor element
  Stainless steel
Material of handle
Interfaces / plug design
  Plug design Special 5-pin plug
  SDI connector
Surrounding conditions (measuring electronics handle)
  Min. operating temperature [°C] -20
  Max. operating temperature [°C] 50
  Min. storage temperature [°C]
  Max. storage temperature [°C]
Functions and features
  Robust sinter filter for sensor protection
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Internal sensors
  H2 hydrogen gas [digits]
Functions and features
  Robust sinter filter for sensor protection
  Flexible gooseneck
  Functional knob with connected active suction pump
  Shielded sensor tip for penetration of soft ground
  Rubber sleeve for better sealing
  Integrated connection cable
  Sinter protection cap
  Screw-on hollow extension rods

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