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Quick measuring with laser precision

Forget about folding rule and tape measure. With a laser distance measuring device from Trotec you can determine distances, areas and volumes at the push of a button. Conveniently and straight to the point!

Do you know how it feels, when anger is bottling up inside you, finally breaking like a wave above your head, because the folding rule and tape measure are exceedingly uncooperative when measuring rooms and distances? The folding rule has to be pushed along constantly to determine a longer distance. And the slightest of jerks renders the result useless and imprecise. At the same time you have to crawl into narrow corners or bend down awkwardly with your folding rule, when there is an obstacle in the way. Spare your nerves and save time by relying on Trotec laser precision when measuring. Using the handy, yet robust laser distance measuring devices you can quickly and easily access every corner and obtain precise measuring results at the push of a button. We offer diverse laser distance measuring devices for every demand: ranging from simple indoor measurements to extensive area and volume calculations on construction sites and in spacious outdoors areas. We provide the measuring device to meet your specific application requirements – be it the starter or professional model with integrated camera. As well as the world's first laser distance measuring device with touchscreen! Comprehensive functions relieving you of complicated calculations are added to the laser precision of out distance meters – at the same time all models are easy to handle.