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Trotec track construction work tents: quickly pitched and safe to use

With the series of track construction work tents marked with "R" for "Rail" Trotec offers exactly what welders and railway employees need: safe work tents made of flame-retardant material and with innovative fastening directly on the track. Before you know.

The requirements for a track construction work tent are much higher than those for an ordinary assembly work tent. In addition to the flame-retardant material, which the roof and heat-resistant side panels are made of and which is indispensable for welding work, a track construction work tent also has to provide shelter against wind and weather, even if it pours or a storm breaks loose.

Needless to say that the Trotec-manufactured assembly work tents marked with "R" meet these strict requirements and are equipped with a tent roof flame-retardant to 500 degrees Celsius, with concealed zip fasteners, ventilation openings with rain protection and a fixing solution unparalleled in the industry.

Time-saving and simple, the innovative rail fixation enables the tent to be fastened directly on the track within seconds, before actually pitching it. Long gone are the days when you had to use rod constructions underneath the track and similar time-consuming solutions, which moreover had to be erected by several persons. The Trotec track construction work tents are pitched and fastened by one person in a matter of seconds – wind-, weather- and rain-proof.

Individual requirements are our strength! All Trotec track construction and assembly work tents are available in various special designs (e.g. as storm tent model) and dimensions. Corporate design, a certain size or other individual features are a must for your track construction work tent? No problem at all. Trotec either has or produces the appropriate track construction work tent to suit your needs. With absolute certainty!

Type Length Width Height
180 KE-R 180 cm 180 cm 200 cm
250x180 KE-R 180 cm 250 cm 200 cm
250 KE-R 250 cm 250 cm 200 cm
300 KE-R 300 cm 300 cm 215 cm


Whether on the construction site or for emergency services - you can also find all the relevant information about our work tents and privacy screens in the product brochure. Download the PDF directly here.

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"The track construction tents are based on our proven type KE assembly tent and have been further developed especially for the requirements of the single-track railway industry."

Tested and approved by the Belgian Railways.

Marc Pluijmaekers, Trotec Heinsberg
Specialist consultant for work tents and screening walls

The right equipment for every application – from Trotec, needless to say

As each construction site and application is different, we will, matching our professional work and assembly tents, also provide field-tested professional equipment for heating, dehumidification, air purification and aeration and deaeration (as required).

Avoid the problematic formation of condensate inside the tent! The DryBox serves for a weatherproof outdoor installation and a decentralised use of the desiccant dehumidifiers TTR 400 D or TTR 500 D for drying indoor air by means of circulation.

The revolutionary HeatBox with soundproofing function enables energy savings of up to 70 % when heating interior spaces with electric heaters from Trotec. Applicable with electric heaters TEH 70, TEH 100 and TDE 95.

IDS 30 F: mobile tent heater for rapid use

The easily portable and stackable oil heater fan IDS 30 F is a flexibly applicable tent heating device you can bank on. The fuel supply can be effected either via jerrycan or a large external tank. 

Trotec – your specialist for tents

Any questions or looking for personal consultation?

If you need any further information regarding our work and assembly tents, we'll be glad to assist and advise you. Benefit from our longstanding experience, we offer comprehensive, individual and tailor-made consultation to meet your special application.

Marc Pluijmaekers – your specialist for screen fences & tents

Telephone +49 2452 962-481 zelte@trotec.de

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