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Professional equipment for craft enterprises
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Professional equipment for craft enterprises

Measuring technology for leak detection and construction dryers for building sites

Professional equipment for craft enterprises

With Trotec you are equipped for everything

You as renovator, drywall builder, electrician or heating engineer are often directly on site when it comes to water damage at one of your building sites. Trotec not only supplies you with construction dryers, but also with the necessary measuring technology to be able to offer the service of leak detection before starting on the reconstruction. In our online shop you will find everything needed.

Craft enterprises specialising in water damage restoration can obtain the full working equipment range in all performance classes with an excellent price-performance-ratio. Since 1994, Trotec is an established supplier of construction dryers, dehumidifiers as well as of measuring technology for leak detection.

Our professional equipment is also attractive for other trades such as drywall builders or sanitary specialists and heating engineers, because with increasing frequency many clients expect craft businesses to provide all-in-one solutions. Therefore now add another corporate pillar to your core competency: Position yourself as expert for leak detection and water damages. That way you can offer the fields of "non-destructive detection of pipe bursts" and/or "drying after water damage" in addition to your main business.

Trotec technology, training and marketing media

he Trotec Group offers measuring technology for the application of several leak detection methods such as the pulse current measurement, the tracer gas procedure, fog simulation, the ultrasound method, hygroscopic measurements, radiometry and more. Furthermore it is possible to purchase or rent construction dryers and dehumidification technology in all orders of magnitude.
However, technology alone is not sufficient in a case of water damage: For that reason you can have your employees trained here in the fields of construction diagnostics and request support from our marketing department.

Trotec products for the crafts sector

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Application examples of the craft industry

  • Inspection of engines and car bodies

    There are numerous locations on a vehicle where humidity may settle and cause great damage. Particularly the hidden corners and angles of the car body and of the engine present a serious problem. After all, the vehicle owner has no insight into these areas. When inspecting individual components such as the engine, the naked eye won't get very far either. If a component is suspected of being...

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  • Inspection of swimming pools

    If water leaks from a swimming pool, this will result in great financial losses. Operators of swimming pools, for instance in hotels, must have extensive repair work carried out. This means that their guests will not be able to use the swimming pool over a longer period of time and might have to be reimbursed. To locate the leak quickly and precisely, professionals make use of thermal imaging...

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  • Engine noise measurement

    Noise regulations become increasingly strict on more and more race tracks. Residents, participants and visitors of the events shall be protected from harmful noise emissions. Thus, the rule for hosts of motor sports events is: Every vehicle should be checked with regard to noise emission in advance. Reliable measurements can be effected using the sound level measuring devices from Trotec. They...

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  • Humidification in veneer warehouses

    Veneer is to be treated carefully. Especially in storage facilities with particularly dry air one needs to act prudently. In the process of drying veneer plywood begins to crack. In order to prevent costly desiccation damage the storage facility should be well equipped – with a reliable and efficient humidification system. The Trotec Group recommends the use of a humidifier for more extensive...

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  • Dehumidification in timber yards

    In the past, when storing wood it had been rather a challenge to keep the moisture of furniture wood below the required 9 per cent, for example: If no dehumidifiers are used, seasonal temperature differences and fluctuations in air humidity cause the wood moisture to rise. This considerably affects timber quality and results in problems during processing and even in reject.

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  • Mobile devices for sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers

    Many sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers use the mobile devices from the Trotec Group. Here sanitary, heating and ventilation engineers find everything they regularly need for their daily business to bridge the downtimes of stationary installations – all from a single source: mobile heating devices and central heating units, mobile air handling units or cooling systems right down to...

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  • Professional odour neutralisation using ozone for car valeting

    In professional car valeting the same issue crops up time and time again: how do you sustainably clean the vehicle interior from persistent, clinging odours such as the smell of nicotine or dogs? With its ozone generators Trotec offers an innovative solution – which simply eliminates the odour molecules by use of ozone.

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  • Dehumidification in bridges

    Inside bridges, steal beams, electric lines and technical rooms are subject to high humidity. For decades, it has now proven an efficient alternative to high-maintenance anti-rust paint to instead use dehumidifiers to keep bridges dry on the inside. Trotec desiccant dehumidifier of different capacities are used for dehumidification.

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  • Thermography deployed in a water utility

    Customers of water suppliers depend on the continuous operation. And the supplier guarantees uninterrupted service. In order to pinpoint technical problems as quickly as possible and to have the maintenance crew work more efficiently, thermal imaging camera are used for checking electronic equipment. The detailed infrared images created by Trotec thermal imaging cameras indicate precisely which...

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  • Dust-free construction sites thanks to air cleaners

    Construction sites are dusty places. Particularly when it comes to chiselling, grinding, cutting and milling operations or the removal of old plaster or tiles. For the most part, craftsmen cope with this by using breathing protections, and they have to accept a considerable cleaning effort. A more effective and healthy approach is the use of air cleaners, which extract the dust before it collects...

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