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Commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK-S series
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Commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK-S series

The new standard class – top of the class.

Robust metallic housing, strong rotary compressors, low-maintenance construction, high air flow rate and wide range of usable temperatures: Whether for use in a workshop, in construction, in storage or in a laboratory – the portable, commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK S series are the perfect industrial desiccant dehumidifiers for changing applications, even in rough conditions.

Commercial dehumidifier TTK 125 S
Commercial dehumidifier TTK 355 S
Commercial dehumidifier TTK 175 S
Commercial dehumidifier TTK 655 S

With the pioneering TTK S commercial dehumidifiers, you can now benefit from a variety of detailed solutions which save you time, enhance your performance and secure value retention – attractively combined in the practice-optimized German industrial design - protected design patent.

Also protected – from dust and dampness, that is – are all electrical components of the devices. A special enclosure improves the protection of the electronic equipment from anything dangerous which may enter and impair the functionality and durability. This enclosure makes these commercial dehumidifiers also predestined for use in harsh conditions.

Due to its extremely low-maintenance construction, the new TTK S generation is easier to clean than ever before and due to its low power to weight ratio and its clever mobility features, it is easy to transport.

Nevertheless, in terms of dehumidification capacity, these dryers are no lightweights:

The entire heat exchange system from high-quality components was designed to work in harmony and guarantees the maximum drying efficiency of the devices in all temperature ranges – for example, even under 15 °C in unheated rooms.

As well as this, compared with other defrost systems, the high-quality hot gas automatic defrost guarantees a much more efficient dehumidification performance without defrost pauses on a time interval during which no defrosting occurs!

Even in storage, these commercial dehumidifiers make a good impression – while taking up surprisingly little space. Because they are equipped with two practical stacking grooves on their tops, equally sized TTK S devices can be safely stacked to save space during transport and storage.

TTK S series – special equipment features

The sophisticated technology of the commercial dehumidifiers, which can be controlled by a hygrostat, requires only a few settings, which can be made on a central control panel in a time-saving manner. To protect the operating elements, the control panel is safely installed between two protective bars.
Optionally available MID operating hours counter

All operating elements at a glance:

  1. Bars protecting the operating elements
  2. Operating hours counter integrated as standard
  3. Optionally also available as dual counter for operating hours and energy consumption (MID-compliant)
  4. Dehumidification performance selection switch
  5. Compressor overheating protection indicator
  6. Filling level warning light (except TTK 655 S)
Clearly arranged control panel – protected by protective bars.
Clearly arranged control panel – protected by protective bars.
The bar handle for transport can be adjusted in height, which means that the handle's position can be adjusted for space-saving storage.
Height-adjustable bar handle for transport
The bar handle for transport can be adjusted in height, which means that the handle's position can be adjusted for space-saving storage.
Height-adjustable bar handle for transport
Two stacking grooves make it possible to stack equally sized TTK S commercial dehumidifiers stably to save space.
Stackable to save space
Their compact construction that is both easy-to-transport and robust as well as their high dehumidification performance turn the commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK-S series into the universal standard solution for virtually all commercial drying applications.

Active value retention thanks to integrated compressor heating protection with automatic switch-off function

In drying applications with extremely high humidity levels and simultaneously high temperatures – for instance during water damage restoration – refrigerant dryers are quickly brought to the limits of their capacity (red range). This is where the catchy "rule of 35" applies: drying water damages with more than 35 degrees reduces the lifetime of the dryer to less than 35 %!

This is however not a question of component quality, but pure physics, which applies to all refrigerant dryers on the market regardless of the manufacturer.

Whilst at a moderate humidity level of about 70 % RH most professional condenser dryers can operate in temperatures of up to 35 °C without difficulty, very high humidity values at a simultaneously high room temperature cause considerably more energy to be fed to the humid room air, which then also has to be "worked off" by the refrigerant.

Consequently, the refrigerant pressure in the system is increased enormously leading to destructive load on the compressor.

To be sure, the dehumidifiers will at first continue to operate, but noticeably above their limit "deep in the dark red range", resulting in an extremely shortened remaining lifetime.

All the same, there is no way around the application of a condenser dryer for such drying tasks – desiccant dehumidifiers need considerably more energy to achieve the same level of drying performance and are therefore not a reasonable alternative, especially in terms of economics.

Integrated compressor heating protection

This is why the commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK-S series have an integrated compressor heating protection ensuring active value retention of your devices:

Sensors permanently monitor the thermal load of the compressor. If the temperature is within the defined operating range, the integrated heating protection indicator emits long pulses to indicate that the dehumidifier is operating ideally.

As soon as the temperature exceed the critical threshold of 35 °C, the automatic function switches the compressor off in order to protect it while the fan keeps on running. The compressor is automatically activated again once the temperature falls below the 35 °C threshold.

This protection not only significantly extends the lifetime of your dehumidifiers, it also prevents thermal damages to materials located in the room and the building structure.

A few practical benefits:

  • Development, design, production: 100 % Trotec
  • High dehumidification performance even at low temperatures
  • Maximum protection against dust and moisture for all electrical components
  • Extremely maintenance-friendly design
  • Optimal handling
  • Portable and easily stored anywhere thanks to its rotary compressor
  • Practical stacking groove for stable, space-saving storage and transport
  • Stackable with equally dimensioned models
  • Practice-optimized German industrial design – protected design patent
Commercial dehumidifiers of the TTK-S series

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