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Operational in wind and weather

Whether during works on power cabinets, for road or underground construction, for larger construction projects or wherever shelter against wind and weather is needed:

The handy assembly work tents from Trotec are indispensable when it comes to working precisely and safely outdoors. Available in many sizes!

When working outdoors, specialists must be optimally equipped. This means that apart from suitable and good tools they also need shelter – a protected space where they can work in peace and in a concentrated manner and are protected from wind and weather. It is of vital importance that the assembly work tents can be pitched quickly and easily, that they are handy and made of robust material and that they can defy coldness and even heavy rain. These requirements are met by all assembly work tents from Trotec. All models are made of high-quality, lightfast polyester. The seams and zips are waterproof. All tents are extremely stable and, depending on their size, can be pitched by only one or maximum two employees quickly and without difficulty. The self-supporting constructions offer maximum weather protection and do not include any loose rods so that all necessary parts of the tent are always readily available.

Your individual protection

Trotec has the right assembly work tent for every demand – ranging from the small work tent with pitched roof, the 180 TE model with a height of 1.70 metres and a convenient weight of only 14 kg, to the durable flat-roofed tent 180x250 K, which is particularly employed in underground and road construction, up to the spacious flat-roofed tent 350 KE, which thanks to its robustness and large dimensions can provide shelter for equipment as well as staff. Apart from the different models, we also have special models on offer.