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Wood type database

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Wood type database

Precise wood moisture measurement with Trotec MultiMeasure Professional measuring devices

Wood and building moisture measuring device T510
MultiMeasure Studio analysis software
Multifunction measuring meter T3000

Every type of wood is characterized by different textures and moisture qualities. Therefore, an exact and reliable wood moisture measurement is only possible, if in addition to the wood temperature the specifications of the respective wood type are considered.

Thus, especially for the measuring devices of the MultiMeasure Professional series with wood moisture measuring function, Trotec has compiled a comprehensive wood type database having no rival across the globe!

Integral component of this database is constituted by the validated material characteristics of almost all wood types around the world. These characteristics are as standard implemented in all wood moisture measuring devices of the MultiMeasure Professional series.

To use these characteristics with measuring devices such as the T510 or the T3000's preceding model T2000 S a material code is entered manually, which can quickly and easily be determined for the required type of wood via the database: Simply enter the botanical name or type of wood in any language, confirm the search and you're done!

Yet easier is the assignment of material codes with Trotec measuring devices of the latest generation, e.g. the T3000 multifunction measuring meter:

In addition to material curves, the device incorporates the entire database in all available languages, so that the wood type can be selected directly by name input using the device and no external database or additional wood type directory is required any more.