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Assembly and installation of a photovoltaic system
Assembly and installation of a photovoltaic system
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  3. Assembly and installation of a photovoltaic system

Assembly and installation of a photovoltaic system

Professionals rely on tools, measurement technology and accessories from Trotec – for a trouble-free installation and maximum yield

Extensive range of tools for photovoltaic installation

The assembly and installation of a photovoltaic system on a roof, balcony or open space usually takes only a few days. Provided that professional tools are used to assemble the necessary scaffold and the system on the respective surface quickly, safely and storm-proof. The subsequent commissioning and performance test also require reliable measurement technology to ensure proper operation of the PV system.

Improper tools often lead to undesired work interruptions, problems in scheduling and possibly additional costs due to damage to the assembly system or solar installation.

If you want to be on the safe side when it comes to photovoltaic installation, Trotec offers you reliable professional tools for the smooth installation of a solar system, for example long-lasting cordless tools and professional measuring devices. The powerful Flexpower multi-device battery system enables cordless freedom of movement with maximum battery flexibility at the same time. One battery supplying all tools with enduring power and performance! This will reduce the weight of your toolbox, and you will no longer have to carry various chargers around. In addition, tools such as the cordless work light PWLS 06-10 can be used as a power bank for smartphones and tablets so that you can be reached without interruption even during longer working periods.

Nothing works without scaffold and the suitable tools

Before installing a solar system on the roof, it is important to take specific protective measures to ensure safe working on the roof. The use of scaffolding and safety nets can protect workers on the roof from falling. 

Weather-protected working on open roof surfaces is made possible by storm-proof assembly and work tents in various designs and sizes, which can even be fastened on pitched roofs thanks to their unique fixing solution and optionally be heated with Trotec tent heaters

Secure screw connections for maximum safety at work

For the effortless set-up of scaffolds, a cordless impact driver or cordless hammer drill is indispensable in addition to a scaffolding ratchet in order to powerfully tighten the mostly heavy screws or to fasten an anchoring in the house wall. Cordless freedom for all drilling work in masonry is guaranteed by the powerful cordless screwdriver PHDS 11-20V with infinitely variable speed control and a powerful 20 V lithium-ion battery. With a maximum torque of 40 Nm and an impact frequency of up to 26,400 spm, the PHDS 11‑20V easily drills into metal, brickwork and concrete. The cordless impact wrench PIWS 10-20V with 4-stage torque selection enables secure tightening with a preselected torque. The torque can be selected at the push of a button (100 Nm, 200 Nm, 300 Nm and 400 Nm), thus reliably preventing overtightening of the screws and nuts.

Speed and flexibility for installation of the substructure

Once the scaffold has been set up safely and securely, the assembly of the substructure can start. Depending on the type of assembly, different assembly systems are available, consisting mostly of roof hooks, mounting rails and module clamps. 

Fast screwing of all assembly parts

For screwing the roof hooks into the rafters and for later screwing down the mounting rails and module clamps, a handy cordless drill driver such as the PSCS 11‑20V is indispensable. Whether for screwing the flat head screws into the rafters or screwing the hammer head bolts together with the locking nuts to fasten the profile to the roof hook and the solar modules in the module clamps – the keyless drill chuck of the PSCS 11‑20V enables a fast exchange of screw or drill bits in order to carry out all work steps with only one tool.

Cutting the mounting rails

To ensure that the photovoltaic modules are securely fastened to the roof hooks, mounting rails in different lengths are used. For a harmonious overall appearance and to prevent excessively long rails from protruding unsightly from the sides of the modules, the rails are cut to size on the roof. This can easily be done using the cordless sabre saw PRCS 10-20V. For material-compatible working, the stroke rate – i.e. the speed of the saw blade movements – can be adjusted steplessly from 0 to 3,000 spm. The user-friendly quick-action chuck enables a quick change of saw blades, e.g. to alternately shorten aluminium profiles and make recesses in the wooden rafters. All it takes is a flick of the wrist and the saw blade is changed. 

Screwing down the photovoltaic modules

The photovoltaic modules are usually fixed in the mounting rails using module clamps with Torx screws, which can also be screwed on effortlessly and securely with the cordless drill driver PSCS 11-20V. Tip: With Trotec's practical bit set, you are perfectly prepared for almost every application and screw head. The 32-piece bit set contains durable high-quality bits (slotted, cross recess, Torx) suited for almost every application.

Interference-free wiring of the system

While industry-standard cables with plug connectors are used for wiring the PV modules and optional PV power optimizers, additional tools are usually required for laying the cables to the fuse box in order to hide cables underneath plaster or produce wall openings. For this and other drilling applications, we recommend using the powerful cordless rotary hammer PRDS 10-20V with an impact energy of 1 joule, or the PRDS 20-20V with an even higher joule power and a long-lasting Flexpower multi-device battery 20V/4Ah – optimally equipped for high-power screwing and drilling applications in wood and metal plus hammer drilling in masonry and concrete. For more application possibilities of the PRDS 10-20V and the PRDS 20-20, an optional drill bit and chisel set of proven Trotec quality is also available.

Commissioning and testing of the photovoltaic system

With an extensive range of professional measuring devices, Trotec covers almost all application areas required for commissioning and testing a photovoltaic system. The range of measuring devices comprises both digital multimeters with true RMS technology and Bluetooth® interface such as the BE52 or the BE60 with an additionally integrated thermal imaging camera, and digital clamp meters for direct current and alternating current measurement, such as the BE44, for almost all applications. Hidden defects, faults and shadowing, which could lead to yield losses, can be easily detected with a thermal imaging camera of the XC series. Best support for inspection – child's play to use.

MultiMeasure Mobile app – smart measuring data acquisition and evaluation of measuring data

Trotec's range of professional measuring devices is topped off by the professional measurement data software MultiMeasure Mobile app for cross-device administration, analysis and report generation of measurement data on your PC or tablet.

With the free MultiMeasure Mobile app the captured measurement data of the photovoltaic system becomes even more transparent. Just like the analysis software MultiMeasure Studio Professional 2.0 developed by Trotec for administration, analysis and report generation of measurement data on your PC, the free MultiMeasure Mobile app for Android and iOS devices also allows for professional measurement data management with a multitude of useful functions. All of Trotec's measuring devices with Bluetooth® interface are automatically identified by the app and can be connected to the mobile terminal device quickly, easily and wirelessly.

Assembly and installation of a photovoltaic system

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