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High-pressure fans in an international competition

No tale from the "Arabian nights": The TFV 900 sweeps sportsmen off the court

Trotec's radial fans TFV 900 ensure that the contestants of the Gov Games in Dubai can blow off some steam, leaving them short-winded.

If, in this day and age, you want to organize an event other than the football world championship or the Olympic Games, which is nevertheless sure to shake up the whole of the globe, you have to put forward the ultimate competition spectacle including cutting-edge technology from leading manufacturers: Just like the organizers of the Gov Games in Dubai, who have relied on TFV 900 high-pressure fans from Trotec for their obstacle course. And with tremendous success.

Great international media interest

When the Crown Prince of Dubai himself gives the starting signal for an event, this event is undoubtedly a mega event. And the organizers of the first Government Games worldwide, which are taking place in Dubai, have not promised too much. National and international teams of government officials from Dubai, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Thailand and the Philippines fought a battle that was equally competitive and passionate on the relentless obstacle course.

The best games of the modern age

The games were an excellent mixture of "Tough Mudder" and "Ninja Warrior" − however, a lot more sumptuous, greater and more spectacular − just as one might expect in a city of the United Arab Emirates. For 4 days, the teams fought for the winner's prize money of €450,000 in an arena full of obstacles and difficult tasks of the top-level. The special challenge: reaching the top of a climbing wall and then crossing steel wire ropes at a height of approx. 7 metres. Because, not only did the participants have to show skilful manoeuvring with no fear of heights − they also had to be able to balance the tremendous wind pressure of the 6 Trotec TFV 900 fans.

A great deal of wind power makes the climbing action of the teams on the ropes at an approximate height of 7 metres a rather tricky job
Perfect for the ventilation on long air transport routes with high counter pressure

The TFV 900 is not a combat machine – only sometimes

In the first place, the high-pressure fan TFV 900 of course has been developed and designed to make peoples' lives easier in many respects. In particular where the large-scale aeration and deaeration of duct and pipe systems or tunnel systems is concerned, welding tasks or sealing and floor coating tasks in the civil engineering sector, tank cleaning of cargo ships or construction work in refineries, the high-pressure radial fan TFV 900 performs valuable work. The fact that the fan can also be used for top entertainment at thrilling battles is nevertheless a pleasant side effect.

Top ventilation performance and extremely robust

Even on long air transport routes with high counter-pressure, the TFV 900 conveys an air volume of up to 25,000 m³ per hour through the tubes connected. Furthermore, the premium-quality device consists of a robust, powder-coated steel housing with a highly resistant two-component varnish coat, which even withstands aggressive external and climate conditions as those prevailing in the arid desert emirate of Dubai.

From the high-performance fan to the wind machine – Trotec quality products rank among the best

You are planning an event or a festival and require professional assistance in matters of aeration and deaeration, fans for the fresh breeze on hot summer days, or the mega wind machine to provide for special effects on concerts, open-air events or in the professional battle arena? Trotec provides you with premium-quality equipment to ensure that your events proceeds in a smooth and trouble-free fashion. All fans and wind machines guarantee robustness, reliability and durability.

TKL – Trotec Rental Division

Trotec and TKL
will do this for you!

As the organizer of an event, you have a lot on your plate – Trotec and the experts of TKL will take care of all the technology with regard to fans, wind machines and other performances involving air. With a broadly diversified product portfolio of fans of the TFV and TTV series and also wind machines of the TTW and TTW-S series, the suitable fan performance for almost any requirement and size is provided. Optionally available for a favourable rental fee via the TKL rental portal or to be purchased at an affordable price.

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