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Dehumidification in living spaces with Trotec dehumidifiers

Creating a healthy feel-good climate with the optimum humidity level

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Using Trotec’s dehumidifiers of the HomeComfort series you can ensure the optimum humidity level and a healthy feel-good climate in your own four walls throughout the year.

Not only the right temperature is decisive for an ideal room climate, but also an optimum humidity level. In heated living spaces, the relative humidity level should not exceed a threshold of 60 %, whereas in bathrooms it may rise to 70 % or more.

The optimal humidity level for a healthy room climate is 50 %. Higher values promote the formation of mould and can affect human health. The mould spores spread in the room air, enter the airways and cause allergies in the worst case.

Breathing additionally affects the humidity level in living spaces as moisture is continuously emitted into the room during exhaling. The more people live in a household, the faster the feel-good limit of humidity is exceeded.

The negative effects are noticeable, for instance, in the bedroom, where the 60 % threshold is often exceeded at night if the windows are closed. But it is right here that a restful room climate is particularly important. Instead, a high humidity level promotes the formation and reproduction of mites.

Wet walls, e.g. after a renovation, or wet basements also present problems which can be eliminated by use of a dehumidifier when it comes to the worst.

Confront your unpleasant room climate with the stylish dehumidifiers of Trotec’s HomeComfort series and create a healthy room climate wherever humidity becomes a problem. The dehumidifiers are mobile and can be used flexibly in both large and small rooms thanks to different dehumidification performance values.

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