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Air cleaners on construction sites: dust-free operation

Supplement and alternative to breathing protection and cleaning work

Breathing protections are powerless against mould spores and contaminants

Construction sites are dusty places. Particularly when it comes to chiselling, grinding, cutting and milling operations or the removal of old plaster or tiles. For the most part, craftsmen cope with this by using breathing protections, and they have to accept a considerable cleaning effort. A more effective and healthy approach is the use of air cleaners, which extract the dust before it collects on surfaces and in the lungs.

In recent years, a lot has changed in terms of occupational safety regarding construction dust: During some operations on the site, the dust can be extracted directly via the devices' suction units, for instance in case of grinding machines – this is, however, often not sufficient and requires additional measures. Moreover, dust-free mortars reduce the emissions in the air during plastering. But particularly as regards reconstruction, there are a lot of activities where high dust emissions cannot be avoided: Removing tiles or old plaster, tearing down parts of a building or carrying out blasting work all result in high concentrations of inhalable dust and fine particulates. Currently the occupational exposure limits are 10 mg/m³ for inhalable dust and 3 mg/m³ for respirable dust. Workers, however, can only see the cloud of inhalable dust – thus, it is all the more important to filter the fine particulates out of the air as quickly as possible.

Particularly in old buildings, an additional problem is that the dust often contains carcinogenic substances such as quartz dust, old mineral wool, hardwood dust or leaded dust as well as allergenic mould spores. A simple breathing protection cannot fight such pollutions – neither can a vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloth or broom. But the air cleaners of the TAC series can.

Professional air cleaners – the solution against inhalable and respirable dust

The BG Bau (German employer's liability insurance association of the construction industry) recommends using professional air cleaners on construction sites and has issued directives and a list of recommended devices on that issue – Trotec’s air cleaners of the TAC series are among them. Building contractors and craft enterprises can choose between four device sizes covering all common construction site applications: TAC 1500TAC 3500TAC 5000 and TAC 6500. The devices can extract dust selectively when installed near the workplace, or filter the entire room air. All four are designed in accordance with dust class H and approvable for asbestos abatement as per TRGS 519. Thus, they are ideal solutions against construction dust and emissions of all kinds. By the way, for checking the room air pollution and the cleaning success you can make use of the particle counter PC200 from the range of measuring devices.

The right filters for every room air pollution

What distinguishes them from most other air cleaners is that our air cleaners are not only suitable for construction sites but also for air purification in cleanroom environments. Various equipment details contribute to a particularly safe and economical operation, for instance the visual and acoustic pre- and main filter change indicator, an operating hours counter and a Monoventic regulator for an accurate setting of different air quantities. Owing to flexibly combinable filter modules such as Z-line filter G4, HEPA filter H13, pleated filter cartridge F7 or bag filter F7, there is the optimal filter chain available for every kind of room air pollution.

Further application examples for air purification

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  • Cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systems

    Clean room air at the workplace and in public buildings is not only legally required, it also contributes significantly to daily well-being. Cleaning air conditioning systems regularly helps to ensure that the air remains pure. To filter out suspended particles as required, service companies will find the suitable air cleaner with a HEPA filter for your system.

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