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Trotec high-performance air purifiers create bacteria and virus-free room air in restaurants and dining rooms – with scientifically proven effectiveness!
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Virus-free room and breathing air in restaurants, eateries and canteens

In case of aerosol accumulations in the room air, simply set up the device – the professional high-performance air purifiers by Trotec provide for clean air for both guests and personnel

Restaurateurs have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Even though forced restaurant closures seem to be a thing of the past now, nothing stays the same after COVID-19. The pandemic has made many of us aware that the greatest risk of infection comes from indoor air. Even if more than 95 % of airborne infections and allergic reactions have always occurred indoors, it has just never been noticed to the extent that everyone has now become aware of since the pandemic. In order to offer guests and visitors a safe experience of stay in the future and to regain their trust in being able to visit a restaurant safely and carefree without an increased health risk, it is advisable for the catering trade to take protective measures signalling the customer a safer dining environment.

Trotec air cleaners free the room air from viruses and harmful suspended particles

Everything for the guest – except viruses and bad air

Good air quality is becoming the key to a feel-good atmosphere promoting turnover

The path to former turnover requires new prudence: access restrictions, compulsory masks and other measures have had a noticeable impact on the guest behaviour: “Is it safe for me to stay here, is there perhaps still a risk of catching something, shouldn’t I better just use the take-away service?” – questions that have nothing to do with a carefree visit to a restaurant.

And even after the pandemic, the general danger of airborne infections will not disappear, as evidenced by flu outbreaks recurring every year. Needless to say that particularly in urban environments the air is additionally polluted by a large number of other pollutants.

Consequently, a good selection of food and drinks in an appealing ambience alone will not be enough in the future to reliably achieve the economic ’pre-pandemic status’. What is becoming increasingly important is the feel-good quality in gastronomy. Only if guests feel safe will they return to dining areas and restaurants.

Reaching new turnover levels with high performance

With Trotec’s high-performance air purifiers, restaurateurs can send a positive signal for carefree dining – a ’safer dining signal’!

Clean the air in your dining room with Trotec high-performance air purifiers and thus create a reassuringly virus-proof ’air space’ for your guests – come in, breathe, enjoy the moment.

The use of Trotec’s high-performance air purifiers allows for more health protection in your dining area and offers your guests the required extra safety. Because the low-noise high-performance air purifiers from Trotec reliably ensure that the room air is free from viruses, bacteria and other harmful pollutants.

Due to their certified H14 HEPA filter technology, the risk of transmission of airborne infections can be reduced to practically zero indoors – the effectiveness of Trotec’s high-performance air purifiers has been confirmed by leading scientists.

Effective virus filtration in the dining area to protect guests and staff

If the room air is kept free from germs and viruses, the airborne risk of infection will be minimised likewise. Trotec high-performance air purifiers such as the models of the TAC series or the AirgoClean® One have been exactly designed to perform this task, for they efficiently and quickly reduce the intensity and time aerosol accumulations and suspended matter stay in closed rooms, thus creating an environment with a substantially reduced risk of infection for guests and staff.

Healthy room air – free from viruses, bacteria and allergens

Trotec high-performance air purifiers are equipped with certified HEPA high-performance air filters of class H14 in compliance with EN 1822, which filter out more than 99.995 % of all fine suspended particles larger than 0.1 µm with a transmittance of only 0.005 %. Or in other words: No more than five of 100,000 particles pass the H14 filter. Thanks to this unique feature, these kinds of high-performance filters are also used in operation theatres or comparable hygiene-sensitive areas in order to produce clean air. This way, you create optimum conditions to keep the air in restaurants, dining halls or canteens permanently free from airborne viruses, bacteria, allergens and other harmful suspended particles.

High-performance air purifiers “made in Germany” for professional health protection

Whether a small eatery or large canteen area – Trotec can offer you the perfect air purification solution for every demand. While the clean air performance of the mobile and stationary TAC high-performance air purifiers has been designed especially for larger, highly frequented rooms, the comfort high-performance air purifier AirgoClean® One is our recommended first-class air purification solution for smaller dining areas.

TAC high-performance air purifiers with certified H14 HEPA filter technology for large-volume virus filtration and air pollution control
High-performance air purifier AirgoClean® One for smaller dining rooms
High-performance air purifiers of the TAC series for larger dining areas

Good references are the best recommendation – see for yourself who relies on our products where the protection of employees, customers and children is concerned!

Good references are the best recommendation

With the TAC, it's not just the individual details that set standards – it's also the sum of all details

High mobility – extreme versatility – large clean air capacity – high-performance filtration – filter decontamination and regeneration – value-for-money ratio

Well thought out to a detailed level, unparalleled in its entirety: With these plus points, the TAC V+ – as is scientifically proven in several studies – ensures a technically effective and highly versatile solution to reduce the risk of infection by aerosols in closed rooms.

Always stable, and also stationary on request: mobile virus protection, flexibly applicable exactly where protection is needed

High versatility due to individually adjustable air volumes

Another decisive advantage of the TAC is the air volume that can be individually adjusted to the room volume and desired circulation rate. Regardless of the room size or application requirements, the correct and permanently constant volume flow is always available at the touch of a button for additional safety.

The TAC is uncompromisingly flexible and can be used anywhere at any time

The extremely stable, robust and scratch-resistant metal housing was specially designed for the use in environments where many people come together, work, play, learn or celebrate. This makes it possible to use all TAC high-performance air purifiers without any installation effort anywhere they're needed.

In a flexible, mobile and modular fashion, the exact number of TAC air cleaners as requested by the hygiene concept can be provided, variably adapted to the occupancy, circulation rates, background noise, room size and room geometry.

Always stable, and also stationary on request: flexible on-site virus protection

Pure floor-standing devices without a mobility option have a decisive disadvantage: They are large, heavy – and once they have been set up, they can only be relocated with great difficulty – in other words, stationary floor-mounted appliances that often weigh 200 kg and more.

The TAC V+ and its model variants are cleverly designed: here you have the choice between a mobile, wheeled version and a stationary floor-standing version. Both versions are equally stable, while the mobile version is additionally also easily movable.

Housing versions of the TAC high-performance air purifiers

Mobile version for maximum mobility

If, for example, classrooms, offices, studios or other rooms need to be rearranged, then you are perfectly equipped with a TAC high-performance air purifier in mobile design. It can be easily repositioned or completely relocated to other rooms. By only one person and without additional installation effort. If desired, the discharge height can also be flexibly adjusted using FlowExtender attachments.

Another example: If for school parties, in theatre groups, club and company celebrations or other events a higher clean air volume is temporarily required to ensure air exchange due to the larger rooms and large number of people, this is not a problem with TAC high-performance air purifiers in mobile design, as they can be flexibly positioned in any number and at any location.

Tower version for maximum safety in a fixed location

If you do not need to variably change the location of the air cleaner and air purification is to take place permanently at a fixed location, then the TAC in tower version is exactly the optimal choice for you. 50 % smaller, 50 % lighter, 100 % more stylish and yet more robust than competitive models, this version is far easier to move than other stationary air purifiers due to the integrated furniture castors. A clean design solution for clean air on the spot!

The high-performance air purifiers of the TAC series are significantly smaller and more mobile than competitive devices – with a comparable performance.
Mobile TAC high-performance air purifiers with size and weight advantages over competitive models
Whether tower (1) or stationary version (2), the discharge level of all TAC high-performance air purifiers can be optionally increased by 50 cm or 100 cm by adding either one or two additional FlowExtender Silence+ elements (3).
Needs-oriented model variants with flexible discharge heights
The mobile TAC can also be moved across floors
The mobile version of the TAC high-performance air purifiers fits through every door
Large clean air capacity, high flow pressure and an optimum flow geometry

TAC high-performance air purifiers have "the power to quickly dilute the room air"

Time is the most important factor for reducing the indirect risk of infection. And we're talking about the shortest time possible for quickly and effectively diluting the infectious aerosol accumulations that are for example generated by a super-spreader, directly at their source. This requires large volumes of clean air and a high fan performance to establish an optimized flow geometry. After all, the amount of virus-free air supplied is decisive for the occurrence of infection.

This is what the TAC high-performance air purifiers TAC V+, TAC M, TAC ECO and TAC BASIC as well as the multi air handler TAC XT offer: with a large clean air volume, an optimum flow geometry and a fan performance that is more than high enough, a circulation flow is established in the room, ensuring that the virus concentration in the room air is first diluted and is then effectively filtered with cleaned air.

Only sufficiently high circulation rates or virus-free air volumes minimize the risk of infection, this is scientifically proven. Where the effective treatment of the risks of infection by aerosol particles is concerned, high circulation rates (at least 6 times the room volume or even more, if possible) and therefore large volumes of cleaned air are indispensable — despite promises to the contrary made by other providers advertising one to three air changes per hour as sufficient.

As is proven by scientific studies, effective virus filtration requires a sufficiently dimensioned volumetric flow so as to ensure that the air cleaner can provide for the number of air changes required as is guaranteed by the TAC XT, TAC V+TAC M, TAC ECO and TAC BASIC. In this context, "air change" does not refer to a complete exchange of the air, but to the proportion of virus-filtered clean air that is supplied, relating to the room volume per hour.

FlowMatic ensures constant air circulation rates at any power level even with increasing filter pollution

In order to comply with the circulation rate required by the hygiene concept, a constant volumetric flow throughout the whole operating lifetime is indispensable. However, the filter elements of every air cleaner are successively clogged over time by coarse and fine dust (e.g. caused by traffic load). This leads to an increasing counter-pressure combined with a strongly decreasing air flow rate, inevitably reducing the level of protection envisaged.

With the innovative FlowMatic control of the TAC XT, TAC V+ and TAC M you no longer have to worry about a decreasing volumetric flow or circulation rates that fall below the values required.

Just like with the cruise control of your car, the FlowMatic sensors capture the actual air flow rate values within the entire filter ladder and consecutively adapt the system performance dynamically. In this way, the air volume target value once preset remains constant at any power level! This not only increases the filter lifetime and system efficiency, but also guarantees compliance with the circulation rate required by the corresponding hygiene concept.

Air cleaners without a FlowMatic control are not able to constantly and reliably meet the requirements so as to comply with the circulation rate required. This is why the filters of such models must be checked at regular intervals and changed if necessary for safety reasons.

Air change recommendations for different rooms
High-performance filtration: H14 means maximum HEPA filter efficiency

TAC high-performance air purifiers can "effectively separate" viruses

Heat-resistant H14 HEPA high-performance filter

Exclusively H14 HEPA high-performance filters complying with EN 1822 specifications (ISO 45H filter ISO 29463) like they are used for example in the TAC V+ are able to even filter the tiny virus-infected aerosol particles (0.1 - 0.2 µm) from the room air, and this at a percentage of 99.995 %. Therefore the filter efficiency of H14 HEPA filters complying with EN 1822 is 10 times higher than that of H13 HEPA filters with 99.95 %, as used in most air cleaners!

99.995 % or 99.95 %? This may not sound like a lot, but exactly these two decimal places make the big difference between H13 and H14 HEPA filters! Virus-carrying aerosol particles are extremely tiny. And "virus filters" are designed to "filter viruses". That's why TAC high-performance air purifiers not only filter the large, but also the small-sized, highly infectious aerosols from the room air not even filtered out by FFP2 and FFP3 respiratory masks, which therefore don't offer genuine protection. Real safety is exclusively provided by an H14 HEPA filter (EN 1822)!

Scientific studies, however, qualify that a filter performance beneficial to the decay rate pursued can only be confirmed if the volume flow of the air cleaner and the flow speed in the particulate air filter are sufficiently attuned to one another by an adequately dimensioned filter surface, a property which is offered by the high-performance air purifiers TAC V+, TAC M, TAC ECO and TAC BASIC or the multi air handler TAC XT!

Thermal filter decontamination – your safety airbag

Unique technology – Trotec exclusive

The thermography image illustrates this: In the process of thermal decontamination the heat-resistant H14 virus filter of the TAC V+ is heated to about 100 °C, destroying the bound microorganisms.
Fully encapsulated H14 high-temperature particulate air filter, equipped with heat-conducting metal lamellae

Only with the TAC V+ and TAC XT the special, fully encapsulated H14 high-temperature lamellae high-efficiency particulate air filter is treated thermally at regular intervals. Explicitly for this purpose, this filter has been developed and interspersed with special, heat conducting metal fins.

This thermal filter decontamination technology offers you several benefits at the same time! By heating the filters, the proteins of the viruses filtered out, which are relevant to the infectiousness, are denatured, and the viruses are practically destroyed. Therefore infectious viruses can no longer enter the ambient air from the filter, for example by improper handling during a filter change. Furthermore, bacteria, germs and other microorganisms are additionally destroyed. Filter decontamination at temperatures much lower than 100 °C would not be sufficient here. It's not without reason that drinking water containing germs, for instance, should be boiled, i.e. heated to about 100 °C, for at least three to five minutes before use.

All this means extra employee protection can be ensured during operation and also when the filter is changed! You could say, it's the "virus airbag" that provides for more safety. It is there when you need it – and as long as nothing happens, you won't even notice it.

Scientific studies substantiate the usefulness of thermal filter decontamination for ensuring effective virus filtration. Professor Christian Kähler, for example, points out: "To ensure a maximum degree of hygiene and a longer lifetime in continuous operation, the H14 filter should be heated to approx. 100 °C every day for about 15 minutes, in order to prevent the formation of biofilms, bacteria and fungi without using harmful chemical additives or UV-C radiation."

We recommend carrying out thermal decontamination once a week. Only in hygienically sensitive areas with a low air temperature and very high humidity level should thermal decontamination be carried out once a day. Thermal decontamination of the filter carried out on a weekly basis requires only 1.0 kW of additional energy per week and will not increase the room temperature.

The decisive plus in terms of safety and hygiene for only 28 cents per day, which moreover pay for themselves

The on-demand thermal filter decontamination offers the decisive plus in terms of safety and filter hygiene! And yet, the additional energy input required is negligible. Even with thermal decontamination carried out daily, the costs only amount to 1 kWh, i.e. 28 cents per day of use. And if thermal decontamination is carried out once a week, the costs are just under € 15 per year.

Because thermal decontamination also increases the filter lifetime, a new filter has to be purchased less frequently. This saving means that you benefit from the added value of thermal decontamination – maximum filter safety and filter hygiene – practically free of charge!

Thermal filter regeneration – for optimum filter hygiene and a prolonged filter lifetime

No filter humidity, no filter mould or odour, and at the same time a much longer filter lifetime

Thermal filter decontamination and thermal filter regeneration

Aerosol separators and virus air cleaners take effect where many people are present in narrow spaces over a longer time and exhale larger quantities of aerosols. Aerosols, whether virus-carrying or not, for the greater part consist of micro droplets – pure water, that is. Customary H14 filters may be able to "catch" these humid aerosols, however, they also catch additional problems. Since the increasing humidity in the filter causes it to start fouling more quickly. As a result, the filter resistance increases, constantly reducing the clean air volume emitted and thus significantly reducing the filter lifetime. The fast fouling of filters at high loads of aerosols has been scientifically proven by field tests.

Moreover, the constantly high level of humidity favours the formation of filter mould or biofilms. Instead of eliminating a hazard, others may therefore be created. For example, a decreasing flow rate, shorter filter lifetimes and mould on the filter. But since the filter is heated to more than 100 °C at regular intervals, the ingress of moisture, fast sooting and filter mould are not a problem with the TAC V+ and TAC XT. Since the humidity is fully discharged again in the course of the thermal regeneration cycle, not only drying the filter at regular intervals, but additionally regenerating it again via its self-cleaning function.

With this innovative procedure the filter resistance remains low and the clean air flow remains at a constantly high level for a considerably longer time. Consequently the lifetime is longer than that of other filter systems without thermal regeneration and decontamination. This is also confirmed by current studies, which sum up as follows in the context of an examination of the TAC V+ and its H14 filter which complies with the specifications of EN 1822 (ISO 45H filter ISO 29463) and which features a self-cleaning function: "Therefore it is to be expected that this filter can have a lifetime of several years, depending on the load."

Maximum filter hygiene for just 28 cents per day, which practically pay for themselves

Thermal decontamination and regeneration of the filter requires only 1 kWh of energy. Even if thermal decontamination is carried out once a day, the costs amount to approx. 28 cents per day of use, and if thermal decontamination is carried out once a week, the costs amount to just under € 15 per year. At the same time, however, the unique thermal filter decontamination and filter regeneration offers you the decisive added value in terms of safety and hygiene over the entire filter lifetime. And all this is basically at zero cost, because the longer filter lifetime achieved by regular thermal filter regeneration means that a new filter does not have to be purchased as often – this saving means that you benefit from the added value of thermal decontamination – maximum filter safety and filter hygiene – practically free of charge!

Extra safety: efficiency-tested air purification principle

In a continuous process, the room air that is contaminated with aerosol particles and infectious viruses is diluted and pushed towards the floor by a kind of "air roll effect". Like all TAC high-performance air purifiers the TAC V+ draws in large volumes of the contaminated air near the floor and already cleans them in the course of one air cycle with its H14 filter efficiency of 99.995 %, certified in compliance with EN 1822, reliably separating airborne germs.

The clean, virus-filtered clean air then flows back to the top of the room with a high fan performance. This air cycle continuously keeps the breathing air cleaner, especially at head height, than without filtration. The filtered, blown-out air in this process is not only free from viruses but also free from pollen and respirable, harmful particulate matter that always enters the room from outside every time you open doors or windows.

Clean, healthier air: more protection against indirect infection

With the TAC V+ you can adjust the required amount of clean air to your demands. The device, which can be configured via a touch display, can be easily programmed by "touch & play" to match individual demands, making it possible to adapt the air volume according to the individual situation at any time. And thanks to the integrated boost function, targeted short and intensive filtration can be carried out, e.g. during break times or in the case of room changes, for quick separation with a maximum air volume.

From a scientific point of view, effective virus air purification requires at least 6 air circulations per hour and a HEPA filter of class H14. Both the air cleaner and the H14 filter must therefore provide an air flow rate that is at least six times higher than the air volume of the room. In the case of a higher density of persons or a high level of physical activity, a higher circulation rate is recommended in order to ensure safety.

Large clean air capacity for effective air purification

Whether it is to be used for schools, offices, fitness studios or restaurants, the TAC V+ is ideally equipped for every requirement, because, like all TAC high-performance air purifiers, it features reserve capacities which allow for 10 or more air circulations per hour even in larger rooms.

Low-noise: Hard to believe, hardly to be heard

The TAC V+ is an air cleaning revolution of the silent kind

Sound protection hood to ensure silent operation

The task of qualified high-performance air purifiers is to make the utilization of interior spaces possible again – and not to make it more difficult! Nevertheless, without large volumes of clean air, the risk of infection cannot be minimized!

When aerosol particles are separated or viruses and bacteria are filtered out, high air circulation rates between 6 and 8 per hour are required, and in the medical sector even 12- to 15-fold air circulation rates per hour. It is important to note that the virus-free room air volume, which determines the risk of infection, results from the circulation rate and the room volume. Without these large air circulation rates, spontaneously occurring aerosol clouds cannot be reliably and quickly diluted and filtered out.

Therefore, even in smaller rooms of 45 m² you already need amounts of clean air from 700 m³ to 1,500 m³, which requires a fan with a correspondingly high ventilation power. In particular, to establish an optimum air flow and air routing in the room. In addition to the flow geometry, filter efficiency and long filter lifetimes, however, an acceptable noise level, in spite of the large air volumes and the high fan performance, is desirable.

Therefore, low noise emission was a top priority when the TAC high-performance air purifiers were designed

All models – whether mobile or stationary – have been subjected to an elaborate sound insulation concept and are now equipped with an integral silencer on the suction side as standard equipment. All in all, this makes the new TAC generation hardly noticeable in everyday use and by far the quietest devices on the market in relation to air flow rate/device size.

For noise sensitive areas such as schools, offices or medical practices we recommend using the optional sound protection caps by means of which the sound level experienced subjectively can be lowered even further. In workshops, packing stations or discotheques, etc. the use of the sound protection caps usually is not required.

With the optional sound protection caps, the TAC V+, for instance, produces only approx. 30 dB, depending on the power level. For comparison: A customary laser printer already generates a sound level of approx. 50 dB during operation.

Well thought out to the detail, unparalleled in its entirety – all advantages of the TAC V+ at a glance

High versatility due to mobility

Easy set-up and moving instead of cumbersome set-up and conversion – decisive advantages over stationary, large and heavy floor-mounted appliances: versatility. Thanks to the carriage design, the "Plug & Play" device can be used for both mobile and stationary applications – simply set it up flexibly exactly where protection is needed. For the installation sites and application purpose can change again and again, and effective hygiene concepts therefore require a high degree of flexibility. The TAC is a true mobile device, and therefore always quick and easy to set up exactly where protection is needed.

High versatility due to individually adjustable air volumes

Another decisive advantage of the TAC are the air volumes that can be individually adjusted to the room volume and desired circulation rate. Regardless of the room size or application requirements, the correct and permanently constant volume flow is always available at the touch of a button for additional safety.

Significantly increased health protection also against fine dust

The TAC high-performance air purifier from Trotec offer you, your employees, customers, clients, patients and pupils a high level of protection against indirect infection by aerosol particles. In addition to viruses and bacteria, also respirable and harmful particulate matter (e.g. caused by road traffic) as well as pollen are reliably filtered from the room air.

More safety – scientifically tested and recommended

The effectiveness of the room air purifier TAC V+ has been confirmed in several independent scientific studies carried out by leading national and international institutes.

Large clean air capacity – high pressure

Up to 2,100 m³/h of clean air filtered free from viruses and bacteria by a high fan performance for optimum air circulation, air flow and frequent air circulation. Proper air flow and routing are an absolute must when you want to ensure a high degree of safety. In particular the high maximum air flow rate (boost mode) is ideally suited for quick separation (short and intense filtration) in break periods or in the case of room changes.

Effective high-performance filtration with the maximum HEPA filter class, certified in compliance with EN 1822

In the TAC V+, TAC M and TAC XT, fully encapsulated H14 metal fin high-temperature filters "made in Germany" with flow-optimized high-tech filter material are used, which are specially developed for Trotec. Each quality filter is tested and certified individually.

FlowMatic control: Constant circulation rates in all power levels by a constant volumetric flow to provide for increased safety

The sensor-supported FlowMatic control in the TAC V+, TAC M and TAC XT works like the cruise control in the car: Even when coarse and fine dust increasingly pollute the filter you don't have to be concerned about a decreasing air flow rate or about values falling below the required air changes.

The system performance is adapted continuously and dynamically, ensuring that the air volume target value once set is kept constant at any power level! For increased safety, longer filter lifetimes and a substantially higher system efficiency.

Exclusively with TAC V+ and TAC XT: Thermal filter decontamination for more safety

Just like the airbag in the car – you hardly ever need it, but it's important that it's there! Reliable inactivation of the viruses and bacteria by heat (15 minutes at about 100 °C) provides an important added value where hygiene and safety are concerned. This is recommended by leading scientists to ensure safe continuous operation.

Thermal filter decontamination is freely programmable and is effected in a fully automatic fashion, e.g. outside business hours or school hours.

Thermal decontamination carried out on a weekly basis requires only 1.0 kWh of additional energy per week and will not increase the room temperature due to the limited energy input and the short treatment time.

Exclusively with TAC V+ and TAC XT: Thermal filter regeneration for more hygiene

Automatic self-cleaning of the filter to provide for a longer filter lifetime and to prevent bacteria, mould, biofilm and the formation of odours resulting therefrom.

The process of filter regeneration takes place at about 100 °C in parallel to the thermal decontamination process and is recommended from a scientific point of view, since most bacteria and microorganisms are only inactivated at a temperature of approx. 100 °C. It's not without reason that drinking water containing germs should be boiled, i.e. heated to approx. 100 °C, for at least three to five minutes before use.

Thermal filter regeneration: To provide for longer filter lifetimes and an improved filter hygiene, and to prevent filter odour.

Fully automatic operation by flexible programming

Thanks to the fully programmable and updateable touch display, the TAC V+, TAC M and TAC XT can be adapted individually to your operating hours and rest periods, so that you no longer have to worry about anything.

Low noise emission

Due to the integral silencer integrated as standard, TAC high-performance air purifiers are by far the most silent devices on the market in relation to the air flow rate/device size. In addition, optional sound protection caps even enable ultra-silent operation.

Robust design for professional use

Extremely robust, stable and scratch-proof metal housing specially designed for operational environments where many people are staying, working, playing, learning or celebrating. Optionally also available as tamper-proof versions for schools, daycare centres, etc.

Also available as compact tower version

In addition to the mobile version, all TAC high-performance air purifiers are also available as a compact tower version for stationary continuous operation. Just as powerful as their mobile counterparts, these devices for stationary continuous operation with heights of barely one metre blend harmoniously and stylishly into any environment.

TAC V+ and TAC XT: low running costs

The running costs of the TAC V+ and TAC XT are very low. Firstly, the average power consumption for the basic operation of the device (fan, electronics, etc.) is only 150 Wh. Some competition models may have a nominally lower consumption, but given their high clean air capacity, the TAC V+ and TAC XT are extremely cost-effective in terms of cost per cubic metre of virus-filtered clean air.

Secondly, the on-demand thermal decontamination with simultaneous filter regeneration not only offers the decisive plus in terms of safety and filter hygiene – but also enormous savings potential! Activated once a week, filter decontamination generates additional energy costs of just under € 15 a year (approx. 1 kWh/week). At the same time, filter hygiene is improved and filter lifetime increased. A new filter has to be purchased less frequently, and this saving means that you benefit from the added value of thermal decontamination – maximum filter safety and filter hygiene – practically free of charge!

Customers from the catering trade: Take advantage of our exclusive partnership with METRO and Pentagast®

TAC V+ with scientifically certified effectiveness!

Scientifically proven effectiveness: The TAC V+ offers what leading scientists recommend

The mobile air cleaner TAC V+ was specially designed for the purpose of virus filtration and, in this respect, has been tested for its effectiveness in the context of several scientific studies. Comprehensive studies confirm the effectiveness of the TAC V+ with its H14 filter system “made in Germany”. Learn more about the scientifically certified effectiveness of the TAC V+ ...

TAC V+ media library

The TAC V+ puts things into motion – an exceptional amount of virus-free clean air, satisfied customers and various media

In our media library for the TAC V+ you'll find some videos explaining the functional principle of the TAC V+ and its effective principle of air purification. In addition, we have compiled a large variety of different information videos describing the use of the TAC V+ in different fields of application like restaurants, supermarkets or fitness studios. Furthermore the TAC V+ media library will provide you with recommendation videos by satisfied users and with a selection of different media reports about the air cleaner TAC V+. Come and see for yourself ...

Air cleaner FAQ for virus filtration

Learn more about the technical possibilities of virus air filtration

You want to know which technical aids offer effective protection against viruses in the room air? Do you have any questions with regard to the different cleaning methods offered on the market, their functional principle and their suitability for virus filtration? Visit our air cleaner-FAQ for virus filtration – Here you'll find answers to all of your questions with regard to air purification, virus filtration, standards as well as filter classes and of course the high-performance air purifier TAC V+ ...

Breathe healthier, live healthier – turn rooms into climatic health resorts!

Breathe healthier, live healthier!

Turn rooms into climatic health resorts! A place where you feel safe and where you know that there is no danger from the air. Because “good air” has never been as valuable as it is today, and that will not change tomorrow!

Here you will find convincing arguments why investing in good air is always worthwhile ...

Major trend good air

Major trend good air

Even in times “without COVID-19”, Trotec’s high-performance air purifiers will still be a precious investment as a universal guarantor of clean air – for good reason!

Find out here why air purification is so important for health protection – and will remain so even in post-COVID-19 times ...

Fine dust – the invisible danger

Fine dust – the invisible danger

Fine dust is one of the world’s biggest environmental risks. Harmful levels of particulate matter in the outdoor air also cause indoor levels to rise.

More information regarding the fine dust issue can be found here ...

Trotec solutions do not only allow you to generate clean and purified air, but also make the quality of the room air visible!

Triple indicator for healthy room air: Our BQ air quality measuring devices indicate all important values

Particle measuring device BQ30 for air quality monitoring

The Air quality monitor BQ30 should not be missing on any teacher's desk or in any open-plan office because this environmental monitoring station shows you the most important values for healthy room air at a glance: In addition to the current CO2 load and the prevailing climate data and the particulate matter pollution in particle size PM2.5 or PM10 are shown to you.

The CO2 pollution is an important indicator of required ventilation measures and the fine dust particle sizes determined also include pollen, a helpful feature to monitor the air quality for allergy sufferers! In rooms with a large number of persons, CO2 Traffic lights can serve as a means for rough-orientation to indicate whether the air quality is good or poor, as carbon dioxide (CO2) is a reliable indicator of an air change.

In addition to the BQ30 Trotec's range of products includes further professional particle counters such as the PC200 or the PC220. Our particle counters cannot only be used for inspecting the air quality, but to test filter systems as well, for example.

Note: Neither the degree of air pollution caused by particulate matter of the particle size PM2.5 nor the CO2 pollution in the room tells you anything about the infection risk! None of the two values are a measurand of the risk of infection, since there is no correlation between CO2 or PM2.5 concentration and viral load. Learn more about this subject area and several others with regard to virus filtration, filter classes, filter standards and other important operating figures – summarized in our air cleaner-FAQ for virus filtration ...

With the high-performance air purifiers of the TAC series Trotec offers professional solutions for aerosol-free filtered clean air quality in larger rooms such as schools, restaurants, offices, medical practices or hotels. By providing virus-filtered clean air, the TAC V+ ensures a high level of protection for employees and customers, teachers and students, staff and patients in commercial environments and public facilities. But even in smaller rooms you can benefit from our expertise in air purification and virus filtration:

AirgoClean® – the synonym for clean breathing air: unpack, switch on, breathe freely

With AirgoClean® you have a wide range of excellent Trotec air purification units at your disposal. First and foremost the AirgoClean® One – our number 1 high-performance air purifier for virus-filtered clean air in exclusive environments, medical practices and law firms. The air cleaners of the AirgoClean® brand stand for effective filter performance, high user comfort and proven Trotec quality – reliable protection against room air polluted with house and fine dust, bacteria, airborne viruses or pollen. Our large selection of air cleaners offers the ideal AirgoClean® device for every need ...

AirgoClean® – the synonym for clean air – unpack, switch on, breathe fresh air

Further solutions

  • Notarisation and authentication during the corona pandemic

    Notaries are facing completely new challenges by the corona pandemic. Even with the highest incidence rates, notaries’ offices have to remain open and accessible, since a large number of notarial official functions is of systemic relevance. “For example, elderly people or persons that are critically ill may be reliant on short-term preparations and the notarisation of wills and testaments or other...

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  • Therapy sessions during the corona pandemic

    The restrictions in our daily lives such as curfews, contact restrictions, a decree on working from home, but also closed schools, nursery schools and care facilities – all this has left its marks in our society. In the pandemic, many adults are suffering from anxiety disorders, existential fears and depressions. But the pandemic has also made itself felt on children and youths. The evaluation of...

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  • Bacteria and virus-free room air in daycare centres

    In kindergartens and similar childcare institutions of the childcare sector, infectious diseases are not uncommon. In addition to popular childhood illnesses such as mumps, measels, rubella, chickenpox, whooping cough and the fifth disease, diarrhoea and infections of the upper respiratory tract are also common. With the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, another infectious disease entered our lives which is...

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  • Bacteria- and virus-free room air in schools

    A sustainable new start of regular school life absolutely requires a hygiene concept that is shown to be effective, in order to ensure that the air in classrooms is free from viruses. The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 poses a huge challenge for teaching staff, cleaning staff, and headmasters in this respect. Even using spraying and wiping agents in a regular manner does not provide any protection against...

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  • Room air filtered from viruses in hotels and conference centres

    The hotel and restaurants sectors still are particularly hit very hard by the current coronavirus impacts. Nearly all hotels had to be closed first, and will probably be suffering the longest time from the impacts after the pandemic. As long as the fear of an infection with the coronavirus is higher than the usual convenience provided by the hotel sector, many guests will cancel or postpone any...

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  • Germ-free room air with H14 virus filtration in offices and public spaces

    Open-plan offices, museums, public institutions and buildings of public authorities share one common problem: In areas with high public traffic, there is always the risk of pathogenic suspended matter, allergens, spores, bacteria and viruses spreading through the room air. Whether to extend your ID card in the local citizen service, for the registration or de-registration of a vehicle in the road...

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  • Virus-free room air in discos and clubs

    Clubs and discotheques are struggling with the consequences of the coronavirus crisis in many places. While restaurants and independent shops have reopened, the decision whether to open or not is still pending for clubs and discotheques – probably because they are often considered to be potential virus hotspots. This aspect in particular requires efficient hygiene concepts, allowing operators to...

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  • Air cleaner with H14 virus filtration for gyms and therapy rooms

    Fitness studio operators, licenced physiotherapists and other physiotherapeutic workers are too familiar with the problem: Depending on season and temperature, there is stagnant air in the training or treatment room, even with the ventilation system activated. The breathing air is additionally polluted with suspended matter, e.g. dust particles, nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde, but also with...

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  • Virus-free room and breathing air in supermarkets, DIY stores and shops

    New infectious diseases such as influenza A/H5N1 (avian flu) or COVID-19 (coronavirus) spread all over the world in an irregular, yet continuous manner. The impacts on the diverse areas of daily life are rather drastic. Many salespersons who are not systemically relevant are forced to close their shops in times of highly infectious pandemics in order to prevent a newly-discovered virus from...

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  • Virus-free room air in logistics centres and production areas

    Current coronavirus outbreaks in post and parcel distribution and processing centres offer an impressive demonstration of how fast and radical procedures in the production and logistics sector can be interrupted if only one infected person is present among the entire staff, and if no effective measures have been taken to prevent airborne infections within the working zones. An important component...

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  • Virus-free room air in the meat industry

    Coronavirus outbreaks in slaughterhouses and various meat-processing factories are a poignant reminder of how fast production procedures and whole companies can grind to a halt by infection chains if only one infected person is present among the entire staff, and if no effective measures have been taken to prevent airborne infections within the working zones. An important component for hygiene to...

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  • Dust-free construction sites thanks to air cleaners

    Construction sites are dusty places. Particularly when it comes to chiselling, grinding, cutting and milling operations or the removal of old plaster or tiles. For the most part, craftsmen cope with this by using breathing protections, and they have to accept a considerable cleaning effort. A more effective and healthy approach is the use of air cleaners, which extract the dust before it collects...

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  • Cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systems

    Clean room air at the workplace and in public buildings is not only legally required, it also contributes significantly to daily well-being. Cleaning air conditioning systems regularly helps to ensure that the air remains pure. To filter out suspended particles as required, service companies will find the suitable air cleaner with a HEPA filter for your system.

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