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Orientation in an emergency: evacuation exercises in airplanes

Using a fog and flue gas machine, it is possible to simulate a fire inside an airplane professionally.

Even if commercial aircrafts are manufactured in line with the latest standards nowadays, they are not immune to technical problems. In case of an incident, the on-flight crew must know exactly what to do to protect the passengers and themselves. The personnel is trained for such emergencies during special exercises. This includes evacuating passengers from a smoky aircraft in case of fire. A fog and flue gas simulator helps to professionally simulate such an evacuation operation. The best equipment for this purpose is the fog and flue gas simulator FS200 from Trotec.

Keep calm, arrange for evacuation and open the aircraft exits to deploy the emergency slides: these are the rules in case of a serious aviation incident. Even if, thanks to modern technologies and highly professional manufacture, travelling by aircraft is said to be extremely safe, the crew must be prepared for all eventualities. Particularly when a fire breaks out on board, it is essential to keep a cool head and act according to the rules. And that is anything but easy. In a fully booked aircraft, a large number of people comes together in a narrow space. If smoke builds up, visibility will be obstructed tremendously in next to no time. Despite emergency lighting, the way to the emergency exits can only be found with great effort and utmost concentration in such a situation.

The best equipment for poor visibility

To ensure that the crew is prepared for such a demanding task, it is necessary to simulate the operation as part of an evacuation exercise. The fog and flue gas simulator FS200 from Trotec does a good job in such fire exercises. Within a few minutes, the mobile device can be loaded aboard an aircraft, set up and connected. Thanks to the high turbine performance and the infinitely adjustable fluid pump, it only takes a few minutes to produce dense smoke filling even a large passenger aircraft with harmless fog and simulating extremely poor visibility conditions. This way, the crew can be trained for an emergency under realistic conditions. Even over a long period of time, the FS200 constantly produces dense white smoke.

Easy handling

If you make use of the fog and flue gas simulator FS200 from Trotec for an evacuation exercise, you can be sure that the main focus of the operation is on the fire exercise itself and not on the preparation of the scenario. Because the device is operational in next to no time and works reliably. Only one person is required for setting up the FS200 and connecting it to a canister with fog concentrate. At the push of a button, dense white smoke is produced. Its volume can be adjusted to the size of the room thanks to an infinitely variable control. Owing to an intuitive menu navigation, the device is very easy to use.

An additional advantage: The fog and flue gas simulator FS200 can also be applied for fire exercises outside the aircraft, for example for simulating a fire in an engine.

The fog and flue gas simulator FS200 in evacuation exercises in airplanes

  • Professional quality "Made in Germany" – of course by Trotec
  • Constant production of dense fog for realistic fire scenarios
  • Quick preparation of the aircraft cabin
  • Easy transport thanks to compact dimensions
  • Infinitely adjustable for an optimal adaptation to the application site

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