Pipe camera Compact 2 with monitor unit CS6x Versa
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Pipe camera Compact 2 with monitor unit CS6x Versa

Professional pipe inspection and video recording – simple, versatile and convenient

Compact 2 with swivel-type monitor frame CS6x Versa
Pipe camera Compact 2

Small space requirements, great performance – the inspection camera Compact 2 with CS6x Versa monitor unit

The easy-to-transport SeeSnake inspection camera Compact 2 is perfectly suited for the professional inspection of pipelines with a diameter between 40 and 150 mm. The self-levelling camera head and adjustable LEDs enable the transmission of brightly lit, vivid and upright images. The compact and robust construction offers easy transport.

Versatile recording monitor with Wi-Fi

The convenient CS6x Versa monitor unit shows sharp images from inside the pipe on the 5.7-inch display and offers the option of saving photos and videos directly to a USB stick. Thanks to the special frame the monitor can always be tilted to the optimum viewing angle, and due to the quick-release bracket it can be moved to a high or low viewing position to meet all local conditions.

The Wi-Fi-enabled CS6x Versa is able to transmit the images and videos directly to a mobile device using the free RIDGIDView app. If required, the monitor can be detached from the drum and positioned separately.

Convenient docking system

It takes no more than a half-turn of the quick-release knob to detach the monitor unit from the frame and position it separately.

High-performance pipe camera in light, compact and stable design

Compact 2 with CS6x Versa – high-performance pipe camera in light, compact and stable design

Equipped with the CS6x Versa monitor, the SeeSnake inspection camera Compact 2 impresses with its high performance and small space requirements. The self-levelling camera head provides a constantly upright image and the docking system for quick fastening of the CS6x Versa monitor unit enables a quick and situation-adapted installation on site.

Practical equipment features in detail:

  1. Durable drum housing with fibreglass-reinforced push cable,
    Ø 6 mm, 30 m length
  2. Docking system for quick and easy installation
  3. Transport handle for carrying the entire camera in just one hand
  4. Self-levelling camera head (Ø 25 mm) with integrated
    FleXmitter transmitter
  5. Water-resistant keypad
  6. Light-intense colour LCD for optimum image representation even in the daylight

The scope of delivery includes: inspection camera SeeSnake Compact 2, monitor unit CS6x Versa, 18 V Li-ion battery (4 Ah), charger, 8 GB USB flash drive (HQ software pre-installed)

Leak detection and more – if cleverly combined …

Used in combination with the pipe detector SR-24

The SeeSnake Compact 2 is equipped with an integrated 512 Hz transmitter, which – when used in combination with the pipe detector SR-24 – additionally allows you to detect the entire pipeline course during an inspection and to precisely locate the exact damaged spot.

By combining both measuring devices you can benefit from the possibility of performing restoration work at leakage points in a damage-reducing way and of non-destructively determining the unknown course of leak-free lines!

Incl. SeeSnake HQ software (PC)

Incl. SeeSnake HQ software

The HQ software is already installed on the USB flash drive supplied along with the CS6x Versa monitor unit. Following the installation on a PC or laptop you can import the inspection files recorded on your USB flash drive using the HQ software, edit the images and saved videos, or generate detailed reports.

Plus streaming software HQx Live

Plus streaming software HQx Live

HQx Live is a free app for Android and iOS devices allowing you to stream the inspection carried out with the CS6x Versa monitor live on a mobile device. The app further permits you to control the monitor functions remotely and to easily share photos or videos.

The pipe camera Compact 2 with monitor unit CS6x Versa offers users a wide range of applications

The CS6x monitor unit is extremely versatile: thanks to the unique design you can adjust the viewing angle either when the device is positioned separately or inside the docking station of the Compact 2.
The versatile monitor unit CS6x Versa can also be used disconnected from the drum
The combination of the versatile swivel-type frame and the monitor of the CS6x Versa, which is perfectly suited also for daylight applications, allows the user to choose the ideal display position in any situation.
The swivel-type frame for high or low display positions allows for an optimum viewing angle at all times

A few practical benefits:

  • Easy-to-handle professional system for inspecting pipes with a diameter of 40 to 150 mm
  • Self-levelling camera head
  • Integrated 512 Hz transmitter and push cable metre counter
  • Impact-proof plastic drum with quick-release docking system for the monitor unit
  • Light-intense 5.7-inch colour LC display
  • Direct recording of photos and videos on USB flash drive
  • Integrated microphone and speakers
  • SeeSnake HQ software for professional report generation
  • PhotoTalk™ – Adding audio comments to individual images
  • Waterproof up to 10 bar
  • Versatile monitor unit – can also be used disconnected from the drum


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Rohrkamera Compact 2

Die einfach transportable SeeSnake-Inspektionskamera Compact 2 eignet sich optimal zur professionellen Inspektion von Rohrleitungen mit Durchmessern von 40 bis 150 mm.

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