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Humidifier B 600
Humidifier B 600
Humidifier B 600
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Optimum humidified room air increases productivity and prevents expensive times of absence

Humidifier B 260
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Humidifier B 600

Room humidifiers from Trotec discreetly help when too dry air in closed rooms becomes a problem

In offices, libraries and public authorities, but also in the study at home, the following applies: A pleasant room climate requires not only the ideal room temperature but also perfectly regulated air humidity.

The optimum air humidity in closed rooms is between 40 and 60%.

Relative humidity below 40% is perceived as unpleasant and is one of the main causes of numerous office illnesses. Watery eyes, irritated mucous membranes and poor concentration - but also the spread of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms in the air are the direct consequences of excessively dry room and breathing air. The resulting sick days are expensive - and avoidable!

Evaporative humidifiers ensure more productivity in the workplace

If the air indoors is too dry, rely on the professional humidifiers from Trotec. Ideally suited for large rooms is the radio-controlled humidifier B 500. The hygrostat-controlled all-rounder fully automatically creates an optimum room humidity, purifies the air to be breathed and additionally prevents the formation of electrostatic charges.

The mobile humidifiers of the HomeComfort series are recommended for humidifying smaller rooms, offices and medical practices. The AW 10 S and AW 20 S 3-in-1 air washers also provide additional air purification and odor improvement.

Humidifier for a pleasant indoor climate
Die optimale Luftfeuchtigkeit mit Raumluftbefeuchtern
Evaporative Humidifier B Series

Evaporative Humidifier B Series

Our product range offers a wide choice of electric humidifiers with various functions and modern designs. Humidification From the compact starter model to the versions also suited for larger rooms or which permit the addition of scented oil to sweeten the air – we have the right evaporation humidifier for every requirement.

The ideal humidity level

Especially during the winter the air in interior spaces is often too dry. This is attributable to several factors: for one thing, the cold air admitted to the room from outside when airing it out has a lower moisture absorption capacity. Then there is the matter of heating – often turned up to the maximum during the winter. The heater further heats the already dry air and sets it in motion – along with the irritating house dust. 

Should the humidity level fall below 30 per cent, this can certainly affect our health.

Especially allergy sufferers and asthmatics often struggle with the consequences of excessively dry room air. According to the German Federal Environmental Agency the ideal humidity level ranges between 40 and 60 per cent. Studies also suggest that this is the range wherein most people feel particularly comfortable. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics feel best at the top of this range.

However, the humidity should not exceed 60 per cent for otherwise the moisture could start to precipitate on walls and furniture possibly resulting in mould growth, especially in the wintertime.

AW 10 S
AW 20 S

Air washer AW-S series

Each day, we take almost 18,000 breaths and breathe in about 8,000 litres of air in interior spaces, where the usually dry room air often contains ten times more pollutants than fresh air from outside.

Therefore it is perfectly obvious that unpleasant consequences will not be long in coming, for example dry mucous membranes, irritated eyes and a generally increased risk of infection.

And not only persons suffer from such conditions; too dry air also puts a strain on furniture, plants, parquet floors and musical instruments.

Good design. Good air.

With our compact air washers AW 10 S and AW 20 S you can bring healthy room air easily and conveniently right into your home.

Once commissioned, the air washers immediately generate perceptibly clean, pleasantly humidified air. Additionally, the room air is effectively cleaned and reliably freed from pollen, dust and animal hair – ideal for allergy sufferers. Moreover, both air washers reduce odours and electrostatic charges.

An agreeable room climate ensured by the humidifiers from Trotec

Be it humidifier, evaporator or air washer – Trotec devices allow you to breathe freely after only a short period of use. Both models optimally regulate the humidity level, thus ensuring a healthier room climate and protecting your furniture, books, paintings or antiques from damage caused by too dry or too humid air.

However, to ensure safe water quality at low maintenance costs in a highly dusty and polluted indoor environment, SecoSan® Stick and LiQVit should be used in combination.

Evaporation humidifiers

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