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Trotec emission measuring instruments for precise values

With emission measuring instruments you are on the track of noise, fine particulates and sources of danger. The professional measuring devices from the Trotec Group are on hand for your support.

Pollutants, noise, fine particulates and harmful radiation make people ill. Therefore, certain emission values have to be adhered to – for the sake of the environment and to protect employees and customers. Gas leaks, too, have to be detected quickly and reliably, light sources measured and suspended matter traced and identified. Inaccurate measurement results can be disastrous – for the people in your environment and for your business. Better err on the side of caution and have the latest values on hand using the professional and reliable emission measuring instruments and detectors from Trotec. Quick and reliable measurements in the private or professional sector. Put together your own professional environment measuring module. The BG30 gas detector detects leaks in gas lines. Using the Trotec sound level meters you can precisely determine the sound level. The luxmeter serves for universal light metering. These devices as well as the BG20 carbon monoxide measuring device, the BR15 radiation measuring device and the PC200 particle counter further ensure a detailed, comprehensive and professional emission measurement. All Trotec emission measuring instruments are at the same time handy and hardwearing, reliable and extremely powerful. At the push of a button you are in the know of the most important emission values. With easily comprehensible operation the Trotec emission devices are reliable and can be used anytime, anywhere. Simplify safety and specify alarm thresholds for the devices. An automatic alarm function will keep you informed of a high pollutant concentration. Convenient and energy-saving: An automatic switch-off function puts a stop to unintentionally emptied batteries.

No matter which emission values you want to measure and which sources of dangers and pollutants you would like to track down – Trotec has the appropriate emission measuring instrument and detector for you. Professional, reliable and inexpensive.