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PRTS 10-1200 – routing machine
PRTS 10-1200 – routing machine
PRTS 10-1200 – routing machine
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Routing machine PRTS 10-1200

High-performance routing machine with 1,200 watts of power (55 mm plunge depth) with cutting depth fine adjustment function (0.1 mm), speed control, 6-piece milling cutter set and further accessories

Perfectly equipped for demanding milling tasks

With the versatile routing machine PRTS 10-1200 you achieve perfect work results with an excellent milling quality for your complex woodworking projects. Machining workpieces and edges of wood but also of plastics and lightweight construction material like for example plasterboards is comparatively easy thanks to the comprehensive tool kit. What often has to be purchased in addition at a high price when you choose products from other manufacturers is already part of the extensive scope of delivery when you opt for the routing machine PRTS 10-1200.

Unpack, plug in and get started immediately

A 6-piece milling cutter set allows you to easily mill grooves, V-grooves and semicircles into workpiece edges. Rounding off edges, shaping profiles and designing optically beautiful and stable timber joints is equally easy. The extensive accessories kit of the PRTS 10-1200 furthermore contains a depth stop and rip fence including guide rods, a guide bush for quickly reproducing cutting shapes as well as a compass tip for milling circular shapes. This premium equipment is topped off by two collet chucks with 6 mm and 8 mm shank, a reducer with an adapter for connecting an external dust extraction system as well as an open-end wrench for quickly changing the milling cutters.

With this complete equipment, the high-performance 1,200 watt routing machine PRTS 10-1200 is equally suitable for professional furniture construction and for creative DIY woodwork for:

  • milling of all types of wood (solid wood, plywood), plastics and lightweight construction materials (e.g. plasterboards and fibreboards)
  • Tracer milling, profile milling, edge milling, rebate milling
  • Circular milling thanks to the centring tip (compass tip)
  • Milling with rip fence for long sections with the same distance

Excellent cutting quality with maximum precision

The equipment and performance are just as impressive as the high milling accuracy of the PRTS 10-1200. With stepless milling depth adjustment between 0 mm and 55 mm and additional fine adjustment, cuts with a precision of up to 0.1 mm can be performed. By means of the setting wheel with a total of 7 orientation levels, the tool performance can be steplessly adjusted in a range between 11,000 and 30,000 rpm, always ensuring the optimum speed value and therefore allowing for material-compatible working attuned to the milling cutter used.

Perfect ergonomics for convenient working

Two ergonomically shaped handles guarantee comfortable handling and fatigue-free guidance of the tool, the cutter’s well-balanced centre of gravity providing for a firm stand and maximum control at all times. To ensure maximum freedom of movement, the hand milling cutter comes equipped with a 3 m power cable. The milling depth is adjusted conveniently and easily via a height-adjustable depth stop with a scale and fine adjustment. The integrated step buffer or revolver stop is the perfect means to increase the milling depth step by step. Thanks to the spindle lock, the tool bits can be exchanged quickly and easily.

What can you do with the routing machine PRTS 10-1200?

The routing machine PRTS 10-1200 is a true all-rounder that is especially indispensable where the precise machining of wooden workpieces is concerned. If you place high demands to accuracy when you are doing woodwork, you’ll find that the PRTS 10-1200 is your necessary precision tool for:

Milling grooves
Milling a groove is one of the main tasks of the routing machine PRTS 10-1200. Tongue-and-groove joints are used in the field of furniture manufacturing to establish stable connections of individual elements. Decorating wooden planks with all kinds of different shapes and grooves is a breeze.

Milling profiles
Artistic profiles add the proverbial finishing touches to workpieces and shape their individual character. With the hand milling cutter PRTS 10-1200, wooden edges can be milled professionally, for instance to give tables, shelves and other furniture an individual appearance.

Milling chamfers
Bevelled edges (chamfers) are another possibility of decorating wooden constructions and giving them an individual look. With the routing machine PRTS 10-1200 and the suitable milling cutter, chamfers can be produced quickly and easily.

Milling circles
If you wish to provide wooden workpieces with circular recesses, the routing machine PRTS 10-1200 with the supplied compass tip will prove to be the right tool. Circular embellishments and recesses can be brought into the workpiece in the desired radius without any effort.

The scope of delivery includes:

  • 1 x Routing machine PRTS 10-1200
  • 1 x Rip fence
  • 1 x Depth stop
  • 2 x Guide rods
  • 2 x Collet chucks (6 mm and 8 mm)
  • 1 x Profile cutter
  • 1 x Groove cutter 6 mm
  • 1 x Groove cutter 12 mm
  • 1 x V-groove cutter
  • 1 x Rounding cutter
  • 1 x Semicircular milling cutter
  • 1 x Adapter for external dust extraction
  • 1 x Reducer (dust extraction system)
  • 2 x Phillips screws
  • 1 x Guide bush
  • 1 x Centring tip with wing nut
  • 1 x Open-end wrench

Brand quality with a professional full equipment at an attractive price – this is an offer exclusively made by Trotec power tools.

Which milling head is suited for which type of work?

To make sure that you can get started right after unpacking the PRTS 10-1200, six milling heads for a variety of different milling operations are already included in the scope of delivery of the routing machine. The semicircular milling cutter, the profile cutter and the rounding cutter come equipped with an integrated thrust ring (ball bearing), so that a constant distance to the workpiece edge can be maintained throughout the milling process. This is especially beneficial if the workpiece has many edges with different angles and curves.

1 x Semicircular milling cutter
The semicircular milling cutter is a milling head with a rounded tip. In the furniture manufacturing business, this cutter is excellently suited to mill recessed grips into cabinet doors and drawers. It can also be used to provide workpieces with individual decorations.

2 x Groove cutters (width of 6 mm and 12 mm)
In the fields of timber construction and furniture manufacturing, the tongue-and-groove joint is the most common method of interconnecting individual workpieces. The scope of delivery already includes two groove cutters with different widths to mill the required groove into the workpiece.

1 x V-groove cutter
In contrast to the fillet or semicircular milling cutter, the V-groove cutter comes equipped with a pointed milling head, for example to mill chamfers or engrave workpieces.

1 x Rounding cutter
With the rounding cutter, accurately rounded edges and curves on the workpiece can be milled. Ideally suited to decorate sharp-edged workpieces and add a modern touch to them.

1 x Profile cutter
The profile cutter is the perfect tool to optically trim and decorate workpieces of wood.

PRTS 10-1200 – precise cuts without raising dust

Forget about dusty work areas or rooms – the PRTS 10-1200 has found a remedy to defy dust in the air. To prevent fine dust which is inevitably produced in the milling process from being released into the air from where it is inhaled, the routing machine includes adapters for connecting an external dust extraction system. The reducer and adapter allow for the connection of conventional industrial and workshop vacuum cleaners.

The dream team for clean air and a clean workshop:
Routing machine PRTS 10-1200 + cordless vacuum cleaner VC 15‑20V

The cordless vacuum cleaner VC 15‑20V from Trotec reduces the dust exposure in the air. As extraction system for power tools, the VC 15‑20V keeps the air and your working environment clean –making you independent of any sockets.

Fine dust particles that are ejected in the milling process and that pose a hazard to the respiratory tract and health are sucked into the 10-litre dust collection container without any effort by the extremely manoeuvrable cordless vacuum cleaner with its practical castors. Furthermore, an integrated HEPA filter (> 89 % filter efficiency) prevents dust particles that have been sucked in from getting back into the room air and being inhaled. This protects your health and provides for a clean working environment. After the work is done, the vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning up the work area.

An all-round clean affair: combined power of the routing machine PRTS 10-1200 and the cordless vacuum cleaner VC 15‑20V for dust-free working.

The key equipment features of the PRTS 10-1200 at a glance

PRTS 10-1200 – dimensions
The routing machine PRTS 10-1200 is a high-performance tool with a power of 1,200 watts and a plunge depth of 55 mm, which makes it possible to perform a variety of precise milling tasks with an accuracy of up to 1/10 mm for workpieces that are made of wood, plastics, and lightweight construction materials.
PRTS 10-1200 – scope of delivery
The comprehensive scope of delivery of the routing machine includes practical accessories, making your work even easier and more convenient: a rip fence, a depth stop, a compass tip, a guide bush, two collet chucks (6 and 8 mm), adapter and reducer for external dust extraction as well as six milling heads. Just unpack, plug in and get started.
PRTS 10-1200 – accessories set
The comprehensive scope of delivery of the routing machine includes practical accessories, making your work even easier and more convenient: a rip fence, a depth stop, a compass tip, a guide bush, two collet chucks (6 and 8 mm), adapter and reducer for external dust extraction as well as six milling heads. Just unpack, plug in and get started.
PRTS 10-1200 – milling heads
To make sure that you can directly get started after unpacking the routing machine, the PRTS 10-1200 is supplied with six milling heads for the most common milling tasks. The scope of delivery includes a semicircular milling cutter, two groove cutters, a V-groove cutter, a rounding cutter and a profile cutter.
PRTS 10-1200 – use of materials
With the universally applicable routing machine PRTS 10-1200, machining of workpieces and edges of wood, plastics as well as lightweight construction materials is carried out easily and with extreme precision. Grooves, edges, profiles, chamfers, curves, fillets and circles can be milled out.
PRTS 10-1200 – fine adjustment
By means of the rotatable depth stop, the cutting depth can be adjusted steplessly precisely to the millimetre in a range from 0 to 55 mm in increments of 0.1 mm.
PRTS 10-1200 – speed selection setting wheel
The correct speed for every material thanks to the speed selection function. By means of the setting wheel with its 7 orientation levels, the tool performance can be adjusted steplessly in a range from 11,000 to 30,000 rpm and in this way allows for material-compatible working attuned to the cutter used.
PRTS 10-1200 – operation
Safe operation: The on/off switch and the safety start lock to prevent accidental switch-on are integrated directly near the handle so as to facilitate operation.
PRTS 10-1200 – operation
For maximum precision and convenience: Thanks to its ergonomically shaped handles, the routing machine always lies perfectly and securely in your hand. The locking lever ensures that the milling depth is reliably locked.
PRTS 10-1200 – rip fence/depth stop
With the easy-to-assemble rip fence to the guiding plate, the depth stop as well as the step buffer or revolver stop for exact adjustment of the milling depth, also for gradually attaining greater milling depths, you can achieve perfect work results.
PRTS 10-1200 – rip fence and compass tip
Full control for consistent cutting quality: By means of the rip fence, precise grooves over long sections can be machined. The guide block ensures that the distance to the workpiece edge always remains exactly the same. Furthermore, using the compass tip, circles and round arches can be milled into the workpiece.
PRTS 10-1200 – easy exchange
For changing the collet chucks and tool bits quickly and easily, the routing machine is provided with a spindle lock. The tool required for changing the milling heads is supplied. The accessories can be attached without the use of tools by means of fixing screws.
PRTS 10-1200 – clean working
The practical vacuum adapters make it possible to connect commercially available external dust extraction systems like the cordless vacuum cleaner VC 15-20 V to the routing machine. This reduces the dust exposure in the air and keeps your working environment clean.
PRTS 10-1200 – clean working
The practical vacuum adapters make it possible to connect commercially available external dust extraction systems like the cordless vacuum cleaner VC 15-20 V to the routing machine. This reduces the dust exposure in the air and keeps your working environment clean.

The PRTS 10-1200 offers you manifold application options

If you wish to provide wooden workpieces with circular recesses, the routing machine PRTS 10-1200 with its supplied compass tip offers you the right tool.
PRTS 10-1200 – in action
Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a craftsman, the professional routing machine with its comprehensive accessories can be used for a variety of applications. For example for working on doors, furniture, window frames, for model construction or for designing accessories created by your own inspiration.
PRTS 10-1200 – fields of application
The rip fence that is part of the scope of delivery allows for accurate guidance of the routing machine and precise, continuous grooves.
PRTS 10-1200 – in action

A few practical benefits:

  • Suitable for creative and comfortable working with wood, lightweight construction materials and plastics
  • Milling depth adjustment up to an accuracy of 1/10 mm for precision work
  • Thanks to the rebate depth stop and rip fence with fine adjustment function, even challenging tasks requiring maximum precision can be successfully performed
  • Infinitely variable speed, perfect for different cutters and materials
  • 6-piece cutter set for different applications meet a variety of cutting requirements
  • Guide bush for precisely reproducing cutting shapes
  • Compass tip for circle cutting
  • Fits commercially available milling cutters with 6 or 8 mm shank
  • Easy tool change by integrated spindle lock
  • Optimum ergonomics by optimum position of handles
  • Connection to dust extraction system for dust-free working
  • Quick-release lever for milling depth lock
  • Power consumption: 1,200 W
  • Idle speed: 11,000 – 30,000 rpm
  • Milling depth: 55 mm
  • Tool holder: 6 – 8 mm
  • Incl. rip fence, depth stop, open-end wrench, adapter for dust extraction, dust pipe, compass tip set

All important features at a glance

Powerful 1,200 W drive
Idle speed 11,000 to 30,000 rpm
Setting range of the plunge depth from 0 to 55 mm
Ergonomic handles
On / off switch
Safety switch/start lock
7 orientation levels for continuously variable speed control
Infinitely variable speed selection
Spindle lock
Connection for external dust extraction
3 m cable for a wide operating range
Machining of wood
Machining of plastics
Machining of lightweight construction materials
Milling a wide groove
Milling a narrow groove
Milling a V-groove
Milling fillets
Round milling
Profile milling
PGSS 15-20V – scope of delivery

The PRTS 10-1200 routing machine comes with a rip fence, depth stop, guide rods, 6 cutter attachments, guide bush, centring tip with wing nut, Phillips screws, collet chucks, adapter and reducer for external dust extraction  and open-end wrench.

Benefit from the Trotec brand quality guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality. Via the registered GS mark the inspection authority TÜV Rheinland certifies that, if used foreseeably and as intended, the device does not pose a risk to the health and safety of the user.

Brand quality plus cost-efficiency

So far, you basically only had two options when choosing a routing machine: either good but expensive, or mainly cheap.

Trotec's PowerTools now offer a smart choice: good and cheap at the same time. For we do not only stand for brand quality where measuring devices and air conditioners are concerned, but also when it comes to power tools: professional Trotec solutions with an excellent value-for-money ratio!

TÜV – Tested for safety

 standard equipment

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 4.450.000.201
Technical data
  Power input [W] 1,200
  Idle speed 11.000 - 30.000 min-1
  Plunge depth [mm] 55
  Tool holder 6 – 8 mm
  Milling depth setting Up to 55 mm
  Measuring unit system Metric
Electrical values
  Mains connection 230 V, 50 Hz
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/17
  Cable length [m] 3
Sound values according to EN 62841
  Sound pressure level [dB(A)] 89
  Sound power level [dB] 100
  Uncertainty (K) [m/s²] 3
Vibration information according to EN 62841
  Vibration emission value (ah) Left handle [m/s²] 5.06
  Uncertainty (K) Left handle [m/s²] 1.5
  Vibration emission value (ah) Right handle [m/s²] 6.437
  Uncertainty (K) Right handle [m/s²] 1.5
Safety feature
  Type of protection IP20
  Protection class II
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 73
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 198
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 277
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 3
Equipment, features and functions
Functions and features
  ON/OFF switch
  Restart protection
  Soft start
  Integrated dust extraction system
  Adapter for external dust extraction
  Spindle lock
  Infinitely variable speed control
  Continuous operation
  Start lock
  Additional handle
  Tool-free exchange of accessories
Standard scope of delivery
Accessories scope of delivery
  Rip fence
  Depth stop
  Adapter for dust extraction
  Dust pipe
  Collet chuck 6 / 8 mm
  Guide bush
  Compass tip
  Number of router bits 6 pieces
  Open-end wrench

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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