Hydrogen Leak Detector XRS 9012

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Hydrogen Leak Detector XRS 9012

The XRS 9012 represents the current technological progress in the development of practice-optimized hydrogen leak detectors.

This light, powerful and handy measuring device enables the quick, time- and cost-saving location of leaks. Leaks cannot be too small or too large, the XRS system will detect them quickly and precisely! 

The concept of the XRS detection system is based on current findings from material and process engineering. Therefore, this measuring device has solid benefits on offer for the user as compared to other gas detectors. Further information can be found here...

Facts on trace gas:

When analysing the physical characteristics of gases relevant for leak detection, one quickly learns that hydrogen is way superior to other gases. Therefore, hydrogen is used as trace gas for leak detection with the XRS system. It is not only the lightest, but also the least expensive of all trace gases and completely safe, when used properly: namely diluted with nitrogen. For this reason, the XRS system uses a gas mixture of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen. This environmentally sound mixture of gases is incombustible, non-toxic and not corrosive! Hydrogen and nitrogen are present in all organic systems. The natural hydrogen content in air amounts to 0.5 ppm.

A few practical benefits:

  • Adjustable sensitivity level
  • No saturation – even with gross leaks
  • Quick recovery
  • Automatic setting of zero
  • No cross-sensitivity to other gases
  • Ergonomic housing – carrying strap allows working with both hands
  • Maintenance-free battery with short charging time and long lifetime, can also be charged in the car (12 V)
  • Fault indicator
  • Minimum/maximum measured value storage

Examples of application:

  • Detection of pipe bursts / line breaks
  • Telecommunication / power cable
  • Flat roof leak detection
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Containers, valves, boilers, heat exchangers
  • Buildings and boats
  • And many more...

 standard equipment

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Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number XRS009012
Housing design
  No display
Power supply
  External (power adapter)
  Internal (battery)
Operating time
  13 hours at 20°C
  6 hours at -20 °C
  3.5 mm audio jack (headphones)
  Bayonet (sensor)
Device control
  Membrane keyboard
Type of protection
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 1.9
Equipment, features and functions
External sensors
  Gas [H2]
Functions and features
  Trace gas leak detection
  Fault indicator
  Adjustable sensitivity level
  No sensor saturation – even with gross leaks
  Quick sensor regeneration in case of wild fluctuations of the gas concentration
  Automatic setting of zero
  Minor cross-sensitivity to other gases
  Minimum measured value storage
  Maximum measured value storage
  Maintenance-free battery with short charging time and long lifetime
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery
  Measuring head XRS H21
  Measuring device
  Operating manual
  Mini earphones
  Transport bag
  Connection cable XRS C21 (3 m)
  Standard carry handle XRS P12

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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