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Carpet cleaning: Dehumidification in the drying room

Dehumidifiers and fans for accelerated drying

Carpets are treasures! Often valuable and especially in a mosque the prayer rugs are more than just decorative flooring. For the intensive use during the times of prayer the rugs should better be as clean as possible.

So the processes of cleaning and drying should be adapted to the individual fibres and material characteristics of the carpeting. As little as an incorrect drying temperature may already cause damage to the material.

Please note: The entire cleaning process including drying should take up as little time as possible. The less favourable the natural climate conditions are for drying, e.g. due to high humidity values in warm regions, the greater will be the importance attached to the auxiliary drying devices. The right drying technology from Trotec can be a real competitive advantage here.

The actual cleaning process can only be accelerated to a limited extent, proper high-quality cleaning takes time. The time for pre-drying in the centrifuge can also be reduced only with restrictions or at great economic expense. There is however a good deal of savings potential whilst drying in the drying room. Here the applied technology is decisive for the required drying time. And if you use perfectly well-matched Trotec devices you will not only save time, but also unnecessarily high operating costs.

Rely on the Trotec formula for the quick drying of carpets with residual moisture:
powerful dehumidification +
air circulation  = quick and non-destructive drying

Maximum dehumidification performance using Trotec dehumidifiers

The actual drying of residual moisture in the carpet is accomplished by means of dehumidifiers with a high dehumidification capacity. Condenser dryers with powerful rotation compressors suitable for continuous operation in the drying chamber are in great demand. Extremely high humidity levels and simultaneously high temperatures by far exceeding the 40 degree mark are hard work for drying devices. At the temperatures prevailing in the drying chamber you should therefore only use dehumidifiers that can cope with these ambient conditions.

Good to know: Trotec condenser dryers are characterized by the robustness, reliability and performance ability. The mobile condenser dryer TTK 800 f.i. ranks among the top-selling condenser dryers with the most stable value retention in all of Europe!

Equally well suited for the mild drying of sensitive carpets are the mobile and thus flexibly applicable dehumidifiers of the TTK professional series and of the TTK-S series on the one hand and the stationary high-performance units of the DH and DH-S series on the other hand, which meet even the highest requirements and are also adequate for all room sizes. Trotec's product range of commercial dehumidifiers comprises drying devices with a dehumidification performance between 30 and 1,160 litres per day. Starting with small mobile dehumidifiers such as the TTK 200 with a dehumidification performance of 35 litres per day or the industrial condenser dryer DH 145 S which with a maximum dehumidification performance of enormous 475 litres per day is ideally suited for drying operations in the drying chamber.

Permanent air circulation using Trotec fans

Trotec provides a comprehensive range of radial and axial fans with air flow rates between 400 m³/h and 54,000 m³/h. Suitable for every room size, with adjustable speed levels and requiring only little maintenance even in continuous operation.

The mobile turbo fans TFV 10 S and TFV 30 S are predestined for the variable application in the drying chamber. Owing to their compact dimensions these high-performance fans can be positioned in between the carpets and then used in three different installation angles (0°, 45° or 90°). The warm room air is optimally distributed and the drying period noticeably reduced.

The high-performance fans of the TTV series, e.g. the TTV 4500, impress with their enormous air flow rate of up to 4,500 m³/h. To prevent stagnant air even in large drying rooms.

Good to know: Most fans of the TTV series are cascadable, hence their performance increases along with the requirements.

Tried and tested solutions as well as many years of experience in the drying business

You have the necessary cleaning expertise and you know of all the characteristic features of different carpets as well as of the temperatures needed for drying. Trotec supplies professional technology for quick and non-destructive drying. Which devices best suit your drying conditions depends on numerous factors. Our consultants will gladly assist you in the selection of a suitable device combination for your drying chamber.

Temporary demand? Rental appliances for every requirement

Temporärer Bedarf für Bautrockner, Beheizung, Belüftung oder Klimatisierung? Jetzt mieten! TKL bietet Ihnen fast das gesamte Trotec-Angebot zur Vermietung an.

You have a temporary demand for mobile dehumidifiers or fans to accelerate carpet drying in the drying room? Just rent them, then. In our TKL rental portal you can find devices of all performance classes at a favourable price!