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micro CA-350x
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Digital inspection camera micro CA-350x

For combination with SeeSnake inspection systems and for autonomous documentation of visual inspections

Flexible photo or video documentation incl. voice recording

The micro CA-350x is a compact, professional IP65 videoscope for the inspection of poorly accessible diagnosis spots with narrow access path. You can even transmit the images and videos to your tablet or smartphone in real time and share them with your colleagues thanks to integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The anodized aluminium camera head with four super-bright LEDs supplies detailed inspection results, which are presented on the brilliant 3.5 inch TFT colour display and can be recorded in the form of photos or videos with additional voice comments.

Already in the standard equipment the micro CA-350x comes with a semi-rigid videoscope probe of 0.9 m length, which can optionally be extended to 9 metres length or be replaced by a probe with ultra-slim 6-mm camera head.

Not only the matching USB connection cable is already included in the standard scope of delivery – additionally, there are also auxiliary tools such as the side-view mirror, hook and magnet attachment, which can be used to optimally enhance the application range of your micro CA-350x.

The powerful 12 V lithium-ion battery of the inspection camera micro CA-350x provides you with convenient energy reserves even during longer battery-powered diagnosis operations.

Wireless commentation and streaming of images or videos

Since the standard equipment of the micro CA-350x comprises both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can not only use a wireless Bluetooth headset, but also transmit all images and videos to your tablet or smartphone in real time and share them with your colleagues thanks to the free app.

The real-time transmission to the external display facilitates visual inspections at poorly accessible locations where the camera display is difficult to see.

The extremely easy-to-handle system is provided with an intuitively usable, multilingual menu navigation and offers many innovative functions, e.g. 4x image rotation function, 2x digital zoom, and infinitely variable brightness control for inspections accurate in every detail.

In addition to the internal memory, there is an SD card slot available for flexible memory expansion. Other than with the SD card, the data transfer to the PC can also quickly and easily be effected by means of the integrated USB interface.

Finally one software for basically all measuring devices

Our recommendation: Combine your CA-350x with our measurement data management solution MultiMeasure Studio Professional

Along with the ever-growing number of fully compatible Trotec measuring devices MultiMeasure Studio Professional is also suited for use with the partially compatible micro CA-350x – you can even benefit from this software in case of isolated devices, for it enables the analysis and administration of all measuring projects and customer data across multiple devices in a single application!

Create professional measurement reports in next to no time!

The unique report generating function of MultiMeasure Studio Professional already comes with completely formulated boilerplate texts for the fields of building diagnostics, moisture measurement, leak detection and thermography.

More information regarding the advantages of MultiMeasure Studio Professional can be found here …

Special equipment features

Digital inspection camera micro CA-350x
Digital inspection camera micro CA-350x
Powerful 12 V lithium-ion battery for longer battery-powered inspections
Digital inspection camera micro CA-350x
Flexible photo or video documentation incl. voice recording
Digital inspection camera micro CA-350x
Bendable, semi-rigid probe – optionally extendable up to 9 m

For combination with SeeSnake inspection systems and for autonomous documentation of visual inspections

High-performance inspection camera
With its comfortable pistol grip, large screen, optimum image quality and simple user interface the micro CA-350x allows for inspection operations without tiring.
Simple inspection of poorly accessible areas
Simply stream photos or videos of poorly accessible locations on your smartphone in real time.
Permits second live screen and file sharing
To use a second live screen and enable immediate file sharing of videos and images, just connect the micro CA-350x to a mobile device.
Digital inspection camera micro CA-350x
The standard scope of delivery of the micro CA-350x includes: Monitor unit, camera head, cinch cable with audio, USB cable, mirror, hook and magnet attachment, Li-ion battery and charger, AC adapter, headset with microphone, SD memory card, user manual

All SeeSnake inspection systems in direct comparison:

To find the SeeSnake inspection system which exactly meets your requirements, please consult the concise overview of all SeeSnake inspection systems from Trotec, which we're providing to you here so that you can compare them directly to each other.

Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

Technical data by comparison

A few practical benefits:

  • Robust camera head made of anodized aluminium – waterproof up to 3 m
  • High-intensity quad LED illumination with lighting control
  • Flexible photo or video documentation incl. voice recording
  • Bendable, semi-rigid probe – optionally extendable up to 9 m
  • 4 x 90° image rotation function
  • Brilliant 3.5-inch LCD colour display
  • Wireless recording of audio comments during video inspections with an optional Bluetooth headset
  • Wireless real-time transmission of pictures and videos to your mobile device, which can be used as a second live screen
  • Free Ridgid View app for iOS and Android

SeeSnake pipe camera with micro CA-350x

Enhance the application possibilities of your CA-350x by using it in combination with our SeeSnake inspection systems

For an extended usage, the CA-350x was also designed as current-supplying display unit for the pipe cameras SeeSnake microDrain, SeeSnake microReel and SeeSnake nanoReel.

If applicable, order the CA-350x right along with the pipe camera of your choice for a favourable set price and so enhance the application range of your inspection camera, e.g. for inspecting piping networks using a push cable of up to 30 m or for the pinpoint location of the probe head by means of a detector.


Digital-Inspektionskamera micro CA-350x show in Trotec online shop

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
Probe / camera head
  max. [mm] 17
  length [mm] 900
  Focussing range 10 mm up to ∞
  Type of illumination | Videoscope 4 x LED
Type of protection probe with measuring head
Video norm
File format
  Snapshot JPEG
  Video MPEG-4
  Size 3.5 inch LCD (320 x 240 pixels)
Memory organisation
  Internal flash [MB] 235 MB
  SD card
  USB (type mini, 5-pin)
  Video out (composite video)
  3.5 mm jack (video/audio in/out)
Device control
Housing design
Type of protection
Power supply
  Internal (battery) 12 V Li-ion battery
  External (power adapter) - 230 V
  Internal (battery)
Ambient conditions
  Operation - min. temperature [°C] 0
  Operation - max. temperature [°C] 45
  Operation – min. relative humidity [% RH] 15
  Operation - max. relative humidity [% RH] 85
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 267
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 105
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 60
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 0.85
Standard scope of delivery
Standard scope of delivery
  0.9 m probe / Ø 17 mm
  1 m probe / Ø 17 mm
  Mirror attachment
  Hook attachment
  Magnetic adapter
  RCA cable
  USB cable
  SD memory card (4 GB)
  Transport case
  Power adapter
  3.7 V Li-ion battery
  Operating manual
Ascertainable measured values and functions
Internal sensors
  Photo documentation [JPEG]
  Video documentation [MPEG]
External sensors
  Visual signals
Functions and features
  Zoom function
  Image rotation function 4 x 90 °
  Brightness control
  Video recording
  Photo recording
  Audio recording
  Multilingual on-screen menu
  Bendable, inherently stable gooseneck probe
  Fixed focus lens
  Shooting and saving individual images and complete video sequences

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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