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Ultrasonic measuring devices for the detection of compressed air leaks
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Ultrasonic measuring devices for the detection of compressed air leaks

Leak detection in compressed air systems via ultrasound: With the ultrasonic measuring devices from Trotec

Ultrasonic measuring devices for the detection of compressed air leaks
Ultrasonic measuring devices for the detection of compressed air leaks
Ultrasonic measuring devices for the detection of compressed air leaks

Using ultrasound to find compressed air leaks and detect signs of wear at an early stage

In case of leaking gas even a tiny point of leakage in the compressed air line is sufficient and leads to increased friction, generating a sound inaudible for humans in the ultrasonic frequency range. Wear abrasion at movable machine parts becomes noticeable in the same way.

Tightness tests with ultrasonic transmitters

Compressed air is one of the most expensive types of energy. However, 30 to 40 % of the consumption is often lost to leaks. Using the SL3000 you can detect such leaks in an extremely easy way, and thus immediately save energy with every leak that has been eliminated. Even pressurized gas lines can be quickly examined for leaks using ultrasound. Moreover, the SL3000 effectively solves numerous tasks related to preventive maintenance. Without having to interrupt the ongoing operation, you can regularly test system parts and rotating machines for signs of wear using ultrasound, which allows you to detect potential damage at an early stage.

Using the ultrasound measuring instrument SL3000, you can also check windows, doors and other parts of a building for tightness in a quick and easy way. An ultrasonic transmitter is positioned inside the closed room. Then, the outdoor area is inspected using an airborne sound probe. The ultrasound generated by the transmitter escapes at leaky spots and can be detected by the SL3000. This method can also be used for inexpensive tightness testing in other pressureless systems such as cabins, heating cabinets, air conditioning units or tanks. Apart from the ultrasound measuring instrument SL3000, all you need is an additional ultrasonic transmitter such as Trotec's SL800T.

Easy detection of the smallest leaks and leakages

With this professional ultrasonic detector set you can locate leakages in compressed air supply networks, plant systems and at concealed pipelines quickly and inexpensively without contact even from a distance of several metres.

Model calculation for leakage losses in compressed air systems

Large amounts of air permanently stream out at high speed even through the tiniest leaks in compressed air systems, resulting in considerably higher operating costs:

Leak dimensions Escaping air volume at 8 bar Energy loss**
[ø mm] [l/min] [l/annum]* [kWh/a]
1 75 39,420,000 5,125
2 260 136,656,000 17,765
3 600 315,360,000 40,997
4 1,100 578,160,000 75,161
* If operated 24 hours a day throughout the year.
** Owing to the additionally required motor power (0.13 kW per m³ of compressed air) for a higher volume flow to compensate the pressure loss.
Ultrasonic measuring devices for the detection of compressed air leaks
Ultrasonic measuring devices for the detection of compressed air leaks
Ultrasonic measuring devices for the detection of compressed air leaks

SL800R with structure-borne sound probe

SL800R with structure-borne sound probe
  • Early detection of wear at ball, roller or slide bearings
  • Checking centrifugal pumps for cavitation
  • Tightness tests of fittings
  • Continuity testing or functional check of steam traps

This probe utilises structure-borne sound as bearer of inner states and processes. Hence, the device combination works like an electronic stethoscope.

SL800R with airborne sound probe

SL800R with airborne sound probe
  • Leak detection at exposed lines and pipes
  • Proving the leakage-related loss at gas-filled supply networks also during operation
  • Leak detection at high-pressure steam installations
  • Localisation of cracks, poor weld seams or worn flange connections
  • Leak detection at all accessible fittings and connecting elements where processes take place in a vacuum or at high pressure

SL800R with airborne sound probe and ultrasonic transmitter SL800T

Ultrasonic transmitter SL800R
  • Tightness testing to determine the cause of energetic defects, e.g. at doors or windows
  • Checking containers, housings or climatic chambers for tightness
  • Subjecting tanks or containers to ultrasound so as to test sealing components

Ultrasound measuring instrument SL3000

  • Quick leak detection at compressed-air lines as well as steam, gas and vacuum systems
  • Wear control of rotating machines during operation
  • Tracing of electrical partial discharge at damaged insulation
  • Tightness testing in pressureless systems

A few practical benefits:

  • Development, design, production: 100 % Trotec
  • Simple detection of even the smallest leaks
  • Pinpoint leak recognition by use of an efficient sound transducer technology
  • Cost-effective leak detection at compressed air lines as well as at steam, gas and vacuum systems, boilers, liquid-bearing lines, valves, slides, steam traps
  • Reliable early detection of damages at slide and roller bearings or other sounds indicating wear
  • Airborne and structure-borne sound probe for various tasks
  • Safe detection even in noisy surroundings thanks to high-quality, soundproof headphones
  • Easy handling
  • Extremely sound-insulated stereo headphones enable reliable location even in the presence of high ambient noise
  • Extensive range of attachable airborne and structure-borne sound probes for a wide variety of applications
  • Easy-to-read, backlit display with numerical and indicative measured value display
  • Intuitive softkey operation with additional
  • additional function for maximum value display

Our ultrasonic measuring device program

  • SL800-TrotecInnovations


    Point-accurate leak detection by ultrasound

    Professional, punctual and inexpensive leak detection in compressed air ducts for steam, gas, vacuum systems, kettles, liquid-conducting pipes, valves, slides as well as for preventive wear diagnostics on ball, rolling and plain bearings. To test pressureless systems, a special ultrasonic transmitter is included in the set.

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  • SL3000-TrotecInnovations


    Ultrasonic level meter

    The compact SL3000 is a professional ultrasonic detector kit for quick and easy leak detection, wear diagnostics or leak testing. By means of ultrasound, compressed air leakages can be spot-found and wear signs can be detected at an early stage. The powerful sound transducer technology makes the ultrasonic signals audible and also displayed on the display. The extremely sound-insulated headphones enable a safe location even in severe ambient noise.

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