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Qube+ – our ultimate combination device for insulation drying
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It's quite simple. Plus more. Qube+

Insulation drying can be so easy!


Achieving more. With ease.

For insulation drying, a comparable set of stacked MultiQubes® can simply be replaced with one device – the Qube+. It achieves up to 20 % more area output while being 50 % lighter and 50 % smaller than the tower. Therefore, the transport from the service vehicle to the damage site can be effected 100 % quicker.

A multi-device installation with complex hose connections can be omitted without replacement. Just set it up, plug it in, switch it on – all done!

No more equipment technology is needed, the Qube+ comes ready for connection with all integrated parts:

A powerful VX 5 turbine insulation dryer, a water separator, a 4-stage filter system and an efficient silencer – ultra-compact, united in a robust, stackable aluminium construction, offering clearly more advantages and at the same time causing considerably less costs than multi-device solutions.

Your employees will be grateful as well: 50 % less to carry, lift, haul, stack – 100 % fewer hose connections, less wiring and lashing down – 20 % less to be assembled!

Globally unique integral solution:

  • VX 5 turbine
  • Water separator WA 4i
  • HEPA filter module
  • Silencer NR 19

Everything is installed completely ready for connection – light, compact and powerful – in the world's only integral solution on the market!

Extremely versatile: using Qube+ the sky's the limit.

Optimised noise emission – even more silent (8–10 dB(A)), subjectively corresponds to halving of the volume
even more silent
Even smarter control software – newly developed for a pressure-optimised volumetric flow with simultaneously higher energy efficiency
Even smarter control software
Additional ECO level (stage 1) – yet more flexible drying of small surfaces also
Additional ECO level
Sensor-supported thermal protection with regeneration sequence and automatic switch-off
Sensor-supported thermal protection function
MID-compliant energy consumption meter
MID-compliant energy consumption meter
2 x 2 quick release fasteners for an improved positive fit and more transport safety
Improved mobility

  • Up to 20 % more area output than a comparable MultiQube® system
  • Adaptronic power control for flexible low-pressure surface drying operations ranging from 10 m² to 85 m²
  • The quickest possible drying owing to the globally unique HiDry automatism for all performance levels
  • One Qube+ takes the place of 4 devices: water separator, HEPA filter, silencer and any side channel compressor with a performance class from 0.4 kW to 3 kW
  • Flexible filter system with on-demand HEPA filter usage to reduce consumption costs
  • Up to 75 % smaller than constructions from rivals
  • Carrying, lifting, stacking 50 % less
  • Installation 100 % quicker and easier without time-consuming intermediate tube connections
  • DA 4 interface for real-time remote monitoring of the system status and drying progress
  • Optiflow NT multi-function display with plain text status display and efficiency control colour lighting
  • Digital counter for operating hours and energy consumption
  • Integrated thermal protection to prevent damages to the drying devices, stock and building structure
  • Night operation – whisper mode
  • Non-wearing touchscreen control panel

TTKwic mode for condensate discharge from connected dehumidifiers even when switched off
TTKwic mode
Optimized handling due to height-adjustable telescopic push handle
Telescopic push handle
Contact spring plate for an improved positive-fit connection and quicker access
Improved positive-fit connection
Key lock function – improved protection against maloperation
Key lock function
Even more resistant control panel design with screen protection
Even more resistant control panel design
Yet easier to disassemble for maintenance thanks to an improved wireless connection
Easier disassembly of the turbo motor unit

Ultra-compact – plus great equipment: Qube+

50 % smaller than a comparable MultiQube® installation and up to 75 % smaller than constructions from competitors

Minor cause, major effect: Thanks to its ultra-compact design the application of the Qube+ allows up to 100 % more working productivity and up to 300 % more warehouse productivity.

With the Qube+ all "time-wasters" can be eliminated in one sweep – this way you benefit from extreme increases in productivity in the everyday restoration work:

Making arrangements for less devices and moving them in each event of damage, reduced stock requirements, more equipment per tour in the service vehicle, quicker loading and unloading, quicker transport from the vehicle to the site of damage, quicker installation, quicker disassembly, a reduced need for cleaning.

The bottom line is your working and warehouse productivity can be increased may times over by using the Qube+!

Ultra-compact – plus great equipment: Qube+

Touchscreen control panel

The Qube+ comes equipped with a wear-free touch control panel with additional display protection ➀ and in this way offers you convenient operation by the press of a finger. No controller, no wear. A soft touch on the corresponding symbol is all it takes to configure your Qube+.

In addition to the Plus/Minus buttons ➀ for a quick selection of the respective performance level the control panel also accommodates functions for an extra whisper mode ➄ and for indicating the operating hours.

Touchscreen control panel
The operating hours can be conveniently displayed via the Optiflow NT multi-function display.

Optiflow NT multi-function display

On the Optiflow NT multi-function display ➁ of the Qube+ as plain text – also in the dark or from a distance – the colour of the display illumination also automatically indicates a rendering of the drying installation's efficiency.

If the drying air can flow through the insulation layer in an ideal manner, a green display confirms optimum volumetric flow, orange indicates thresholds and with a red LED the air flow rate is insufficient for the area, so that installation optimisation is needed for quicker drying.

The Optiflow NT multi-function display indicates a colour-coded rendering of the drying installation's efficiency.
Optiflow NT multi-function display
The Optiflow NT multi-function display indicates a colour-coded rendering of the drying installation's efficiency.
Optiflow NT multi-function display
The Optiflow NT multi-function display indicates a colour-coded rendering of the drying installation's efficiency.
Optiflow NT multi-function display

Key lock function

Using this function ➃ you can easily eliminate the risk of maloperation. For as long as the key lock is activated, the keypad will be disabled thus preventing accidental control inputs.

Night operation – whisper mode

In whisper mode ➄, the Qube+ is particularly silent, yet efficient. For sound level reduction is not simply effected by reducing the power, but by regulating it with noise-optimized emphasis to the optimum volumetric flow of power stage 2.

Once activated, the Qube+ operates in whisper mode for ten hours and then automatically switches back to the previously used power stage.

Enormously handy for customers requiring maximally silenced background noise for a short time.

In whisper mode the Qube+ works at a particularly silent level, yet efficiently.
Whisper mode

Qube+ with TTKwic

TTKwic mode

The Qube+ has all the performance characteristics of the water separator WA 4i including two TTKwic quick couplings for the simple drainage connection of dehumidifiers.

To ensure that their condensate is pumped off reliably via the TTKwic quick couplings even when the Qube+ is switched off, you can switch the device into TTKwic mode via the control panel. The motor will be off, but the pump will keep running.

TTKwic mode

Merged to perfection: Qube+ and DA 4 Qube

DA 4 interface

The Qube+ is as standard equipped with an interface for data exchange with our drying control unit DA 4 Qube ➂ and also with a corresponding Efidry humidity sensor connection.

The combination of both units enables the cross-linkage of all device data incl. real-time remote monitoring of system status and drying progress.

Conforming to MID and MessEG

The Qube+ comes equipped with a MID-compliant energy consumption meter. To satisfy the MessEG regulations the service socket is moreover fitted with Trotec-PlugSafe, so it can be safely sealed both with an inserted plug or when shut.

A MID-compliant ³ energy consumption meter is included in the standard equipment of the Qube+.
MID-compliant energy consumption meter
Using PlugSafe and a seal it can be ensured that no additional or no other power consumer than the one already connected can be plugged into the service socket which complies with the MessEG requirements.

Service-friendly design

In addition to the integrated service socket, where you can quickly and easily connect a condenser dryer or drying control unit, the Qube+ houses a threaded connection of 50 mm for process air discharge.

With it the critical heating of the room temperature can be effectively reduced to preserve the value of your drying devices (see "Investment protection for your drying devices").

Sensor-supported thermal protection function

An integrated sensor system monitors the internal air temperature of the Qube+ and automatically switches from the current level to level 1 before destructive climate conditions > 45 °C are reached inside the device, which lead to material stress and thus shorten the lifetime of the Qube+.

The temperature is continued to be monitored, and the Qube+ automatically switches back to regular operation if the temperature level decreases. However, if the temperatures remain at a critical level over a period that is too long, the device as a consequence is switched off completely for its own protection.

Further information on the subject “Investment protection for your drying devices” can be found here ...

Sensor-supported thermal protection function

Owing to the wireless connection the motor cover can quickly and easily be disassembled for maintenance.

Flexible filter system

For all applications requiring HEPA filtration the carrier case of the G4 filter sleeve can quickly and easily be replaced by the HEPA filter module with combined F8 prefilter sleeve.

Be it for filter changes or cleaning, the maintenance-friendly design of the Qube+ permits quick and safe working.

Turbo motor, power connection and all major electrical components are accommodated entirely in the motor cover, which – owing to the quick-lock technology – can be detached in a wink.

Once the cover is removed, the bottom section of the Qube+ is completely de-energized since there are no cable connections from the motor cover. Hence, you can immediately start cleaning without further safety measures.

Telescopic push handle
Stackable construction

Stackable construction with telescopic push handle

The height-adjustable telescopic push handle can be extended and retracted at the push of a button. This serves to individually adjust the handle height to the respective user as well as for space-saving storage.

The motor cover is further equipped with carrying handle and convenient cable holder. In the cover, two recesses for stacking ensure the secure stand of the stacked devices during transport or storage.

One device capable of doing everything that is necessary for insulation drying – the Qube+

Performance-optimized energy consumption

Unlike conventional side channel compressor turbines, the Qube+ turbo engine's output and power consumption are always linear and directly interrelated:

When the performance level is cut back or the counter-pressure decreases, the power consumption is equally reduced. Plus the performance control is not effected based on resistance, but geared to the required volumetric flow.

Due to this technique, the Qube+, compared to side channel compressors, works more or less at the energy-saving eco tariff, especially during the final drying phase.

Turbo motor with adaptronic power control

The Qube+'s four-step variable turbo engine achieves up to 20,000 rpm and guarantees maximum efficiency at any power level, because due to the integrated HiDry automatism the current volumetric flow is recorded continually in m³/h and the Qube+ is automatically regulated to the optimum air flow rate.

At the touch of a button the Qube+ switches either into a higher performance class or, if required, into the additional whisper mode.

HiDry automatism

Fully automatically always the most efficient drying performance

A motor power exceeding the demand does not speed up the drying process, instead it only increases wear and power consumption.

The decisive performance variable for a quicker drying process is not motor power, but an unvaryingly high air passage through the insulation layer areas to be dried.

Therefore, the Qube+ comes equipped with the innovative HiDry automatic control system, which adjusts the performance not based on resistance, but on volumetric flow, and so automatically ensures the most efficient performance at each stage for every drying installation.

Much like a "cruise control" in a car, the sensor-supported HiDry automatism dynamically and continuously adjusts the volumetric flow rate of the Qube+ to the preset optimum value of the respective power stage. Whilst at the beginning of the drying process more motor power is required to maintain the volumetric flow at a relatively high resistance, the need for power falls continuously as the drying proceeds.

Over the entire drying period the HiDry automatism ensures that the turbo motor of the Qube+ does not generate more power than needed to maintain the optimum volumetric flow.

The result: The quickest possible drying at minimum energy input!

Always just as much power as you need:

  • Power stage 1: Ideal for the economical drying of smaller surfaces. At this level the Qube+ offers the same output as a 0.4 kW side channel compressor, but uses 70 % less power!
  • Power stage 2: Corresponds to the output of a 0.8 kW side channel compressor.
  • Power stage 3: The Qube+ is approx. 10 % more powerful than a side channel compressor with 1.1 to 1.3 kW.
  • Power stage 4: Corresponds to 160 % of the output of a 1.1 kW to 1.3 kW side channel compressor and to 95 % of the performance of a 3 kW side channel compressor.
Always just as much power as you need – and with TTSL also remotely controllable

Investment protection for your drying devices

Drying water damages with more than 35 degrees reduces the lifetime of the dryer to less than 35 %

With this simple "rule of 35" you can easily and yet significantly increase the lifetime of your drying devices!

At extremely high humidity levels and simultaneously very high temperatures particularly refrigerant dryers are quickly brought to the limits of their capacity (red range).

This is however not a question of component quality, but pure physics, which applies to all refrigerant dryers on the market regardless of the manufacturer.

Whilst at a moderate humidity level of about 70 % RH most professional condenser dryers can operate in temperatures of up to 35 °C without difficulty, very high humidity values at a simultaneously high room temperature cause considerably more energy to be contained in the humid room air, which then also has to be "worked off" by the refrigerant circuit.

Consequently, the refrigerant pressure in the system is increased enormously leading to destructive load on the compressor.

To be sure, the dehumidifiers will at first continue to operate, but noticeably above their limit "deep in the dark red range", resulting in an extremely shortened remaining lifetime.

All the same, there is no way around the application of a condenser dryer for water damage restoration in our opinion – desiccant dehumidifiers need considerably more energy to achieve the same level of drying performance and are therefore not a viable alternative, especially in terms of economics.

Hence, we would make the following recommendation for practical value protection:

You can easily extend the lifetime of your refrigerant dryer by many years, provided you always make sure that the room temperature stays below 35 °C when drying water damages!

The best way to realize this is to directly discharge warm process air through the 50 mm hose at the connector integrated at the Qube+.

Should the discharge not be an option, the insulation drying unit can also be installed outside of the room to be dried and the hose connection can be effected by means of a PlanoPro door gap nozzle.

After all, the process air of insulation dryers shares substantial responsibility for heating the room – regardless of the model or manufacturer. Therefore, the Qube+ comes equipped with a sensor-supported thermal protection function. If overheating is imminent, it first switches the device to level 1 and then – depending on the temperature profile – switches it either back to normal operation or off through sensor monitoring.

This protection not only significantly extends the lifetime of your insulation dryers and dehumidifiers, it also prevents thermal damages to materials located in the room and the building structure.

At too high temperatures the moisture transport in building materials only takes place by way of diffusion anyway rather than capillary – so there is no efficient drying at temperatures above 45 °C.

Accessories and supplies contained in the scope of delivery:

  • Water separator bottom filter mat, 1 piece
  • G4 filter sleeve, 1 piece
  • F7 Z-line filter for filtering the sucked-in engine cooling air, 1 piece
  • 50 mm hose connector for process air discharge, 1 piece
  • Water discharge hose, length 5 m, ø 12 mm
Maintenance-friendly design, that’s Qube+ for you!

Accessory tip: All-weather sound protection hood

All-weather sound protection hood
  • Noise emission reduced by up to 5 dB(A) and high frequencies additionally modulated into low-frequency range perceived as more quiet
  • Easily washable and waterproof material
  • Ideal for the continuous operation in living environments
  • Ideally suited for outdoor installation, for example for drying flat roofs
  • Double zip system for quick installation and access
  • Inlet and exhaust air openings guarantee optimum cooling of the motor without heat build-up
  • Can also be used for Qube+ with DA 4 Qube attached

Further accessories and supplies:

Protective cover
  • HEPA filter module, H13 high-efficiency particulate air filter as per DIN EN 1822-1, filtration efficiency > 99.97 % / 0.3 µm, incl. F8 prefilter sleeve (DIN EN 779)
  • F8 filter sleeve, filter class 8 (DIN EN 779)
  • Connection cable DA for data transmission to the DA 4
  • 38 mm connector

Might as well order this, too: Suitable protective cover, can also be used when stacked. Ideal to protect the device from dirt during storage and to prevent scratching during transport.

  • Protective cover


Dämmschichttrockner Qube+ show in Trotec online shop

Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number 1.560.000.055
Suitable for surfaces sized up to (low pressure)
  Level 1 [m²] 25
  Level 2 [m²] 50
  Level 3 [m²] 85
Peak low pressure
  Max. low pressure [mbar] 220
Air volume (freely blowing)
  Max. air volume freely blowing [m³/h] 250
Volumetric flow rate HiDry (sucking in)
  Level whisper mode [m³/h] 90
  Level 1 [m³/h] 90
  Level 2 [m³/h] 140
  Level 3 [m³/h] 160
  Level Boost mode [m³/h] 180
Motor power
  Level min. [kW] 0.2
  Level Max. [kW] 1.2
Sound values
  Level min. - Distance 3 m [dB(A)] 48
  Level Max. - Distance 3 m [dB(A)] 62
Collection container
  Volume [l] 10
Electrical values
  Mains connection 230 V, 50 Hz
  Nominal current consumption [A] 6.7
  Recommended fusing [A] 16
Electric connection
  Connection plug CEE 7/7
  Cable length [m] 3.5
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 490
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 500
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 735
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 25.2
Equipment, features and functions
  Carry/transport handle(s)
  Carriage design
  Hose connections insulation drying 3 x Ø 38 mm
  TTKwic dehumidifier quick couplings [x] 2
  Waste water connection
  50 mm connector for process air discharge
  Service socket
Display and operation
  Power meter - yes Digital
  NT multi-function display
  Plain text status indication
  Power control indicator
  Touchscreen control panel
  Digital operating hours counter
  Residual water draining
Control and monitoring
  DA -4 interface
  Efidry humidity sensor connection
  Overflow sensor with automatic switch-off
Standard equipment
  Baffle plate for coarse filtration
  Stainless steel demister for water separation and fine filtration
  Cable holder with fixable plug
  Maintenance quick release fasteners

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available








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