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Water separator WA 4i MultiQube
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Water separator WA 4i MultiQube

Water separator WA 4i for combination with MultiQube insulation layer dryers

The new WA 4i is provided with an integrated micro filter system with low-maintenance magnetic lock filter compartment to take in micro filter cartridges with a threefold filter element.

This makes the WA 4i a versatile integral solution with all pre-HEPA filter stages in only one device.

Advantage: improved flow-optimized filter technology, quicker setup, decreased material and space requirements – no separate additional micro filter housings required.

With respect to insulation drying of surfaces sized up to 40 m², no other model is quite fit to hold a candle to this separator, for despite its ultra-compact dimensions the WA 4i comes fully equipped with numerous practice-oriented detailed solutions, such as a construction yet easier to maintain, TTKwic quick couplings, cable holder, residual water drainage and much more.

The water separator weighing only six kilogrammes is optimally geared to the combined use with Trotec MultiQube modules like the VE 4 MultiQube and at the same time 100 % downwardly compatible to previous models. 

WA 4i micro filter cartridges with threefold filter element

Maintenance-friendly integral solution with a quick and easy exchange of only one cartridge.

It can only be inserted into the WA 4i's filter compartment in the direction of air flow, which provides even more security during application.

This way one can not only realize especially space-saving installations, the operation, control and reading of process information can also be performed much more effectively!

With a filter surface of 0.16 m² and a nominal air flow rate of 50 m³ per filter element, the WA 4i micro filter cartridge is optimally adjusted to the maximum air flow rate of the vacuum turbine of the VE 4 MultiQube compressor. The filter cartridge with a minimum flow resistance according to DIN EN 779 has filter class F8 and thus meets the requirements of a pre-filter for HEPA filtration.

WA 4i micro filter cartridges with threefold filter element

– the smart quick coupling for one single central water discharge

TTKwic – the smart quick coupling for one single central water discharge

For an effective remediation of water damage condenser dryers are usually used in continuous operation with an integrated condensate pump, which so far for each individual drying unit entailed an elaborate laying of water discharge hoses over long distances from the dehumidifier to an appropriate water drain.

Despite the ingenious construction the application of the TTKwic is extremely user-friendly: Connect the hose and you’re done!

Save time and material for complicated multiple installations of condensate discharge hoses to far-off water drains and simultaneously ensure an effective and reliable permanent drying – quick, easy, clean and reliable thanks to TTKwic!

TTKwic puts an end to this:

Every WA 4i MultiQube as standard comes with two integrated TTKwic quick couplings, where condensate discharge hoses of the used dehumidifiers can be connected conveniently and expeditiously. The entire water drainage is then taking place centrally via the discharge hose of the water separator.

TTKwic: The smart quick coupling for the connection of dehumidifiers with condensate pump. One single central water discharge for all drying devices!

The TTKwic quick coupling is an especially developed pressure coupling with special valve and optimally geared to the combined use with Trotec condensate pump kits.

For water intake the valve opens exclusively with pressure load on the pump side and by means of an integrated barrier simultaneously prevents a decrease of performance of the low-pressure stream permanently and reliably.

TTKwic – Trotec exclusive!

An overview of equipment details and practical benefits:

  • Performance of the filter technology improved by approx. 25 % due to flow-optimized filter compartment and micro filter cartridge with threefold filter element
  • Two integrated TTKwic quick couplings for central water discharge for up to two connected dehumidifiers
  • Stainless steel demister for water separation and fine filtration
  • Residual water draining function
  • Active overflow protection owing to automatic switch-on/-off of the connected compressor
  • Integrated connecting cable
  • Cable holder
  • Extremely light, robust and especially low-maintenance construction
  • Wheels with parking brakes
  • Maintenance quick release fasteners
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Overflow sensor with automatic switch-off
  • Stackable to save space
  • Light material base: impact-proof and robust construction, recyclable to 100 %
  • Uncomplicated handling – easy to clean
Extremely light, robust and especially low-maintenance construction
Product brochure Solutions for water damage restoration companies


For water damage restorers: You can also find all relevant information about our insulation drying units in the product brochure. Download the PDF directly here.

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Wasserabscheider WA 4i MultiQube show in Trotec online shop

Wasserabscheider WA 4i MultiQube

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10.71 € incl. VAT per day


Technical data

Technical data
General information
  Article number
  l 17
Electrical values
  Mains connection 230 V, 50 Hz
  Power input [kW] 0.32
  Nominal current consumption [A]
  Recommended fusing [A] 16
Air transport hose connector
  Number of air transport hose connectors 3
  Diameter [mm] 38
Fine filter
  Filter class F8
  Number of fine filters 3
  Internal cartridge compartment
  Carry/transport handle(s)
  Swivel casters with parking brakes
Shelf life
Scope of delivery
  Micro filter cartridge
  Length (packaging excluded) [mm] 420
  Width (packaging excluded) [mm] 440
  Height (packaging excluded) [mm] 395
  (packaging excluded) [kg] 11.3

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available



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