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Dehumidification in the plastics industry
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Dehumidification in the plastics industry

Put a stop to condensation, material going lumpy and water dents

Dehumidification in the plastics industry

Air dehumidification during the entire production process

In the production of plastic parts there are industry-specific problems due to high humidity values and condensation water: Material changes, granules going lumpy, corrosion on injection moulds and water dents on surfaces – all must be prevented by use of a dehumidification system. For the plastics industry our industrial services team puts together solutions for the entire production process.

Humidity – and consequent condensation, especially in the processing steps involving cooling – can cause manifold faults in the production process and the product quality. Most conspicuous are water dents formed during moulding, because of condensate covering the walls of the injection mould. With the required fridge temperatures this problem can only be prevented with very dry air. Less obvious, but nonetheless an issue, are the changes in the plastic quality, when the granules were already contaminated with moisture before processing. Moreover, granules that have gone lumpy and are no longer pourable are hard to transport.

In short: The plastics industry needs a reliable dehumidification for the entire production process from the delivery of the granules to the hauling paths right up into the injection moulds and not forgetting the cooling steps. Trotec is an experienced manufacturer of devices and measuring technology for process air conditioning and room air conditioning. We have experience with complex solutions in different sectors

Dehumidification in the plastics industry

Dehumidification of conveying paths right up to the injection mould

At Trotec there are manifold dehumidifiers and other devices of all performance classes available for sector-specific tasks in the plastics industry:

  • In order to ensure constant drying of the plastic granulate along all hauling paths, we deploy mobile or stationary desiccant dehumidifiers of the TTR series.
  • Tool stocks are for instance kept dry with a compact mobile dehumidifier of the DH series – that way the metal is protected against corrosion and elaborate greasing prior to storage is rendered superfluous.
  • The room air in the injection moulding sector is kept dry with precisely controllable desiccant dehumidifiers. Owing to the thus substantially lowered dew points the machine can be operated at temperatures of as low as 5 degrees and without the condensation water leaving any dents.
  • Central heating units and fans are used to temper and control air currents.
  • The required measurement technology adds to the reliability of the dehumidification system.

Economic operation due to intelligent technology

The high-performance devices of the DH series and the desiccant dehumidifiers of the TTR series come with compelling advantages for process air conditioning and dehumidification in the plastics industry: All device classes are available for all requirement specifications – the plastics industry can obtain the entire system from a single source. Furthermore, they were designed for particularly efficient operation and some come with additional features such as heat recovery, process heat-assisted air heating and low-maintenance operation due to fully-automatic control.

Make use of our best practice industrial services

Make use of Trotec's best practice industrial services

Since every industrial undertaking has characteristic process flows, installations and facilities, every air treatment solution demands case-specific device configurations. All in all, the combined effects of air currents, humidity conditions and temperature fluctuations are often hard to calculate on a purely theoretical basis, e.g. in airlock areas or on conveying paths. The consequence: Unnecessary additional costs due to an overestimated demand or – even worse – solutions not working sufficiently in real life.

You can count on our experts

In order to precisely calculate the demand in the industry and to develop tailor-made concepts for climate conditioning experienced climate specialists are needed. Rely on our team of experts as well as the industrial services: We analyse the individual requirement situation with you present on site, determine the specific demand for devices and develop a tailor-made project solution right up to the exact positioning of the devices.

Just give us a call at +49 2452 962-777 – our industry consultants will be pleased to help you personally and provide information regarding our best practice industrial services. Or send a request indicating your personal requirements directly to our industry experts. We will answer promptly!

Upon request, we also produce customized desiccant dehumidifiers as special models

Upon request, we will readily produce tailor-made desiccant dehumidifiers as special models “made in Germany” perfectly geared to your needs, e.g.:

  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers with hygienic design
  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers for PWIS-free dry air
  • TTR industrial desiccant dehumidifiers with extremely low dew point

Makes use of the possibility of having special models with tailored components for your individual needs planned, designed and manufactured in close consultation with our specialists.
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Trotec products for the plastics industry

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Application examples for the plastics industry

  • Air conditioning industrial processes

    Concepts with stationary or mobile dehumidification are frequently used for the process air conditioning in the industry. Often drier air is required locally in machines, plants or individual operating processes – a constant supply regardless of the surrounding conditions. For this purpose, the Trotec Group provides powerful adsorption dryers for industrial customers.

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  • Dehumidification when filling & packing

    The humidity level during filling and packing in the chemical and pharmaceutical production must be precisely controlled. After all, the damage would be immense should hygroscopic products go lumpy, start to stick or their shelf life decrease. Using our adsorption dryers, process air conditioning is no problem.

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  • Dehumidifying & air cleaning in storages

    The Trotec Group provides different dehumidification solutions – from the condensation dehumidifiers of the DH series to the adsorption dryers of the TTR series. Both are available as mobile and stationary versions. We offer the right dehumidification technology for every depot or dispatch warehouse. Innovative measuring devices and data loggers complete the dehumidification concept for storage...

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  • Drying hygroscopic bulk material

    Varying and too high humidity values can ruin the pourability of powders and granules – and thus entail high consequential costs. In order for hygroscopic bulk material not to go lumpy nor to block hauling paths, the entire air in the chemical and pharmaceutical production must be pre-dried. Using adsorption dryers of the TTR series that's no problem.

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  • Drying after silo cleaning

    After the cleaning of storage containers and silos you have to count on them to be fully dried for new bulk material to be protected against moisture from the beginning. And since drying can be effected in a quick and economical manner, we advise decision makers from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to consider our high-performance dryers of the TTR series.

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  • Drying compressed air

    The most frequent causes for a production stop are too much water vapour in the machines and installations, and corrosion inside the pipelines. Therefore, too humid compressed air should be avoided by all means. An effective option is the use of high-performance dehumidifiers. The answer to the question of how dry the compressed air has to be in order to guarantee optimum production conditions and...

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  • Cable repair

    In the industrial sector, cables are often exposed to the toughest environmental conditions. Consequently, defects occur causing an interruption of the necessary power supply – in many cases for a longer period of time. To avoid serious production losses or to perform maintenance work as quickly as possible, cable breaks and defects are located with the help of infrared thermography. Cables used...

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