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The effective inspection: checking solar plants

To avoid faults on photovoltaic plants, experts make use of modern thermal imaging cameras from Trotec.

Photovoltaic plants must be in a perfect condition in order to optimally supply private persons and customers benefiting from them. Not only the planning and installation are essential. A check of the solar cells and the entire plant is also indispensable. Hidden defects and malfunctions can be tracked down easily with a thermal imaging camera of the IC series from Trotec. Optimal support for inspections – carried out by experts or private persons.

The use of solar energy is a continuing trend. Private persons, public institutions and companies increasingly rely on photovoltaic plants for energy production. After all, solar energy is available in unlimited quantities and considered as a particularly clean energy source. Moreover, those who obtain their electricity from a solar plant do not have to fear price increases. But in order to make optimum use of the advantages, the solar cells and the entire photovoltaic plant must be in excellent condition. This is why great importance should be attached to a detailed documentation, already during the installation. After all, the users want to be sure that their plant works perfectly. If problems occur after a while, a precise inspection and fault location are required. A so-called guarantee check, i.e. a check of the plant shortly before the guarantee expires, is also often requested.

Smart and effective: the infrared check

Whether private persons or service providers: if you want to be up-to-date when it comes to checking the technology of a photovoltaic plant, you should make use of a thermal imaging camera. Because even a single malfunctioning solar cell has a detrimental effect on the entire system. Equally, defects in connection boxes, cables and inverters or improperly connected panels can have serious consequences. But all these deficiencies have one thing in common: they involve a temperature difference. This is where infrared thermography comes into play. Thermal images show in detail where the source of fault is located. This allows for fast repair and prevents greater damage or energy loss. The thermal imaging cameras of the IC series from Trotec are specialists for inspecting solar plants. With the help of precise technology they visualize the exact location of a temperature difference within the photovoltaic plant.

Precise technology, broad range

The infrared cameras of the IC series spring into action where hardly any eye can see. Owing to the latest technology they detect the smallest temperature differences and provide precise measurements and thermographic real-time recordings. The thermal imaging camera IC085LV is one of Trotec's professional thermal imaging cameras. It impresses with a high geometric resolution of 1.1 mrad and a large 384 x 288 infrared sensor with more than 110,000 independent temperature measuring spots and provides razor-sharp thermal images during the inspection of a photovoltaic plant. It is equipped with a moveable 3.5'' LCD colour display. For professional documentations the standard equipment includes, among other things, an integrated digital camera for real images, a photo lamp and the DuoVision function for real-time indication of superimposed infrared and real images. Thanks to the optional Bluetooth connection, wireless voice annotations via headset are possible as well.

Tip: Renting rather than buying

TKL – Trotec Rental Division

The thermal imaging cameras of the IC series are also available at a reasonable rental charge in the TKL rental portal. This way, service providers can select the right model for their temporary demand and private persons can easily put their solar plant to the acid test.