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Mobile accident screen fences for police and rescue services

Allowing helpers to work without prying eyes

At the scene of an accident or crime or during disaster relief, rescue forces are unfortunately often hindered by gazers. The faster the scene is shielded, the better the task forces can carry out their work. To this end, Trotec offers a mobile, quick-to-assemble solution: VarioScreen.

In the event of a road accident, fire or other emergency, gazers do not only obstruct the passage for rescue forces – in case of road accidents, other car drivers who want to catch a glimpse of the injured persons may also cause collisions. In short: The faster the rescue forces can set up a full privacy shield, the better.

In practice, however, task forces are often only provided with provisional privacy shields – i.e. tarpaulins – in case of an accident, fire or disaster. Attaching them in a makeshift manner requires time, keeps rescuers from doing their work and does not provide sufficient protection from gazers. Other solutions such as modular screen fences require much space or even a separate transporter.

VarioScreen – the rescue for rescuers

The Trotec solution from our product segment "assembly work tents and screen fences" is called VarioScreen. It is a mobile screen fence that can be set up by only one person in a few steps within seconds – and taken down just as quickly. The accident screen fence fits into every emergency vehicle when folded up and weighs 14 kilos. When unfolded, the VarioScreen provides protection over a distance of roughly 7 meters at a height of 1.80 metres. The screen fences can also be extended from 7 to 14 metres – or to 21 metres – by way of connecting them via the particularly robust zip fasteners; in principle the individual units can be strung together infinitely.

Flexible privacy shield: Set up wherever needed

Another advantage is its flexibility: The screen fence can be set up in an approximate arc or semicircle, as a protective corner or in an individual shape – this way it provides privacy protection wherever the local conditions require it.

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