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Tents and accident screen fences for professional helpers

Allowing policemen, emergency physicians and THW staff to work undisturbed

In matters of life and death, professional helpers must be protected from gazers and from the weather. The victims are also better off without prying eyes. Trotec has developed solutions for this important industry in which every second counts. Our products provide protection and can be set up in next to no time by one person.

Flexible usage, quick set-up by one person only and easy transport – these are the requirements for screen fences used for shielding the scene of an emergency or of a crime. This also applies to first aid tents, for example at large events, or to tents for accommodation of people or material in emergency situations. Trotec provides highly functional work tents and innovative screen fences for rescue services and helpers. Our range of products includes accident screen fences as well as emergency tents serving as weather and theft protection in a reliable quality.

Standard version or special equipment – just as you like

All solutions are available in white-yellow as standard but they can also be customized for organizations: in red for the fire brigade, in blue for the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) or in other colours. All standard tents are designed for their particular application profile and have proven themselves in numerous operations. In case you need something else, we also have various special designs available in addition to the standard versions: with more windows, with a heating or more supply openings and with variable tent entrances.

Connecting tents to provide flexible shelter

Moreover, you can connect several tents and thus create larger protected areas – for example for an L-shaped field kitchen or infirmary. Tell us what you need the work tent or the screen fence for – and we will manage the rest for you. Trotec makes sure that the police, rescue services and emergency staff can work undisturbed.

Trotec products for police, fire brigade, ambulance and THW