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In search of the leak

Whether acoustic leak detection or hydrogen measurement method – with the combination detectors from Trotec you can localize leakages in pipelines and on valves within a short space of time and determine them straight to the point. Safe to rely on!

Experts make use of special detectors and tube probes for locating damages on hidden pipelines. The operations can be of different nature. For instance, the course of heating pipes and floor heatings is determined by means of acoustic pinpoint location. Drinking water networks, tanks and boilers are often checked for tightness using the hydrogen measurement method – a particularly economic approach. The advantage of a targeted leak detection is that in case of a damage the weak spot can be identified within a very short time and the damage can be repaired. The whole process should of course be as non-destructive as possible – without the need to prise open walls or drill open asphalt or floors. With the technically sophisticated detectors and tube probes from Trotec you can carry out professional leak detection at all times.

For detailed leakage detection and acoustic pipe detection, the LD6000 combination detector is your perfect partner. The detector indicates the course of a line as required. Using such a combination detector you can localize the leak and, depending on the damage, even determine it straight to the point. The LD6000 H2 hydrogen sensor turns the combination measuring device into a pro in the field of trace gas detection. Acoustic pinpoint location, pipe detection and trace gas detection in one device! In case of a water pipe burst, we recommend using the tube probe LD6000 PTS – for acoustic leak detection directly in the pressurized water line.

Whether for trade, industry or water suppliers: With the combination measuring devices from Trotec you are well-equipped for every leakage, including both the tiniest leaky spot as well as damages on large water pipes.

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