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Trotec Assistent app
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Trotec Assistent mobile app

Intelligent air conditioner control on the move – compatible with Apple and Android smartphones

Air conditioner control with your smartphone

Summertime, sunshine, high temperatures! Those who have a mobile or stationary air conditioner at home or work in an air-conditioned office at record summer temperatures can count themselves lucky. Users of the wall-mounted air conditioner PAC‑W 2600 SH have even more reason to be happy. With the free Trotec Assistent mobile app you can control all functions of the air conditioner without external unit and of other HomeComfort room air conditioners conveniently with your smartphone. From anywhere – all you need is an internet connection.

The app control is not only incomparably practical – smart functions, such as individual on/off schedules, night mode activation or changing device-specific settings, also reduce the device's energy consumption by almost 50 percent. In addition to halving the costs, you benefit from high-class climate comfort. With the Trotec Assistent app you can adapt the functions and operating modes of your air conditioner even more precisely to your everyday life and the individual requirements of the day. Because every day is different!

Whether in the office or on the move:
Keep control over the climate at home from anywhere

No matter whether you have forgotten to switch on the air conditioner in the heat of summer, come home early from work and want to pre-cool the rooms, or want to change the target temperature because the day is warmer or colder than expected. With the Trotec Assistent mobile app you turn your smartphone into a convenient remote control to control the numerous functions of your air conditioner at home or in the office from anywhere in the world.

Trotec Assistent app

Smart remote control for your air conditioner. It’s all in there!

With the Trotec Assistent mobile app you can switch your air conditioner on and off while on the move, switch between the operating modes (cooling, heating, ventilating, dehumidifying), change the timer function or target temperature and much more – easily and quickly with your smartphone via WLAN or mobile data.

All functions at a glance:

  • Remote control of all supported Trotec HomeComfort room air conditioners via WLAN/mobile data
  • Switching the device on and off
  • Changing the operating mode, for instance from cooling to heating, ventilation or dehumidification mode
  • Selecting and changing the desired target temperature
  • Setting up a switch-on and switch-off schedule
  • Configuring a countdown timer
  • Activating night mode for an automatic successive increase of temperature in cooling mode or decrease in heating mode
  • Changing device-specific settings (swing function, blower level etc.)

Available for Android and Apple devices

Download the Trotec Assistent app for free from the respective app store. Use with Android devices requires at least Android 4.4 (KitKat) as operating system. For use on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch you need at least iOS 10.0 – use on a Macintosh with M1 chip is possible from MacOS 11.0.

Go directly to the Trotec Assistent mobile app in the App Store:

Trotec Assistent for Android
Trotec Assistent for iOS

The following devices are compatible with the Trotec Assistent mobile app:

 standard equipment

 optionally available

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