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PIDS 10-20V
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Cordless impact drivers – powerful tools with a high torque

Trotec's cordless impact drivers do not lack the knack. These universally applicable high-performance tools can be recommended for both professional and DIY applications. Below we compiled all the facts worth knowing about the selection of a suitable impact driver.

Cordless impact drivers for screwing tasks and work on automobiles

Cordless impact drivers are used for screwing in or tightening and loosening screws and nuts when conventional cordless screwdrivers with a usually fairly low torque have reached their limits. With an impact function and a high torque of up to 400 Nm the cordless impact drivers from Trotec supply maximum power for powerful impact screwing and rotary percussion applications.

PowerTools – versatile and effective

Used e.g. by DIY enthusiasts in their home or garden, for timber and metal construction work, assembly work or repair work carried out on a car or motorcycle in the private garage. Cordless impact drivers are the tool of choice as they neither restrict the user in his freedom of movement nor in the choice of work location. Compared to pneumatically driven and cable-connected impact drivers our cordless impact drivers can score by not needing hoses, bulky compressors and power cables.

The exchangeable batteries compatible with several tools ensure a long-lasting and reliable energy supply. For this reason, cordless impact wrenches like the PIWS 10-20V are used with increasing frequency in professional car workshops – not least due to powerful 20 V lithium-ion Flexpower multi-device battery with a capacity of 4 Ah.

Cordless impact drivers – universally applicable

What is a cordless impact driver?

PIDS 10-20V / PIWS 10-20V

A cordless impact driver is a tool for tightening and loosening wood or machine screws and wheel nuts. The impact mechanism fastens and loosens even seized or rusted screws and nuts by a forceful stroke and rotational movements. The repeated impacts reinforce the already high torque of the tool and consequently the power development. Much like a conventional cordless screwdriver, the cordless impact driver, too, comes with a switch for clockwise / counter-clockwise rotation and an infinitely variable speed control with soft start. Depending on the type of appliance, there is a multi-stage speed and torque preselection that is imperative for, say, a tyre change. Cordless impact drivers are available with the following tool holders: ¼" hexagon socket, external ½" square and external ¼“ square adapter.

Advantageous cordless impact drivers for do-it-yourselfers and professionals

Like all of Trotec's power tools the cordless impact driver PIDS 10-20V and the cordless impact wrench PIWS 10-20V can impress with an excellent value-for-money ratio.  

Forget about the agony of choice of when you still had to choose between either an attractive price or durability bought dearly. Make a smart purchase decision in favour of Trotec's trio of quality, price and performance.

Cordless impact drivers from Trotec: a professional tool on a DIY budget

  • Sophisticated design for fatigue-free working
  • Professional performance combined with maximum reliability
  • Comfort equipment: torque setting, LED work light, belt clip, transport case etc.
  • 20 V lithium-ion battery with battery level indication, no self-discharge
  • Quick charger
  • Flexpower multi-device battery: one battery for a wide variety of tools
  • Compelling value-for-money ratio
  • TÜV-tested brand quality

The functional principle of cordless impact drivers

No other assembly tool for screws and nuts offers a higher torque than an impact driver. Owing to the impact mechanism and the pulsating rotational movements it is possible to loosen even seized or rusted screws, to drive in long threaded bolts without tiring and to establish firm, reliable screw connections. No additional effort is required on your part. The impact frequency can easily be adjusted with the index finger via the speed control integrated in the handle. The powerful strokes of the impact mechanism which are accountable for an effective tightening and loosening of the screws / nuts are transmitted to the tool attachment in the holder without rebounding and thus in a way barely noticeable for the user.

The tool holder of cordless impact drivers

An important criterion for the selection of a suitable cordless impact driver is the size of the tool holder. The Trotec range of cordless impact drivers comprises the most common versions.

The 50 mm ¼" bit extension included in the scope of delivery can be used for otherwise too short hexagon bits.
Sockets intended for tightening or loosening hexagon screws and nuts can be attached to the ¼" square adapter.

Impact driver with ¼" (6.35 mm) hexagon socket tool holder

Retainer for commercially available hexagon screwdriver bits standardly used in most households and tool boxes. With an external ¼" square adapter you can also use the socket wrenches of a ¼" reversible ratchet.

The cordless impact wrench comes equipped with an external 1/2" square retainer as tool holder. In addition to the 4 already supplied sockets (17/19/21/23 mm) a great variety of commercially available attachments and adapters can be used likewise.
The cordless impact wrench comes equipped with an external 1/2" square retainer as tool holder. In addition to the 4 already supplied sockets (17/19/21/23 mm) a great variety of commercially available attachments and adapters can be used likewise.

Impact driver with external ½" (12.7 mm) square retainer as tool holder

Retainer for ½" socket wrenches often required for work on automobiles (e.g. for changing tyres) or assembly work.

Cordless impact wrenches with selectable torque

As a general rule: The maximum torque (Nm = newton metre) provides information on how much power the motor of the impact wrench can transmit to the tool at maximum speed (rotations per minute).

You need a cordless impact driver for occasional or regular assembly work on your car or motorcycle? If your answer is yes, pick the cordless impact wrench PIWS 10-20V with multi-stage torque selection (100 Nm, 150 Nm, 200 Nm, 300 Nm or even 400 Nm). The precisely adjustable torque permits a secure tightening of nuts and screws as stipulated by the manufacturer.

Good to know: Automobile manufacturers specify exact torques to be observed for a variety of tasks when working on your car. This includes work in the engine compartment, the installation and removal of (bench) seats as well as the wheel changes at the end of summer or winter. If the specified torque is not observed when mounting the wheel rim, the wheel nuts might loosen while driving – with unforeseeable consequences. Hence you should contact your vehicle / rim manufacturer and enquire about the recommended value.

Hint: Having tightened the wheel bolts, please use a torque wrench to check the tightening torque stipulated the manufacturer!

PIWS 10-20V

Flexpower multi-device batteries – can be used in combination with other Trotec power tools

Flexpower multi-device battery 20 V, 2 Ah

FLEXPOWER MULTI-DEVICE BATTERY 20 V / 2 Ah – coming on strong!

Owing to additional power reserves this prime 20 V battery formidably outperforms its 18 V competitors. After all, a little extra power never hurts – and to make sure this power is available from start to finish without any signs of weakness the Li-ion battery employs the advanced NMC technology. This guarantees full power until the end without a drop in performance as the discharge process continues. 

Unlike standard batteries with no more than 1.5 Ah this Flexpower battery with 2 Ah permits runtimes longer by up to 33 %. And if the battery has been run down, you can use our quick chargers to fully charge it again within about an hour.

The Flexpower multi-device battery 20 V / 2 Ah can also be used in combination with the cordless impact driver PIDS 10-20V and other Trotec power tools. 

Flexpower multi-device battery 20 V, 4 Ah

FLEXPOWER MULTI-DEVICE BATTERY 20 V, 4 Ah – lasting even longer!

This power pack is the performance leader in the Trotec Flexpower portfolio. He who is not fully satisfied with 20 V of power alone, can further benefit from the substantially increased endurance of this prime battery. A charging capacity of 4 Ah enables device runtimes increased by the multiplier factor 1.5 – as compared to standard batteries with only 1.5 Ah – and, mind you, the operating time is still twice as long as that of our Flexpower batteries with 2 Ah.

Less time is required for the charging process, seeing as this prime battery can be recharged to 100 % with the quick charger in only 90 minutes.

The Flexpower multi-device battery 20 V / 4 Ah can also be used in combination with the cordless impact wrench PIWS 10-20V and other Trotec power tools. 

Which bits and socket wrenches are available for cordless impact drivers?

The PIDS 10-20V permits the usage of all customary ¼'' bits and screw attachments. The application possibilities of the PIDS 10-20V can further be extended by using the optional 32-piece accessory bit set produced by Trotec. A matching set of ½" sockets of the most common sizes (respective width across flats: 17, 19, 21, 23 mm) is already included in the delivery scope of the PIWS 10-20V.

Which impact driver is best suited for which type of application?

Start thinking about for which tasks and applications you will most likely be using the tool before you purchase one. The respective tool attachment (bit and/or socket) is also a decisive criterion for the selection of a suitable device. There isn't just one cordless impact driver for all applications – it doesn't exist. Each device has individual strengths.

For instance, powerful cordless impact wrenches such as the PIWS 10-20V are ideally suited for fitting tyres or other work on your car or motorcycle. The five-stage torque selection offers the right tightening force for almost all applications with a predefined torque. With a torque of 180 Nm the cordless impact driver PIDS 10-20V is a true all-rounder which any craftsman and do-it-yourselfer will appreciate when working on wood or metal. The respectively required rotational speed and impact rate depends on the material and the operating conditions and can be determined by way of field-testing.

The following table provides you with an overview of the various fields of application and the correspondingly suitable tools. 

Fields of application* PIDS 10-20V PIWS 10-20V
screwing tasks using ¼" square screwdriver bits
screwing tasks using ¼" hexagon screwdriver bits
screwing tasks using external ½" square sockets
assembly work on your car or motorcycle
changing the tyres of your car or motorcycle
stored in your car's boot as emergency tool kit to be used in case of a breakdown
driving screws into wood
driving screws into metal
driving screws into concrete
for screwed connections with torque selection
screwing tasks during the assembly of scaffolding
putting up a garden fence
assembling a summerhouse
roofing work

* depending on the type of screw connection and the screw size

Cordless impact driver

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Models which you do not wish to include in your comparison can be easily dismissed with only one click.

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