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At home is TROTEC.

Feel-good climate using the HomeComfort products.

TROTEC is one of the leading brands in the world when it comes to good climate. Professionals test our products. Demand optimum performance every single day. In the toughest of circumstances. And you can benefit from this tested TROTEC quality in your own home. For more fresh and healthy air. For an improved room climate at home. Read up about how and TROTEC. AT HOME. and the HomeComfort products can help to improve your individual feel-good atmosphere in the long run.

  • Dehumidification

    If too humid air compromises your well-being, the TROTEC. AT HOME. dehumidifiers of the HomeComfort series reliably restore a healthy humidity level in the feel-good range. For a healthy feel-good climate all year round.

  • Humidification

    Put a stop to overly dry room air, instead breathe ideally humidified and purified room air by way of employing the TROTEC. AT HOME. humidifiers and air washers of the HomeComfort series. For healthy breathing air and an enhanced well-being.

  • Heating

    The TROTEC. AT HOME. heating devices of the HomeComfort series provide warmth for all living quarters in a quick and uncomplicated manner. Odourless, silent and without annoying installation effort. Focus on feel-good temperatures without side effects.

  • Ventilation

    Heat beyond all bearing and no cooling in sight? The TROTEC. AT HOME. fans of the HomeComfort series whip up a mighty wind and provide cooling on your skin at little cost.

  • Air conditioning

    Summertime, sunshine, high temperatures? Using the mobile TROTEC. AT HOME. air conditioners of the HomeComfort series you can cool down the room air to your individual feel-good temperature even at high ambient temperatures.

  • Air cleaners

    With the TROTEC. AT HOME. air cleaners of the HomeComfort series you can take a deep breath of unpolluted air and considerably increase your well-being. Due to effective air purification you can keep your oasis of well-being free from health-damaging dusts and allergens.

  • General accessories

    The optionally available TROTEC. AT HOME. accessories once more increase the efficiency of the HomeComfort devices and in doing so reduce the energy consumption.

  • Measuring devices

    Keep an eye on important temperatures and values. The handy TROTEC. AT HOME. measuring devices supply all data and facts worth knowing, so you can relax and focus on the essentials in your everyday life.

  • Vacuum cleaner

    Crumbs on the floor, dust on the shelf or road dirt on the stairs. Endurance and powerful suction, whether for wet or dry vacuuming. Meeting all requirements presented by everyday life with the matching accessories.