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Garden pumps – Harnessing service water in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner

If in future you would like to water your garden using pumped service water instead of the expensive water from the tap, then buying a garden pump is certainly the best choice. Garden pumps are available in various designs for different requirements. In the following, we endeavour to provide you with a detailed overview and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

A garden pump will pay off

Water is a valuable resource and treating it responsibly and sparingly has the more than welcome side effect of saving money. Be it collected rainwater, spring water or ground water – reusing available service water quickly pays off even for small gardens or lawns. Rather than using expensive tap water you can apply a garden pump and water green spaces economically. Especially in the hot summer months Trotec garden pumps can provide valuable services by ensuring the irrigation of your lawn, kitchen garden, trees and flowers. Our pump portfolio offers a wide range of models guaranteeing the best possible match for your application purpose.

The functional principle of a vacuum pump

Garden pumps run on your home's "normal" power connection. Via nozzles the pump's motor sets an impeller into motion which creates a vacuum resulting in the water being sucked in. At the extraction point the water is then emitted through a pressure outlet.

Fields of application: water withdrawal, recirculation and suction

Trotec garden pumps can be used as mobile devices or permanent installations. They convey service water from wells, streams, rain barrels, cisterns and alternative water sources so as to directly irrigate green spaces. Naturally, they can also be used for filling or draining ponds, pools and storage tanks.

TGP 1000 E

What is a garden pump?

Trotec's high-performance garden pumps are excellent aids when it comes to the reliable irrigation of gardens, lawns, trees, flowers and greens spaces in general. Available rain- or service water can be made use of at no charge, which means you can save expensive tap water. That's good news for your wallet and the environment!

Advantages of garden pumps

  • Simple and convenient draining of wells, rain barrels, cisterns or alternative water sources
  • Ecologically compatible irrigation using available water resources
  • Economical usage of service water – dispensing with expensive tap water
  • Quick and reliable aid when faced with the aftermath of a flood 

Our recommendation:

The performance data, equipment options and pricing of the garden pumps can be just as diverse as their manifold application possibilities. Ideally, you take the time to measure the required delivery head before purchasing a garden pump or to estimate the minimum distance to be covered by the pumped water and then compare the data with the specified performance values of the respective pump.

Types of garden pumps

TGP 1000 E

Irrigation pumps for watering the garden

Irrigation pumps for the water supply of your garden suck up service water from great delivery depths to provide sprinkler systems, spray guns or micro drip systems with irrigation water. Compared to our more powerful deep well pumps the flow rate of the garden pump TGP 1000 E "only" amounts to about 3,300 litres per hour.

Installation site: Our mobile irrigation pumps have a splash-proof design and shall be positioned at a dry spot near the water source.

TGP 1025 E

A domestic water supply system as alternative water source for your household

A domestic water supply system utilizes service order to establish a degree of self-sufficiency. Water is pumped from different sources such as wells or water bodies into the domestic distribution network. Rainwater, e.g. from a cistern, can also be used. Domestic water supply systems are primarily used by home owners wanting to economize on expensive tap water and by allotment gardeners whose plot is not connected to the public drinking water network.

Installation site: A domestic water supply system can optionally be set up inside the house or in an outdoor area that is sheltered from the rain. The weather-resistant housing is splash-proof.

Garden pump or domestic water supply system

As their name implies domestic water supply systems are used to supply a household or similar, that may or may not be connected to the public water network, with service water. Arbours in allotment gardens are often not connected to the public network.

A garden pump is first and foremost intended for the irrigation of green spaces, for pumping water from a spring or a collection container for rainwater and distributing the water in your garden.

To accomplish these tasks, the garden pump does not need as much power as for instance the domestic water supply system TGP 1025 E.  

Submerged clear water pumps of the TWP series

Our tip for temporary usage: Submerged pumps

Depending on the requirements at the application site, Trotec's submerged clear water pumps with delivery heads of up to 11.5 metres and flow rates of up to 14,000 litres per hour might be the proper choice.   They are i.a. suited for pumping only slightly contaminated service water from cisterns or rain barrels into a garden pump. Also you can make use of the rainwater collected for free and water flowerbeds or vegetable patches.

Installation site: Submerged pumps with near-ground suction are placed directly in the water source to be pumped off.

Criteria for purchasing garden pumps

Pump capacity

Garden pumps such as the TGP 1000 E with 1,000 watts are perfect for the application in allotment gardens. One to three lawn sprinklers can easily be operated at the same time. The wattage is indicative of the water pressure for onward transfer. Generally, the pump capacity depends on the feed pressure and conveying distance.

Note: It always depends on where the pump shall be used and for which purpose – more power does not necessarily mean that the garden pump is a better match for your requirements.

Delivery head

The delivery head denotes the height difference between the water surface and the point of withdrawal (e.g. for a sprinkler system). Here is an example: If a pump sucks up water from a well with a depth of 10 metres and then transports it for another 10 metres to the point of withdrawal, the delivery head (or conveying distance) amounts to 20 metres.

Tip: Ideally, you take the time to measure the required delivery head before purchasing a garden pump or to estimate the minimum distance to be covered by the pumped water and then compare the data with the specified performance values of the respective pump.

Flow rate

A garden pump with a high motor power usually goes hand in hand with a great flow rate and can attain the specified delivery head quickly. The maximum flow rate increases along with the power. A pump with a flow rate of approx. 3,000–3,500 litres per hour is sufficient for watering your garden with water pumped out of rain barrels or smaller swimming pools. Hence, the perfect task for Trotec's TGP 1000 E.


Naturally, the used materials and built-in components of a garden pump are decisive factors for its lifespan. The pump housing of the TGP 1000 E consists of impact-resistant plastic and owing to protection type IPX4 it is also splash-proof from all directions. The high-quality aluminium winding motor ensures a high corrosion resistance and the stable metal threads at the suction and pressure side as well as the advantageous face seal allow for a long service life.

Thermal protection circuit

The standard equipment of Trotec garden pumps includes an overload protection. For, especially when combined with water, an electrical appliance without overload protection can represent a hazard. The thermal protection circuit prevents the motor from overheating: Should the device begin to overheat, which isn't altogether unlikely during intensive use on particularly hot and sunny days, the pump will automatically switch off in order to cool down again.


Garden pumps made by Trotec may be robust, but they should generally not be subjected to heavy rain or snowfall unnecessarily. For this reason we recommend storing them covered up in a basement or shed during the winter. This prevents damage to the pump and extends its lifetime.


Garden pumps are operated electrically and can simply be connected to a customary socket (230 V / 50 Hz). All you need to do afterwards is connect a suction hose and fill the pump with water for initial use.

Delivery heads and flow rates of our garden pump TGP 1000 E:

Trotec garden pumps – high performance with a low price

Of the safe, reliable and durable pumps we offer one will certainly be suitable for the watering requirements of your garden. After all, the name Trotec stands for tailor-made solutions, premium brand quality and an excellent value-for-money ratio.

Best quality guarantee

With garden pumps from Trotec you are always on the safe side, for this pump is supplied in Trotec quality, thus guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality.

The ideal supplement: Pressure switch for automatic pump control

With an electronic pressure switch you can control your water pump automatically without having to switch the pump on or off manually. The pressure switch monitors both the water pressure and the flow rate in the pipe and switches the pump connected on and off automatically when the tap or garden hose is used. In addition, the pressure switch protects the pump against running dry and in this way extends its service life. For our garden pumps of the TGP series we recommend using the electronic pressure switch TDP DSP as a convenient Plug & play solution. With their integrated mains power socket the Trotec garden pumps can be easily connected to the pressure switch using a mains plug. For Trotec's deep well pumps of the TDP series we offer the pressure switch TDP DS. Its open cable end is connected directly to the control box of the deep well pump and the pressure switch can control the water delivery automatically. Also choose reliable Trotec brand quality when you need a pressure switch!

Pressure switch TDP DSP
Pressure switch TDP DS

 standard equipment

 optionally available

 not available