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Measuring instruments from Trotec - modern, precise and limitless

Professional measurement technology for industrial applications, air conditioning, refrigeration and environmental technology, food and indoor air quality, distances, areas and volumes, for line and leak detection, detection, inspection, humidity and volume flow.

As a long-standing specialist and one of the leading suppliers of portable measuring instruments, Trotec has the right instrument for every type of measurement and also uses practical application knowledge and metrological know-how. At Trotec you will find the right measuring device for your needs!

  • Distance measurement

    Does measurement need a plan? Of course! Forget about complicated measurements with folding rule or tape measure. With measurement instruments from Trotec you can conveniently benefit from failure free measurement results at any time and calculate your demand optimally.

  • Cross line and line lasers

    Aligning objects is easy with Trotec's cross and line lasers. Equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology and easy operation, you can complete your leveling work quickly and precisely.

  • Layer thickness

    Paints, plastics, varnishes: The layer thickness measuring devices from Trotec work precisely when determining the thickness of non-magnetic coatings.

  • Temperature

    Master all metrological tasks sovereignly and cool. Our measurement instruments make your measured values valuable. Profit from the convenient advantages of our quick, precise and reliable measurement instruments.

  • Air flow

    Now your precise air flow measurements can rise up: Besides the determination of air velocity, air temperature and flow rate it can even more. With additional sensors for e.g. temperature, material or building moisture measurement.

  • Climate

    Have sun in your heart and a climate data logger from trotec in your hand! Whether climate measurement in living, working, production or storage rooms, laboratories, agriculture or floristics – precise measured values and easiest one-hand operation are guaranteed.

  • Data loggers

    Effective data monitoring: data loggers from Trotec are used for recording the temperature, humidity level and other measured values continuously

  • Pressure

    Now you put pressure on your tyres! Regular tyre pressure measurements are profitable with respect to fuel consumption, tyre wear and to avoid additional security risks. Optimizing the bar value means saving money.

  • Electricity

    Don’t have any touch fears! If voltage detector, clamp meter, digital multimeter or energy cost measuring device which quickly and easily exposes secret energy guzzlers in the office or household – many intelligent features wait for you.

  • Emission

    For the sake of the environment and for protection and security: Play it safe and study the root causes. With quick and easy checking, safety check and measurement. A lot of functions support you with that.

  • Air quality

    Measure indoor air quality and detect pollutant concentrations - reduce the risk of sick leave due to illness. Use Trotec's professional hand-held measuring devices and climate data loggers for the measurement and long-term acquisition of a wide range of measured variables.

  • Humidity

    Nip in the bud! CM measurements provide protection against later expensive complaints. A fully developed program for the quick and efficient moisture determination in building materials supports you with that.

  • Liquid analysis

    A precise pH measurement of acidic to alkaline fluids and solutions is important for many sectors. Possible private applications are e.g. in aquariums, garden ponds or swimming pools. The professional field of application includes analyses carried out in laboratories, water quality checks and quality inspections in the food and beverage industry.

  • Multifunction

    Just multiply your possibilities! Our multifunctional measurement instruments program makes it possible: A universal basis instrument with flexibly exchangeable sensors in future replaces a complete collection of single measurement devices.

  • appSensors

    Trotec appSensors are compact precision measuring devices with high-quality sensors. Designed in a way to save space and energy, they have neither display unit nor evaluation electronics – data analysis and operation are realized almost entirely by means of the connected smartphone. Combined with the free app MultiMeasure Mobile this measuring device concept offers many compelling advantages.

  • Measurement data management

    Organize your measured data of different Trotec devices with one single software. MultiMeasure Studio Professional makes a management, analysis and reporting across multiple devices of your measurement and restoration projects possible.

  • Condition Monitoring

    Telemonitoring, telecontrol, analysis and documentation of your machines and processes – to be operated easily from a distance via smartphone, or via the office PC. Trotec ‘s TTSL® system makes it possible to manage all of this very easily. With TTSL® you can record, monitor and document a large variety of different measurement data from all your construction sites or machine processes.

  • Location and detection

    Look behind the scenes and discover what is hiding behind the façade. A convenient, multifunctional measurement device locates everything – even the hidden circuit which lies deeply under stucco, gypsum or concrete.

  • Visual inspection - Videoscopy/Endoscopy

    For the analysis of damage or in the documentation of conditions in industrial plants, machines, engines or cavities professionals leave nothing to chance and rely on easy-to-use professional systems. Make indirect visual checks a simple finger exercise: with the Trotec video copiers.

  • Visual inspection - Tube cameras

    Whether it is leak detection in the house, the localization of blockages in pipes or documentation of possible damage in industrial plants, machine aggregates, anywhere in the world, our inspection systems and pipe cameras are used. Robust, precise and practical: the tube cameras from Trotec.

  • Ultrasound

  • UV-A radiation

    UV-A radiation – Compact long-wave UV lamps for the non-destructive tracer detection during material testing, leak detection or quality inspection and for safety applications.

  • Leak detection

    Your ears will be impressed: Everybody who searches where others don’t search like our comprehensive and innovative product program for leak detection and pipe location! Because it sets new functional standards.

  • Tracer

    Effective Trotec tracer for leak detection, pipe burst detection, tightness or flow path testing

  • Measuring device accessories

    In addition to device-specific accessories, which we're presenting to you directly on the product page of the measuring device you're interested in, Trotec has further measurement accessories in store for you, which can be combined with various measuring devices of our product range.