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Simulating a hurricane in a TV studio

Lots of wind and top entertainment thanks to the greatest mobile wind machine in the world

In their ratings hit "Mein bester Feind" broadcasted on Pro7 Joko and Klaas relied on high-performance technology from Trotec

When Joko and Klaas duel around the world or ensure top viewing rates in another show, the willing audience knows they are often dealing with borderline experiences in extreme situations. The same is true for the popular TV programme "Mein bester Feind" [My best fiend] which is produced in a film studio and demands a great deal from the participants by way of an obstacle course: the challenges they have to face range from mental arithmetic to skill exercises to peak athletic performances. And Trotec's axial fan TTW 400000 – the world's largest mobile wind machine – played a central role ...

Fighting against the wind

It can be compared to the proverbial "tempest in a teacup" when proper gale-force winds are simulated in a hermetically sealed film studio at a moment's notice. And there is only one device capable of accomplishing this task: the TTW 400000. With a maximum air flow rate of 432,000 m³/h it achieves a wind speed of 100.8 km/h which corresponds to roughly 28 metres per second. Hats off to the candidates, who, with this strong headwind, firstly have more or less managed to keep their balance and then, too, have read a text from the teleprompter while speaking into a microphone.

Perfectly staged

A wind machine or axial fan can circulate large air volumes with resistances as low as possible. The huge TTW 400000 with its length of at least 2.50 metres and a height of more than 2.70 metres is a German quality product which is provided with an extremely robust transport frame design and which, because of its IP55 type of protection, can be used flexibly in indoor and outdoor applications.

High-quality devices from Trotec for mobile air circulation or aeration for machine rental companies, industrial enterprises and producers in the entertainment industry

Trotec wind machines of the TTW series – not only for Hollywood-style stagings

The quality devices of the Trotec TTW series and TTW-S series have been specially tailored to the requirements of industrial users and convince by their robustness, reliability, durability and value retention. Therefore, the versatile fans are ideally and equally suited for providing mobile air circulation and ventilation to machine hirers, industrial companies and entertainment producers.

Trade & industry

Whenever ones needs a direct air transport with high capacities – be it for cooling machines and interior spaces or for transverse ventilation – the TTW wind machines provide the perfect solution.

TTW wind machines for use in trade and industry

Media & TV

Whether you want to create a light breeze in the photographic studio or on stage, moderate gales for TV productions or even a full-blown cyclone for maximum effect as in case of Joko and Klaas – Trotec's TTW series has the right wind machine for every occasion.

TTW wind machines for use in the media and TV

Events & concerts

TTW wind machines are the first choice when it comes to the theatrical ventilation of physical game shows, open-air and indoor concerts as well as other events.

TTW wind machines for events and concerts

The fields of application of the TTW series are just as multifaceted as the devices from this product family:

  • Transverse ventilation of large rooms and halls
  • Air circulation indoors and outdoors
  • Theatrical ventilation for trade fairs, fashion shows, discos
  • Cooling of machines, production facilities, marquees and exhibition rooms
  • Wind and storm simulations for shoots on photo and movie sets
  • Cold smoke extraction from buildings

Wind machines and more

Whether you're looking for a radial fan, axial fan, wind machine, turbo fan or another ventilation solution – Trotec has a well-sorted and varied portfolio of modern devices for all air flow rates. Mobile high-pressure radial fans of the TFV and TTV series are suitable for the air transport over particularly long distances and the high-performance TTV conveying fans serve for a fast and forceful ventilation.

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  • High-pressure fans in an international competition

    Trotec's radial fans TFV 900 ensure that the contestants of the Gov Games in Dubai can blow off some steam, leaving them short-winded.

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  • Wind machines for running events

    Trotec's colossal wind machine TTW 400000 causes quite a stir at the Fisherman's Friend Strongman Run!

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