Medical treatment and storage tents for disasters

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Medical treatment and storage tents: creating rooms last-minute and for a short period of time

Air-conditioned tents for disaster relief operations or major events

Trotec is committed to optimising air quality in workspaces and for work processes. Which for us means, that we do not stop short of supplying the workspace itself if need be. For instance in form of treatment and storage tents, which can be heated or cooled during disaster relief operations carried out by the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and rescue teams.

The typical assembly work tents, as known from the construction sector, have everything a medical treatment or storage tent for disaster relief operations requires: namely lightfast material to afford good working conditions within. Further: welded processing providing shelter from wind and weather, viewing windows and ventilation openings as well as convenient handling characteristics during installation. Moreover, they can be heated and air-conditioned with the respective mobile devices. Thus, the quick-to-pitch tents of the K and KE series with flat roof are ideally suited for disaster relief operations. However, the smaller tents of the TE series with pitched roof such as the 250 TE can also provide flexible working space for the storage of devices, protection of generators or to screen off an injured person.

Ventilation openings enable heating and air conditioning

Whether used as treatment tent of the emergency doctor, for the accommodation of casualties or as storage tent for equipment and food: Every tent can be equipped with ventilation openings through which it can either be heated using oil heater fans, e.g. after a flood, or cooled by use of air handling units for storing food and medicine. Tents specifically freed from dust are also an option when using an air cleaner. This can be of great importance for a sick-tent, surgery tent or kitchen tent.

KE series or K series? What counts is the intended use

Tents of the KE series have three concealed zip fasteners in the front, hence giving way to a spacious rectangular entrance, which is ideally suited for a serving counter. The largest flat-roofed tent 350x350 KE has a floor area of about 12 m² with 2.55 metres height in the centre, it is thus also suitable to accommodate several persons or else can be used as storage tent.

Tents of the K series on the other hand only come with one zip, thus providing a triangular entrance area that is more protected. Which one is right for you depends on the application. With these different formats and the optional air conditioning entire camps can be put up in a few hours – if need be. By the way, this does not only hold true for disasters, it can also be applied to more pleasant occasions such as festivals or other major events, where the police, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) and rescue forces require workspace.

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