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Optimum protection at all times

Whether on construction sites, during track work, for temporary storage of components or in case of accidents and deployments in crisis areas, the assembly work tents and mobile screen fences from Trotec provide optimum conditions for focussed and safe work.

No matter for what purpose you need a tent or a screen fence – Trotec products offer you the following benefits:

  • mobile and deployable at all times in a matter of seconds
  • made of robust plastic material and perfectly fabricated
  • no loose rods
  • handy and lightweight, but still resistant
  • available in different sizes and versions
  • Pointed-roof construction tents

    Tent roof tents built for versatile work in seconds. The pointed roof tents are ideal for work on switch and control boxes, for earthworks and pipe work or for sewer and road works. With a standard zipper on the back wall, the work area can be extended to twice the size by adding another tent.

  • Flat-roofed construction tents

    Assembly Tents: Ready for use in wind and weather! Whether you are working on electrical boxes, in road construction or civil engineering, in larger construction projects or wherever protection against wind and weather is required: The handy assembly tents by Trotec are indispensable when it comes to precise and protected working outdoors. Available in many sizes!

  • Special designs

    Special designs are standard for us. If you have individual wishes for your working tent, we prefer to make it easy for you. But one thing in advance: we can fulfill almost every special request. Due to their characteristics, most Trotec assembly tents are already optimally suited for most applications, even in the standard version.

  • Track construction work tents

    Track tents marked with "R" for "Rail". The variant "R" is specially designed for track construction: The innovative fastening solution directly on the rails is unique in the industry. A track construction tent for welding work on the superstructure has to endure more than a standard assembly tent to get the approvals for the track construction.

  • Accident screen fence

    VarioScreen screen by Trotec - we have something against gazers on the job site. The VarioScreen screen is quick and easy to set up by just one person. Be it the fire brigade, the police, the rescue services or the technical relief organization - every single second counts for a job. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common for local task forces to be stopped or disturbed by obtrusive...

  • Business screen fence

    Mobile wind protection for your business and your home VarioScreen - so that private life remains private. In addition to the standard screens, which are increasingly used by fire departments or shopping centers, we have developed a new product that extends the functions of the screens.

Product brochure Tents – working sheltered (DE)


Whether on the construction site or for emergency services - you can also find all the relevant information about our work tents and privacy screens in the product brochure. Download the PDF directly here.

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Assembly work tents and screen fences from Trotec

Are you interested in special solutions or do you have any questions?

If you wish to be provided with more information about the screen fence VarioScreen or our work and assembly tents, we'll be glad to assist and advise you. Benefit from our longstanding experience, we offer comprehensive, individual and tailor-made consultation to meet your special application. 

Marc Pluijmaekers
Your specialist for screen fences & tents · Phone +49 2452 962-481 ·

Mobile sight and weather protection for all areas

A tent should always fulfil its main task: to provide a protected space. The kind of protection, however, varies greatly depending on the requirements. A tent can protect employees and tools from wind and weather. For this purpose, it should primarily be robust and practical. It may be pitched in the open air to serve as a storage facility for large components. Another tent may serve as a mobile shelter for people and protect them from rain or sunlight. In particularly large tents it is possible to provide emergency accommodation or even set up supply stations.

In yet other tents, people can be given medical care and treatment. Screen fences have similar features. Just like tents, they serve to shield and provide a private atmosphere. For instance at the scene of an accident where an injured person must be treated as quickly as possible on site. Or in the private or business sector, for example if you want to enjoy a sunbath in the garden or arrange a company event where guests expect to be in private. The field of applications for tents and screen fences is broad, just like Trotec's range of products. Our assembly work tents and screen fences are suited for every application.

Among our products you will find numerous mobile assembly work tents of different sizes and with special features. Ranging from a small pointed-roof tent that can easily be pitched by one person within a few seconds, to large, comfortable quick-to-pitch tents for a reliable protection from rain and cold – both for staff and for working material to be stored. If the working conditions are particularly rough, the Trotec track construction work tents are ideally suited: made of flame retardant material, easy to fix on tracks and perfectly weatherproof.

Using the mobile accident screen fences you can quickly and easily provide a protected space for paramedics and injured persons, thus hiding them from the eyes of others. Depending on the requirements, you can connect several elements with each other within a very short time – the screen fences can thus be extended without difficulty as needed. On top of that, screen fences used in the private and business sector provide protection from prying eyes: by the pool in your own garden, on a private celebration or as a sheltered space at a big event.