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Commercial air conditioners from Trotec for cooling large rooms, process cooling, spot cooling or emergency cooling
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Commercial air conditioners for professional needs

Mobile cold air for cooling larger rooms, process cooling, spot cooling and emergency cooling

High-performance air conditioners of the PT series for quickly cooling down even large rooms
Natural evaporation cooling with air coolers of the PAE series
Spot cooling with spot cooler air conditioners of the PT-SP series

Professional air conditioners for cool computers

The robust air conditioning units of Trotec’s PT series have been specially designed for temporary cooling applications in commercial environments. Whether we’re talking about industrial applications, emergency cooling or air conditioning of trade fairs and events in halls and marquees – these cooling professionals convince by easy and quick commissioning in practically every location – powerful and reliable.

Simple handling, simply convincing

With Trotec’s PT series you’re provided with the perfect air conditioner for almost any power requirement, even in environments with high temperatures. In these applications, the units are not only robust and powerful – owing to their compact design they also fit through every door and into every lift – transport rolls make them easier to be handled. Thanks to the quick-lock couplings at the connection set the external heat exchangers can be connected in no time. Install, connect the heat exchanger, connect the power supply, ready for use – in just in a few minutes, therefore also ideally suited for rental applications!

PT-SP spot cooler: Mobile coldness – easy and straight to the point

Instead of expensively cooling the whole working environment the mobile Trotec spot coolers of the PT-SP series serve pleasant coolness straight to your workplace. Just set it up, switch it on and enjoy refreshing coolness immediately! The combination of a robust construction, easiest handling and an attractive value-for-money ratio makes these spot coolers your first choice where spot cooling in workshops, halls, canteen kitchens and many other work environments is required. These robust spot cooling air conditioners are our best recommendation where budget-friendly spot cooling applications are concerned. With the spot coolers of the PT-SP series, cool, dry air is quickly and immediately available at any location. All you need is a power socket!

PAE air cooler – the name says it all

For pleasant coolness at the workplace, in party marquees or in showrooms we recommend the use of air coolers of the Trotec PAE series. These multifunctional devices not only impress by natural evaporation cooling as a cost-effective cooling method, but simultaneously ventilate, refresh and humidify the room air, some models furthermore come with an additional air purification function. Operation merely requires a socket, elaborate preliminary installation work is not necessary. The PAE air coolers can be easily repositioned from one room to the other and are especially suited for office environments, shops, medical practices, recreation rooms, marquees or also for your own four walls.

You are looking for a comfort air conditioner for small offices, medical practices or your home?

Also where smaller rooms are concerned, you can benefit from our expertise of powerful air conditioning units for trade and industry, because with the comfort air conditioners of the PAC series, Trotec offers you a wide choice of convenient, mobile air conditioning systems for such operational environments. Whether you require it in your home, workshop, offices, galleries, practice rooms, holiday homes or boutiques – anywhere a pleasant room climate is essential in smaller or private areas, ensuring easy device handling at the same time, the decision for a comfort air conditioner of Trotec's PAC series is always our best recommendation. The vast selection of our PAC air conditioners ensures that you can find exactly the right model in our range to fit your power requirement, functional requirement and your design ambition – always in proven Trotec brand quality and always with a top value-for-money ratio. Our large selection of air conditioners offers you the perfect comfort air conditioner for every need ...

Comfort air conditioners of Trotec's PAC series for pleasant coolness in smaller offices, medical practices or your home

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