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Trotec air handling units for mobile air conditioning

Mobile air handling units for commercial or private use ensure your well-being. Trotec offers customized and mobile climate comfort at reasonable rates.

You desire an agreeable room climate, regardless of your whereabouts? You want quality, efficiency, comfort and an attractive exterior? A mobile air handling unit at reasonable rates? Trotec provides tailor-made climate comfort for every requirement. Unlike extensively incorporated air conditioning systems the mobile Trotec devices can be used quickly and flexibly.

Our range of mobile air handling units comprises models with a cooling capacity of 2 kW right up to 8.2 kW and an air flow rate of up to 1,600 m³/h. Whether for cooling private rooms, areas to host small events or industrial real estate, for cooling offices, halls, marquees or warehouses – we provide the suitable mobile air handling unit for you.

The Trotec PT air conditioning series – the mobile specialists for trade fairs, storage facilities and marquees

Optimized air conditioning is often indispensable, especially in the commercial and industrial sector. Only optimally air-conditioned office surroundings provide the basis for working efficiently and conveniently. In warehouses, large workshops, exhibition halls and production plants also a top climate is vital to ensure an increased working efficiency. Take a pass on an expensive air conditioning system! Using a mobile air handling of the PT air conditioning series from Trotec you can achieve the desired temperature at any time and almost everywhere. For the deliberate cooling in the commercial sector and in the industry we have five powerful and robust PT models as mobile air handling units on offer for you.